5 Steps To Being Authentic To Your True Dreams

What do weekend workshops like forex trading, internet marketing, real estate investing, gold trading, and investing through other instruments have in common? All are ways said to help build a solid investment base for the purpose of generating passive income.

Listen From Within Your Heart
(From personal scrapbook with the following lines:
– Listen From Within, Your Heart Knows the Way. Trust It. Remember this.
– “The race is long and in the end, it’s only with yourself.” Mary Schmich.
– “As long as one keeps searching, the answers come.” Joan Baez.)

Since the publication of Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad, there have been a number of workshops purportedly to teach its students how to achieve financial freedom.

The workshops sell like hotcakes, even though they cost a few thousand dollars each. They capture the same dream that many of us have. Financial freedom simply means having assets that generate passive income to pay for our monthly expenses. Should this happen, it means that we do not have any more debts and can retire if we want to.

Many of us enjoy the idea of having a lifestyle of abundance. Abundance means being in plentiful supply of. We like the thought of having all our dreams fulfilled. We visualize the dream house, the fast car in our garage, the designer clothes, holiday travels and so on. With these dreams in our pockets, we go on an external search like attending a number of workshops in order to fulfill these dreams.

Don’t be mistaken. There is nothing wrong in having dreams. Our souls have an innate desire to create. Our desires are expressions of possibility waiting to be fulfilled. To deny ourselves from having dreams is to deny our physical be-ing on this earth. In fact, without the desires to live fully, we would not get to enjoy the technological advancements that we have today.

What Non-authenticity Means

The inability to achieve success with our dreams has a deeper root cause. Due to a lack of awareness, we have become inauthentic to our true dreams. Are our dreams simply about fulfilling our material goals and therefore, about using these workshop strategies to reach them? Or are our dreams something else that lies deep and which requires us to listen closely to our hearts?

What is true in our inner dreams is not to be denied. However, without going inwards, we have distracted ourselves with the more mundane aspects of our existence. Mostly, we have been misled into believing that making lots of money alone can solve all our problems.

When we are not authentic, we have given up on ourselves. Not aligning with our hearts, we relegate our true dreams to the dungeons. We do not dare think of these dreams because we do not trust in our own ability to succeed should we decide to stand by them. We are distracted by those who can demonstrate their ability to fulfill their material dreams. Marketing media also titillate us with images of sleek designs or sales talk about making our lives complete with a new purchase.

Claim Back Your True Dreams

Here are some useful steps:

1. Take ownership of your self discovery journey. To attain better outcomes, you must take personal responsibility for how you would like your life to turn out.

2. Focus on your being. The more authentic you are, the clearer your inner dreams will be. You may even be surprised to find out eventually that these look nothing like what you have previously.

3. Ask yourself what your true dreams are and if you are willing to follow these. The moment of pause is important. You must set the intent to go towards your dreams. Without an eye on your dreams, you will be moving along shakily and are more likely to abandon the process.

4. Start with small steps towards your true dreams. You don’t have to take a giant step if the change is going to be too drastic for you. Start small. Starting with any small action is an affirmation of your trust that your dream will happen, even if you have no clue as to how.

5. Consider what work you can provide around them. When things become clear to you, develop work that you can offer as true expressions of your being. While the be-ing is more important than the doing, the doing seals your physicalness on Earth. You are here to participate in the interactive process with others in an energy exchange that will also ensure that you thrive well.

Share Your Experience

Share your experience or thoughts if you have attended weekend workshops on how to make money quick or if you have a de-sync in your dreams.

To Your True Dreams,

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