Affirmations are positive statements of a desired outcome or goal. Affirmations are reprogramming tools for your mind. They can help you develop positive thinking, get rid of unhelpful beliefs, reduce stress, build your self esteem and attract the life you want.. As an example, the statement that “I easily and consistently make $10,000 a month” will be an appropriate affirmation to make, to override the limiting “I find it hard to make $10,000 a month”.

To anchor an affirmation firmly in your subconscious, you need to keep repeating it so that it becomes the “truth” for you. The more frequent you make the statement, the more it should take root.

Having said that, I’ve often found that making the same affirmation several times a day and day-after-day a Bore. Just imagine repeating these statements like a mantra:

“I easily and consistently make $10,000 a month.”
“I weigh a healthy X pounds.”
“I attract girls/men very easily.”

I’m not sure whether you would agree with me….that while these affirmations may just do the job, they do not sound exciting in the least!

So I’m thinking: how about using some creativity to jazz up the practice of using Affirmations?


Here is a list of 7 ideas from my toolkit for making affirmations a FUN exercise!

1. Make Your Affirmations Into A Song!

While racking my brain for ideas, I came across one from Gary Craig, founder of the Emotional Freedom Technique. Gary suggested turning affirmations into a jingle.

Remember the nursery rhyme Old McDonalds Had a Farm? For those who just cannot recall, here’s the rhyme:

Old McDonalds had a farm. Ee-ii-ee-ii-o.
With a quack quack here. And a quack quack there.
Here a quack and there a quack. Everywhere a quack quack.
Old MacDonalds had a farm. Ee-ii-ee-ii-o.

Using Gary’s proposed lyrics and the same tune to Old McDonalds, here’s how you would sing to an affirmation involving a money goal:

I earn 10K a month. Very E-asily.
And a dollar dollar here. And a dollar dollar there.
Here a dollar. There a dollar. Everywhere a dollar dollar.
I earn 10K a month. Very E-asily.

Another song that I’ve thought of, that can be easily adapted is “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”….

My Bonnie lies over the ocean, my Bonnie lies over the sea, My Bonnie lies over the ocean, O bring back my Bonnie to me.
Chorus: Bring back, bring back, O bring back my Bonnie to me, to me. Bring back, bring back, O bring back my Bonnie to me.

Here is the version that I am proposing….

My earnings comes easy to me-e,
my earnings come easy to me.
My earnings comes easy to me-e.
O give me my earnings right now.

Chorus: Earning O earning O earning my 10K a month, a month.
Earning O earning O earning my 10K a month.

2. Make Affirmations an Art.


Perhaps you are less of a singer than an artist. If you are more visual, then consider using art to express your affirmations.

You can start a scrap journal and paste or draw anything in it that supports your affirmation. For instance, if your affirmation is “I make $10K a month”, think about the things you can buy. Then, find the pictures that support them. Stick pictures like a new designer handbag, new clothes, watch, etc. into your journal.

Alternatively, instead of pictures, you can also different phrases to support your affirmation. For instance, I have come across phrases like “dream home come true”, “a million possibilities”, “arouse your creative imagination” and “inspirational living” while flipping through home and decor magazines. Cut these phrases out and paste them into your scrap book.

Art can be expressed in a variety of ways, using different mediums. Other than cutting and pasting pictures for magazines, you can also consider using a software to create an affirmations board (refer to the above image that I made). The idea is to use your creativity in more ways than one, to connect to your inner Self while making affirmations.

3. Dress The Part.

This will depend on the affirmation that you are making. Obviously, if you have a weight loss affirmation, then it may not be quite possible to dress the part yet.

But if you have an affirmation on a money goal, then dressing the part can be a powerful make-believe that you have already made it. Notice how you feel if you are always dress shabbily compared to if you have got your best clothes on?

If you have an affirmation that says “I am a successful businessman”, then your dressing smartly can also help to conjure the same thought in the minds of your prospects.

4. Daydream About Your Affirmations Coming True.

Daydreaming is a powerful exercise. When you use your imagination, you are building an imagery in your subconscious mind.

In your daydreams, you can complete just about any impossible tasks out there, with wonderous results. You can be Superman, Wonder Woman, or James Bond (See also point 6 below)!

While daydreaming, affirm your goals. Stretch your imagination. Have fun, thinking of all possibilities on your affirmations come true.

“The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don’t know the difference between reality and fantasy, when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened.”
— Unknown

5. Use Role Models To Create Your Affirmations.

How about borrowing this famous line?…..
“Just call me Bond. James Bond.”

Obviously, you should use the appropriate role model for the affirmation that you are working on.

For instance, if you have an aspiration to be a motivational public speaker, then your affirmation may sound like this “Just call me Tony. Tony Robbins.”

If you have an aspiration to look fit, then your affirmation may be “Just call me Jennifer. Jennifer Lopez.”

If you have an affirmation to be a money magnet, then your affirmation may be “Just call me Donald. Donald Trump”.

Do make sure that the role model that you use is someone whom you really look up to. If you have money blocks such as “Rich people are all a****”, then using someone like Donald Trump for your money affirmation may backfire until you work on your negative beliefs.

6. Use Empowering Adjectives.

The choice of words can help in bringing about a stronger emotion and force to your affirmations. For instance, don’t you think there is a difference between saying “I earn $5K a month” as compared to “I easily and consistently make $5K a month”?

You can also add empowering adjectives, to make a more eloquent affirmation, like:

Emphasize the adjective while stating your new affirmation….

Old Affirmation: I am in a state of good health.
New Affirmation: I am in a state of Vibrant health.

