• Let me show you How to Tap Into Abundance….


    Get Your Starter Guide to Making
    a Money & Abundance Breakthrough

  • Master The Heart Of Manifesting Abundance

    * How to Have a Money Breakthrough
    * How to Love Yourself & Transform Your Relationships

    * How to find Greater Freedom, Fulfilment and Fun in Your Life!

  • Transform Your Life

    Align with Abundance
    By Transforming Your Relationship
    with Everything – Including Wealth,
    Family, Spouse and All Else.
    Most of All, Transform the Relationship
    You Have with Yourself. 

Work With Me

Please read the disclaimer before you place an order for any of the options below. 

Thank you in advance 🙂


Starter Alchemy Session
  • Suitable if you have a single issue, new to inner work or simply would like to try out one session.
  • One 60-minute Session using the Tap to Transform Process
  • Apply Meridian Tapping or Matrix Reimprinting Technique
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Breakthrough Alchemy Program
  • Suitable if you have a hoping to create a breakthrough over the short term or if you wish to dive into a particular issue and need clearer insights.
  • Three 45-minute Tap to Transform and/or Matrix Reimprinting Sessions.
  • Sessions conducted over Skype or Over Phone
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Gold Alchemy Sessions
  • Suitable if you are residing in Singapore and would prefer to have a face-to-face consultation.
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Platinum Abundance Alchemy Program
  • Suitable for those who wish to work together on their deep-rooted money and abundance issues on a customised basis or for those who wish to get business coaching.
  • Apply for an obligation-free 30-minute Clarity Session to discuss your needs and to find a roadmap on a better way forward.
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Steps To Take for Ordering

Step (1) Place Your Order

Step (2) Fill In Your Order Submission

Step (3) Wait for email response that will be sent to you

within three business days.

Thereafter, we will be arranging for a time slot to connect.

Consultations are held mainly over Skype
(my username: evelynlimonline)

unless you would like an in-personal session. 

Note that I reside in Singapore (UTC +8).

Time slots are usually available during my mornings,

selected afternoons, evenings and weekends.

Other timings can also be arranged.

Step (4): Get ready to connect at the appointed time. 

I look forward to working with you 🙂

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