10 Empowering Thoughts To Prosperity Consciousness

“Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, and not just money or things. Poverty is a way of living and thinking, and not just a lack of money or things.” Eric Butterworth

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I would like to share my treasure trove of 10 empowering thoughts to Prosperity Consciousness:

1. I am the co-creator of my reality. By taking ownership, I release blame of anyone else or the situation at hand. Instead, I consciously choose to co-create with the universe by focusing my thoughts in the direction of my dreams.

2. My net worth is influenced by my self-worth. I understand that the greater self-worth and esteem I have, the greater will be my net worth. Hence, I dedicate time to doing inner work to address any issues in low self-worth.

3. I am creative. I have many gifts, which allow me to express myself uniquely. My creative expressions are valued in the marketplace.

4. I am paid by my results, and not hours I spent. I am willing to let go of being paid a salary based on the number of hours I put in. I work because I am passionate about what I do and not because I am being paid for the hour.

5. I integrate my spiritual and physical (including financial) lives. Everything is providing spiritual feedback to me. Whenever difficulties arise, I look for the deeper underlying causes. I commit to looking for solutions that address the root of the problem. I tap into wealth by making choices that are holistic, integrated and complete.

6. I manage money well. I keep track of my inflows and outflows diligently. Money management is a must-do activity in my schedule.

7. I grow my money by using leverage. I am aware about the power of leverage and look for ways to multiply my income and savings. I am willing to explore new ways of making money, such as starting up a business, launching a niche blog or investing my savings in an overseas property. In fact, my part-time business is investing my excess funds.

8. I am open to receiving. I release any guilt or shame when it comes to accepting any gifts. I release any expectation I have in the way I receive assistance, resources or gifts. Instead, I am open to the multitude number of ways of receiving blessings from the Universe. The Universe supports me in loving ways 🙂

9. I meet passion with purpose in my heart-centered and spirit-driven vision. It is where passion meets purpose, that I find fulfilment. I connect passion in what I do with the higher purpose of serving the world. I derive meaning from my work as well as for having made a difference in someone else’s life.

10. I am expansive energy. I believe in investing in my own growth. Investing in my education allows me to break patterns of struggle and being stuck. I am aligned with abundance.

Love and abundance always,

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