Hi there,


How would you feel if you are able to manifest an extra $10K, $20K or whatever breakthrough amount in the next 60 days?


While the amount can come from any source, what if it comes from the coaching/healing/intuitive or professional work that you love?


What would the extra funds do for you?


Where will you be?


What will you be able to do as a result of the money?


Well, it’s great to daydream and imagine new possibilities.


Then again, what if earning this breakthrough amount is entirely possible?


And it can be!


I would like to assure you that as a creator, you have the ability to bring about what you desire into manifestation.


Yes, I understand. You have been trying, struggling and using all kinds of strategies to help yourself but to no avail. You are feeling exhausted.


Which is why I would love to invite you to have a 30 minute complimentary chat*.


Take it as if you are having tea with a friend who has had the experience of helping others make money and abundance breakthroughs.


My mission is to offer something of value to you. The complimentary session will be laser-targeted with the focus on You and the Specific issues that you are facing. No longer stay stuck but find a way forward.


During the valuable session, discover the following:

Discover why your next breakthrough amount is already held in a universal escrow for you and how you can claim it with a breakthrough blueprint for the next 30-90 days.

Find out how you can quickly and energetically clear your money blocks or anything that is standing in your way of manifesting the breakthrough amount, once and for all.

Find out how your relationship and life dramas are tripping you in your work life.

Gain clarity on what is not working and eliminate these actions instantly.

Unravel the confidence strategy to stepping up into a bigger game and no longer attract empty appointment slots that are waiting to be filled.


Then again, money may not be what you are seeking for. You could be hoping to attract a soul mate or some other goal. Well, you have come to the right place 🙂


Not just money, I have helped others with manifesting what they desire. My specialty is in assisting women transform the relationship they have with money, partner, family members or just about anything.  View the testimonials here. 


*As I need to prioritise over my many projects, I am afraid that appointment slots are subject to application every month. Hence, I will be reviewing your application. I am committed to making the call a helpful one if you are keen to make a breakthrough. To apply, send in your application below.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Love, Evelyn


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