Old Affirmation: I make $5K a month.
New Affirmation: I make an Awesome $5K a month.

Old Affirmation: I am in a job that I love.
New Affirmation: I am in a Magnificent job that I love, with access to many Wonderful opportunities.

7. Make-Believe Mini Exercises.

Think up ideas for make believe on your affirmations coming true. Back to my example again on the money goal, consider writing a blank check to yourself. On the check, fill in your name and write the figure that you desire. Keep it n your wallet. In your mind, imagine spending the dollar amount and feeling happy about your purchases. Repeat this exercise every month.

In Conclusion

Explore making affirmations into a poem, poster, food decoration.Anything! Since you were a child, your negative beliefs probably got anchored in your mind over and over again in a multitude of ways. My point is why not do the same with positive affirmations in a FUN JAZZY and more interesting way?

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  1. Robert Greenshields

    Thanks for the clever and original tips on how to make affirmations more interesting.

  2. Todd

    GREAT stuff Evelyn…making affirmations ‘fun’…never thought of that!

  3. Jonathan from

    These are awesome tips. I’m on my way to become an affirmation master now. =)

  4. SaiF

    Hey Evelyn!

    I like the music one! Altho I don’t think those nursery rhymes are gonna work for me lol

    I think I’d use Eminem’s tunes or Linkin Park’s – something cooler you know! lol

    I almost died laughing when you said,”Just call me Tony. Tony Robbins.” HAHAHA

    I really want to be a motivational speaker just like Tony but I use it in the form of my E-mail signatures “To CANI – Constant And Never-ending Improvement” – the term that Tony uses.

    As for the images, I use Trump’s latest book cover – “Think BIG and Kick Ass” on my msn display picture so I see it all the time, and guess what subconsciously happens? hehe

    Thank you for this post Evelyn! Very REFRESHING!

    To CANI,

    The World’s First Teen
    Personal Development Video Blogger

  5. Kenneth King

    Good ideas on making affirmations more real to us so that they can become our reality. Some nice advice on sprinkling some freshness into tired old mantras.

  6. Matt

    I don’t know how to say this, but…
    Telling yourself these things wont make them happen, you need to get off of your ass and do something. Instead of saying “I way so many healthy pounds” go for a run. And instead of saying “I make 10k a year” go find a better job, because a grocery clerk that sits at home telling himself that is insane, not successful.
    People make a lot of money off of this sort of scam because it offers exactly what most people want, gratification without having to work towards it. Theres a thing called balance in our world and you only get out of something what you put into it. Sitting on the couch eating chips telling yourself that other people find you attractive wont do anything but make you look even more pathetic.
    I know that comes off sounding a little mean, but to know that people are sitting around believing this stuff is a pretty sad thing. Most of your cognitive dissonances will kick in and it’ll be like I never said this, but if at least one person out there can make the transition from thinking to achieve to actually doing to achieve (and imagine this, actually achieving) our world will be that much cooler of a place.

  7. Evelyn

    Hello Robert, Todd, Jonathan, Saif and Kenneth,

    Thanks for the nice feedback. I’m sure you can crank up better ideas than me 🙂

    All the best,

  8. Evelyn

    Hello Matt,

    You are right to point out about the importance of taking actions. I actually covered this point in about linking your affirmations with actions.

    I wouldn’t call making affirmations a scam because making affirmations come with making an intention and when you have an intention behind your action, you are more likely to succeed.
    Whether you are thinking to achieve or doing to achieve, there is every intention there.

    Affirmations is a mind tool that is useful for those with negative beliefs with succeeding. You may not need them, because in your doing you are motivated enough. But there may be others who may even have problems crossing the hurdle in their mind due to the limits they have imposed and having a hard time getting off their butt.

    In short, my whole post is about making the whole process of intention and affirmations fun, even while you are putting in the actions.

    All the best,

  9. Erek Ostrowski

    Great comments about the relationship between affirmation and action. In my experience, this can get really fuzzy for people.

    The way I see it, affirmation is a way of aligning the context you operate from. The context you hold influences how you see the world. The actions you take are a function of how you see the world.

    Affirmation is no substitute for action, but rather a way of framing action or producing new openings for actions to take.

    Great post, Evelyn!

  10. Evelyn

    Hey Erek,

    Thanks for clarifying the point on affirmations vis-a-vis action.

    I like the way you put it…”Affirmation is no substitute for action, but rather a way of framing action or producing new openings for actions to take.” Great sharing!!

    Warmest regards,

  11. Tom Volkar / Delightful Work

    I’m going to read that Gary Graig article because I’ve always liked the way he sets up affirmations by first using the “Even though” phrase. For me affirmations work so much better that way.

    I’ve been singing and recording my affirmations for years. This one works really well, especially if you use baroque music with them.

    Thanks for your creative take on this Evelyn.

  12. Vinay Raj

    Excellent expression of positive thinking. I am hooked, Mam!


  13. Evelyn

    Hello Tom, do affirmations work better with baroque music? Thanks! Will try this new idea.

    Hello Vinay, thanks for the feedback!

    Love and light,

  14. HomeSpun Granny

    Absolutely loved the affirmations to song idea! I really like your site as well. Nice of great content here. Keep up the good work!


    HomeSpun Granny

  15. jazzy 7

    […] Ideas To Making Affirmations FUN Attraction Mind Map7 jazzy Ideas To Making Affirmations FUN… concerts at the 2008 California Mid-State Fair – San Luis Obispo Tribune1 on the jazz charts. […]

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