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Love has been the theme this past month, in the light of Valentine’s Day. In fact, not just on this site, you see messages on love everywhere. There have been several love quotes posted on a daily basis on many social media sites. The quotes were taken from poets, authors, spiritual teachers and legends of the past. Each a beautiful reminder on what it means to love unconditionally.

While there are many quotes from others I enjoy, I also took the opportunity to craft some of my own. In case, you have missed any of the banners I have shared, here they are again….


Love Quote #1. Love is Meaningful.

love quote for inspiration: love is meaningful


Love Quote #2. Use Every Opportunity to Love.

love quote for inspiration opportunity


Love Quote #3. Love is Sunshine.
love quote for inspiration sunshine

Love Quote #4. Love is Encouraging the Self.
love quote for inspiration encouragement

Love Quote #5. Love is 100% Presence.
love quote for inspiration is full presence


Love Quote #6. Love is Forgiveness.
love quote for inspiration forgiveness

Love Quote #7. Love is Seeing the Beauty Perfection In Yourself.
love quote for inspiration perfect love

Love Quote #7. Self-love is Courage To Be Who You Are.
love quote for inspiration self-love courage

Love Quote #8. Express Your Love.
love quote for inspiration gifts


Love Quote #10. Love is Rooting for Yourself

Love is rooting for yourself.
You go for your dreams, even when no one else believes in yours.

self-love program: how to love yourself unconditionally

Love Quote #10. Reawaken the Love in Your Heart.
love quote for inspiration in your heart

Love Quote #11. Love is Powerful.

love strength

Love Quote #12. Love is Saying Thank You.

love thank you



self-love program: how to love yourself unconditionally

Hope you have enjoyed the above love quotes. Feel inspired further by reading my book Self-Love Secrets: How to Love Yourself Unconditionally here.

Love and abundance always,
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