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Consider writing a Money or Abundance Check or Cheque for yourself today! So, you may ask: “what is so special about today?” Well, today happens to be the New Moon date of May 14!! You write this check to yourself, setting the intention to manifest for this amount. A free download link of a blank Abundance Check for your use is available on this post!!

free abundance check or cheque

Does it work? Well, to be honest, I have not tried it myself. I have completely forgotten about the image template of an abundance check I have created using my photoshop software some time ago. I was going through the hard drive of my laptop for a clean up when I chanced upon it. Now realizing that the New Moon Date of May 14 actually falls today, I thought everyone who is interested may like to give it a go!

Testimonials For Abundance Check Exercise

Apparently, people who reported writing Abundance Checks around New Moon Dates have had their bills paid and received extra money.

Famous movie actor Jim Carrey wrote himself a fake ten million check for “acting services rendered” at a time when he was a struggling artiste. He was specific in the “what” and not the “how”:
– He specified $10 million.
– He dated the check “Thanksgiving 1995” in the year 1987.
– He spelled out the what by adding the words “for acting services rendered”.

For years, he carried the check around in his wallet. Just before Thanksgiving 1995, Jim Carrey found out that he was going to make ten million dollars with the show Dumb and Dumber. He then placed the check in the casket with his father because it was their dream together.

What Check to Use

You can use your own checkbook of course! However, you may wish to boost your attraction power to money by having the check drawn from the best bank of all – The Universe. I got the idea from makers of The Secret movie and decided to make one of my own.

Download Your Free Abundance Check Here

You can download a Free Abundance Check here (right-click to save). The download is a blank check that you can use!

How to Write the Abundance Check

1. Write name of payee in the space provided following the words “Pay To”.

2. Fill in today’s date of the New Moon if you are expecting the amount sometime soon. Alternatively, you can also put the date as sometime in the future eg. one year from the New Moon Date.

3. Write in a dollar amount. If you do not wish to write a specific amount, simply put “Unlimited Abundance”. However, set the intention to allow your subconscious to specify the required amount and the Universe to respond accordingly in your Highest Good.

4. Under the memo, you can specify anything. Examples include “Law of Attraction”, “For Services Rendered”, “”This or something better in my Highest Good”, “With Gratitude”, etc.

When To Write Abundance Check

Apparently, you need to write it within 24 hours of the new moon. One site even advised that the maximum is a three-day dateline. I suppose if you take into account international time differences, a three day time frame appears about right.

Manifesting Your Abundance Check Tips

1. Be, feel and think abundance as you write your check. If you are feeling stressed and worried about your finances, please release your negative emotions first. You do not want to manifest the lack, rather than the abundance, of prosperity.

2. Do not write an amount that is too much of a stretch on your beliefs. Start on an amount that is believable. Refrain from doubting.

3. Visualize yourself receiving the money or other forms of abundance in gratitude and happiness, after writing the check.

4. You can choose to put the check in your wallet or put it away. Putting it in your wallet assists you with focused energy. It is like having a mini-vision board in the form of an Abundance Check.

However, if you find yourself feeling distressed or doubting the process each time you look at the check upon opening your wallet, I suggest that you keep it in your drawer and not carry it around.

Once again, make a note of any negative feelings or state you may experience when thinking about the Abundance Check. Take the opportunity to do some release work; whether with Emotional Freedom Technique or The Sedona Method. There are thousands and thousands of testimonials of people who have had great success with these methods. Including myself 🙂

5. Continue to keep the positive vibes up daily by aligning with better-feeling thoughts.

6. Star Tip #1!!! Be open to receiving. Be also open to the thought that instead of a direct manifestation of money, you may receive ideas that can help generate wealth. In short, keep your antenna up for creative delivery ways by the Universe!!!

7. Star Tip #2!! Lastly, pin up your Abundance Check on your vision board or paste it in your vision journal.

Set Intentions During The New Moon

Go ahead and write a number of checks!! New Moon dates also work well for other intention setting, not just for the manifesting of financial abundance. So if it is not money, you can also choose to put down whether it is good health, relationships or anything that you wish to intend for. You can also use the checks for blessings of love, peace or prosperity for everyone. Give them as a gift to others!

free abundance check or cheque for Mother Earth
For Mother Earth, I have asked the Universe for more flowers weaved of gold and purple, lush green trees and rich soil. I wish to thank Mother Earth for inspiring me with words that I had been writing for Nature Tapestry – a series of blog posts that I post every month as a reminder to us all to rejuvenate in the garden or park.

(Taken with my new Cannon 550D / Rebel T2i during a walk two weeks ago)

Remainder New Moon Dates for 2010?

Mark these out in your calendar:
May 14th – Today!!!
June 12th
July 11th
August 10th
September 8th
October 7th
November 6th
December 5th

Thank Yous
1. Thanks to those who haveresponded to my previous post on money scripts. I appreciate your feedback and am working on a book with the required information. Do keep a lookout for it!

2. Thank you, everyone, for your warm and loving support of this blog! The image at the top of my post represents my request to the Universe in a wish of unlimited blessings to you!

Abundance always,

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