Are You Just 3 Feet from Gold?

Are you currently in the stage where you are ready to give up on your business? My suggestion: Not just Yet. Not until you have finished reading this post on 3 Feet from Gold. 3 Feet from Gold is a story that has kept me inspired over the years. It is a tale that has kept […]

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Pick the Abundance Affirmation for You Today

What is the Abundance Affirmation That You Need to Make Today? I created a slideshow with 30 abundance affirmations embedded, so that it is easy to pick one for the day.   Here’s the abundance affirmation that came up for me, when I was writing this post…..

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How to Find Your Tribe

How to Find Your Tribe Find Your Tribe With the ones that make you feel the most YOU. Not connected by blood, but by HEART ENERGY. The ones who lift you up when you are down, remind you about how powerful you are, and who supports you in your dreams. Find Your Tribe With like-minded […]

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Spiritual Quiz: Do a Quick Soul Reading Here

Play the following Spiritual Quiz that reveals what your core soul essence is…. After writing the content for the Spiritual Quiz, I needed to test the entire clip to make sure that the slides run smoothly. Funnily enough, after testing it, I got the same answer twice ha…see below image…ha! It’s great to receive the […]

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Download Your FREE Abundance Check for New Moon Manifestation

The start of a New Moon creates an excellent 24-hour window opportunity to set intentions. New moon energy has an inviting-in kind of energy that you can leverage on. Hence, within the 24-hour window, consider writing an abundance check / cheque for pinning on your vision board or simply put one in your wallet. New […]

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Awaken The Modern Day Abundance Alchemist: Find Your Gold Within

Are you in the journey of abundance alchemy? Are you a coach, healer, holistic entrepreneur or someone who is awakening in consciousness and hoping to create a full life?   Where there is the aim of finding treasure (seeking a life of abundance), you are aligning with the archetype of an abundance alchemist. Alchemists do […]

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