Cinderella And The Story About Attracting Abundance

Once upon a time, in a magical land far far away, there lived a young maiden, who lived with her stepmother and two ugly stepsisters. They were horrible to her, piling her with loads of housework, making her work near the cinders and eventually calling her “Cinderella”.

Cinderella's Vision Board

Cinderella dreamed of a life of abundance. She dreamed of riches, beautiful gowns and the man who would save her from her wretched life. Nevertheless, every once in a while, she could not help but focused on her rags, her miserable room in the attic and her lack to abundance. She could not help feeling envious about the pretty dresses and the magnificent finery that her stepsisters wore.

One day, an invitation to the royal ball to be held at the castle, arrived. Apparently, the prince was looking for a bride and he was hoping to find one at the ball. The two stepsisters were excited at the prospect of dancing with the Prince. They started to plan what they were going to wear to the ball.

Cinderella wanted to go too. Here’s her ticket out of her miserable life too, she thought, if she could get to win the Prince! However, her tattered gown was all that she got. How was she ever going to meet him, she wondered.

Creating A Vision Board To Go To The Ball

She decided to use all that she knew about manifestations to visualize attending the ball. She flipped her stepsisters’ fashion magazines and cut out pictures to make a vision board. On the vision board (see picture above), she stuck a picture of a flaming red designer Valentino gown that she thought would make all the other women go green with envy. She also had a picture of a Gucci clutch bag that would go well with the flaming red gown. Lastly, she also stuck a picture of luxurious looking car that would take her to the castle. Cinderella looked at vision board several times a day, in between doing the household chores.

However, as the days went by towards the evening of the ball, instead of joyous anticipation, Cinderella started to become emotionally attached to these wants. She began to worry and fret for there were no signs from the Universe about the Valentino gown, the Jimmy Choo shoes and the matching Gucci clutch bag that she had desired. She began to be extremely unhappy.

The Day Of The Royal Ball

The day of the royal ball arrived. Sadly her wishes had not manifested. There was no gown, bag or shoe; let alone a designer one. Cinderella’s stepmother reminded her that there was no way she could ever attend the ball while dressed in rags.

As Cinderella watched her stepmother and two stepsisters hurried off to the ball without her, she burst into tears. She wondered why the Universe did not respond to her asking. She wondered why life was so unfair. She questioned if her life was not meant to be abundant. And she wondered if she would ever meet the Prince or become rich and wealthy one day.

Bi Bi Dee Bo Bi Dee Boo

All of a sudden, a fairy godmother appeared. The fairy godmother said “Now, dry your tears. Because you have asked, I am here to see what I can do for you.”

Cinderella cried out in sighs of relief “I thought you won’t be coming”. She then proceeded to tell the fairy godmother about the royal ball and what she needed to wear.

The fairy godmother explained to Cinderella about the abundance of the Universe and that she could have whatever she wanted, if only she continued to believe and have more faith. Worrying would not help, the fairy godmother advised. “In fact, the act of worrying serves to cancel out the power of positive energies that you are hoping to send out to the Universe. You will need to eliminate your negative beliefs”, said the fairy godmother.

Cinderella wanted to go to the ball so badly, that the fairy godmother agreed that she would help her. However, she warned that materialistic desires would not last.

And that included ball gowns.

All material possessions are in fact an illusion, she said. To illustrate her point, the fairy godmother told Cinderella that the gown she was going to get, would disappear by midnight.

Cinderella was happy that her wishes were finally going to come true. She proceeded to tell the fairy godmother about how she wanted the Valentino gown to look like, much like the picture stuck on her vision board (see picture).

But the fairy godmother had her own ideas. With a wave of her wand and to the tune of “bi bi dee bo bi dee boo”, she transformed Cinderella’s tattered gown into a shimmering one woven from threads of pure gold and silver. The gown was far more magical than Cinderella or anyone had ever imagined. It also came with a tiara that was encrusted with sparkling diamonds and a pair of glass slippers, magically more comfortable than any pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.

And instead of a luxury car, the fairy godmother turned a pumpkin into a carriage, pulled by magnificent horses and flanked by a handsome coachman. With not a second to waste, Cinderella thanked her fairy godmother, and then sped off in the carriage.

At The Royal Ball

Cinderella looked so ravishing that no one could recognize her at the ball. The other women stood on the side, simmering in envy and jealousy.

But Cinderella was oblivious to the stares and the snide remarks. She looked at the clock; it was already 10 o’clock. For a split second, she wanted to swear about having not enough time. Then, she recalled about what she read from The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and was determined to enjoy herself for whatever little time she had there.

Soon, her radiance caught the eyes of the Prince. He asked her for a dance, which she accepted. From one end of the ballroom to the other, she swirled to the soft romantic music in the arms of the charming Prince.

Cinderella had never felt so happy. In fact, she was so “in the moment” that she forgot the time. The time passed by quickly and the clock struck once for midnight. Cinderella startled. Remembering what the fairy godmother had said, she told the Prince that she could not stay and started to run off.

By then, the Prince had decided that he wanted to get to know her better. “Wait!” he said, running after her.

But Cinderella hurried on. As she hastily went down the stairs, she dropped one of her glass slippers. With the sound of the clock continuing to strike for midnight in the background, she realised that there was no way she could turn back to retrieve it. Most certainly, she did not want to be caught wearing rags, in front of the noble Prince, at the stroke of midnight.

By the time the close struck 12, true to what her fairy godmother had warned, Cinderella’s gown disappeared. Cinderella found herself dressed in her old clothes once again.

Cinderella And The Law Of Attraction

It had been a most magical night. Cinderella was glad for the chance to go to the ball. She silently gave thanks to the Universe for answering her prayers. Cinderella now knew what abundance meant. It was not the gown nor the riches that she had truly wanted. She had tasted joy in the short moments she was at the ball. For the first time, she acknowledged that happiness was her heart’s true desires.

Cinderella decided then, to use the Law of Attraction properly. She read the Power of Intention by Dr Wayne Dyer and Ask and It is Given by Esther & Jerry Hicks. She connected deeply to her soul and spirit. She was joyous even as she performed her daily household chores.

Cinderella followed up with positive daily affirmations. She served her stepmother and stepsisters no longer with bitterness but with gratitude for their allowing her to stay with them. She focused on being positive about her intentions; yet at the same time, applying the law of detachment.

Not long after, a royal messenger arrived at her home. By decree, every maiden in the kingdom was to try on the glass slipper that was left behind at the castle on the night of the royal ball. The Prince had known that few women would be able to fit into a size 41/2 shoe and had declared that he would marry the one who had worn the glass slipper that memorable night.

Glass Slipper of Cinderella

As you guessed it, the tiny glass slipper fitted perfectly onto Cinderella’s feet, when she tried it on. Her wish and manifestations had come true. She married the Prince, who held the key to her heart.

Cinderella had finally succeeded in bringing her energy vibrations into positive alignment to match her desires of happiness and abundance. It was wild! Her positive daily affirmations had worked! She finally understood that she could tap into the Universe for all its abundance and beauty.

And since then, they all lived happily ever after.

Credit: My two princesses, Min and Hui, who often challenged me in producing imaginative stories to keep them entertained before bedtime.

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