How to Be Positive All The Time

And so, you have bought a number of books and programs about how to be positive. You understand what the law of attraction says, that like attracts like. You know how important it is to be feeling good so that your vibrations are positive. You have dedicated time to saying affirmations – all 101 of them. You try your level best to be in an uplifted state. Yet…..somehow…..there are still periods when you feel like crap.

How to be Positive All the Time
(Picture painting from my personal journal, “How to Be Positive”)

Certainly, life has changed ever since you started taking an interest on your personal growth. But you are still having on-going challenges. The thing is that as you tune into thoughts about your current situation and instead of feeling even mildly positive, you begin to sink into despair. So what’s that about keeping your vibrations up?

Your most troubling thought? If you happen to be a personal development coach, trainer or practitioner, or even a Sunday School teacher, you feel as if you are some kind of fraud and that you’ve not quite lived up to the same advice that you dished out to others.

Welcome to the closets, the hidden secrets and the heavy baggage that many of us don’t wish to admit to. We won’t know that of our next-door neighbor or the smiling speaker on stage if these are not revealed either. However, if you should take a step back or two to reflect, it would be clear everyone has their inner demons to face. Even the most optimistic ones or those who appear to have it all together also have their periods of stress, worry and frustration.

Let’s not forget. That’s why we are here. Our souls are to experience our life lessons. We are having human experiences. And so there are days when we don’t feel all that positive. And there are days when we feel as if we are waging a war with our emotions. Our egos have the upper hand.

Now that I stop to think, my personal and family challenges have not stopped presenting themselves. What is great is that despite all the uncertainty, I am able to maintain a higher level of sanity and calm than previously. This, I believe, is what’s necessary to first become vibrationally positive.

Alex Blackwell has also asked in a previous blog comment about how to keep the abundance vibration going, once achieved. From my personal experiences, advance and regular maintenance work is needed. Think of your mind as machinery or equipment. You want it to be running well for a long time. A proper installation will get it started on the right footing. Then, you discover that as time goes on, wear and tear sets in. Hence, that’s when regular servicing needs to come in. On this premise, the following are ways that have worked for me….

10 Ways on How to Be Positive All the Time

1. Invest time in clearing your emotional clutter upfront. It’s hard to move decisively forward when your negative emotions keep holding you back. So invest sufficient amount of time to doing emotional work first. Thereafter, expect to experience a smoother road to being and feeling positive. You should also continue with regular clearing of emotional clutter.

Tapping World Summit 2011 - Bruce Lipton VideoFor addressing your negative emotions, I highly recommend the use of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I have personally benefited from its use since some 5 years ago. I also share the technique with my clients. Watch free videos about how EFT, quantum mechanics, power of subconscious beliefs and cell biology come together by Dr Bruce Lipton, and about EFT by other famous speakers such as Jack Canfeld by clicking on the left banner.

2. Understand the nature of your mind. Understand that your mind has a tendency to focus on the negatives. A simple example. In a day, there may be nine things that go right but one thing that goes wrong. Your mind will choose to focus on the one thing that is not going well.

Consider practicing mindful meditation. Learn to observe your thoughts without getting attached to their content. You would know that thoughts arise and pass away all the time. It is the same with your emotions too. You also learn how important it is to be take charge of your inner state and not let your ego be in charge.

3. Change your perspective. With that understanding, also know that each moment, you have a choice. There is always a better way of looking at things. Consider looking at glass half full rather than half empty. See if you can step outside yourself to gain a bigger picture of things.

4. Create a vision. If you don’t have a vision, then you are more prone to being distracted. You become like a drifting boat at sea, without a clear direction to head towards. There are days when you feel like giving up on the choices that you have already made. Emotional upsets become more prevalent. You swing like a yo-yo.

A vision keeps you focused. And not just any vision. One with aligned purpose, and creative meaning in it. One that reminds you about being in the flow of positivity.

Just imagine how your ideal life would look like. Take down some notes. And make the intent to manifesting it. Incidentally, these exercises are laid out in my vision board mastery program. If you are interested in attending the workshop, please click over here for more information.

5. Allow space for old energies to dissipate. The following situation may be true of you: You have made the required internal changes. Yet your outer life has not caught up with the positive changes in your energetic vibrations.

Refrain from thinking that nothing has worked. Instead, allow space for the higher energetic essence that you are now aligned with to manifest. For thoughts to manifest, there is a time lag in the physical dimension. If your inner shift is a major one, you might have to face rejection, upheavals or dramas in your outer life. Your external circumstances will respond to accommodate that inner shift.

Hence, not that things are not working, they are! What you need to do is to continue to affirm in actions where you intend to shift towards. Don’t turn back. Should you do so, you would be sending out mixed signals. Instead, hold your ground through focused intention and aligned action.

6. Listen to uplifting audios. Keep yourself in the flow through using subliminals or simply listening to inspirational music. Silence is my favorite companion when I am working but there have been times when I turn to new age music that lifts my spirit.

7. Shift gradually. The mistaken belief that many make is that they think they need to be upbeat all the time. That they need to be in an adrenaline high all day long. In reality, once the bubble of forced enthusiasm bursts, they come crashing down.

The better way forward is to understand that there is a continuum of emotions. Abraham Hicks share about the Emotional Guidance Scale in the book, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent. Accordingly, we choose to move continually up the scale that brings us from feeling negative to positive. For instance, if we are feeling sad, we move up to contentment and then upwards. And even if we are already feeling positive, we can move up the scale into feeling better and better, eventually holding a loving presence.

8. Know that you are deserving. Someone wrote to me about feeling afraid of experiencing too much joy. What if all her happiness goes away, she asked.

Well, when you are miserly towards yourself, life reflects the same back to you. In reality, there is no limit to joy and all the positive experiences in the world. Don’t limit yourself by asking for too little from life. You deserve the very best!

9. Focus on your blessings. One great way to shift and stay in positive vibrations is to express gratitude continually throughout the day. Recount your blessings every time you feel low. I also love to flip through my photo albums, which remind me of the happy memories I had enjoyed.

You can start a project initiative to help you remember about saying thanks. Jenn Mertzger created a project of 100 days to expressing gratitude on Facebook.

10. Surround yourself with positive energy. Envelope yourself in the warm embrace of inspiration, love, joy and peace. It can be through your family, friends or an inspirational video such as this…..

Since its release, the video that I made two years ago has garnered more than 50,000 views and many favorable comments. A few online viewers have also confessed that they play it everyday.

The Ultimate Tip To Be Positive All the Time

Is it REALLY possible to be positive all the time?

I would like to believe so.

To be vibrationally positive all the time comes with self knowledge. It arises from a continuous “being” state of profound peace, joy and love – even while in human existence. You no longer react to the waves, tremors and trepidations of life. Instead, you live in the space of pure awareness. Continuous awareness of who you are keeps you in the vibrational essences of positivity.

You may respond in dismay, “What? Continuous awareness sounds like an impossible task!” Well, what I do know is that the more you practice the above 10 tips (and in particular, tip #1 and #2), the periods whereby you stay positive becomes longer and longer.

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.
~Anthony J. D’Angelo

Share Your Favorite Tip on How to Be Positive All the Time

Have you got a tip about being positive? Think it is possible to be positive all the time? Share your thoughts below!

Take care,

P.S. This post is part a series of how-to articles. Keep a lookout for the next one on How to Identify Your Negative Money Belief! It will be posted in 3 days’ time on Friday.

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