5 Reasons Why You Need to Love What You Do

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius

love what you do
It is important to love what you do. After all, should you spend many hours doing something, you want to be feeling good about it. Yet, there are many who choose to spend hours slaving away at their day jobs wishing that they could be doing something better. They simply do not enjoykwhat they are doing.

Some may explain that they need their job for the money. True. But that does not mean that you cannot put more love into it. Instead of complaining, you choose to focus on the areas that are great. When you do, even the most mundane task involved in your job feels less like a drag. And obviously, if you can find something that you would really love to do, you need to find a way to work towards doing it.

We used to have a friendly security guard in the condominium complex that I stay in. Mr Ong was mainly in charge of opening the gates for cars to leave and enter the compound and to keep watch on the surveillance cameras. Yet, he spoke of what h% did proudly. He made his job sound important and believed that he was fulfilling an expanded role. It was clear that he saw more to sitting in a tiny guard post. He felt a strong sense of purpose. Just talking to him made me feel very inspired to love what I do.

1. Feel the Excitement

Think about it for a second. When you know that you have something good coming up, you will be excited. This could be a friend’s wedding, a vacation or simply a day with the family. If you know that you are doing something that you enjoy, you look forward to it; even children find this, especially when it comes to birthdays and Christmases.

You can recreate the great feeling by doing something that you love. You wi,l be able look forward to the next day all the time, never thinking of schemes to get an extra paid vacation day or a reason to miss just a couple of hours of work. It is easier to love what you do when you are doing something that you love.

2. Gain Better job Security

If you are in a job just for the sake of it, you will not necessarily have any job security. This is because you will not put the 100 percent effort into your work that your employer will require from you. You won’t be motivated to give it all you have, which happens when you really love the work that you do.

Work feels less of a struggle when you love what you do. You are inspired to give the best because you view it askan expression of yourself. You do not even mind spending hours just trying to get the tiniest detail right. Even though there could be far more important things to worry about, Steve Jobs, for one, would spend hours just trying to get the shade of a color right for his Apple products.

3. Improves Career or Business Success

Enjoying what you do will also help you improve your career. You will have a positive attitude in the workplace. You are even willing to do more. This will be a great boost for advancing up the career ladder.

When it comes to running your own business, enjoying it will help your business grow and succeed effectively. Loving what you do generates positive energy. Your customers will notice the extra touches and will make purchases from you based on that.

4. Willing to Ride Through Bad Times

No matter what type of job you have, life will get tough. During this period, there is nothing worse than knowing that you have to work a 40-hour week doing a job that you hate. On the other hand, 40 hours seems like nothing if you are doing something that you enjoy.

Doing something that you love will make all the hours that you put in worthwhile. You will have the motivation to keep going and see past the difficulties. You will be more keen to find creative solutions around the issues. There is still joy to be derived even though times are hard.

5. Reduce the Stress of Work

By doing a job that you love, whether you are working for someone else or working for yourself, you will reduce stress levels. Deadlines will not be viewed poorly. Also, doing the best for customers or clients will become second nature.

By reducing stress in the workplace, you will also reap the health benefits of lower blood pressure and lower the chance of heart attack or stroke. Doing something that you love means that you will be happier in life and not just at work. Your wellness improves overall.

When you are well, everyone around benefits too. You are less prone to feel frustrated about work. Instead, you will be infecting everyone about how passionate you are over what you do. Loving what you do is important if you desire a life of love and happiness.

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