How to Identify and Change Your Limiting Money Beliefs

The thing is that in order to change our negative beliefs, we need to be able to first identify what they are. The obvious ones are easy to address. Because we already know what these are. But how do we identify the rest that are hidden in our subconscious?

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I received a question about changing limiting money beliefs from D Smith, a reader to my newsletter, a week ago. His experience is a very common one. In his email, Smith asked….

“My question is about core beliefs. I have read and learned so much about intention and my life has completely changed because of this. Thanks to your site and a few others. But there is still something in me that’s keeping the abundance of money away. I know that I have some deep-rooted belief that I can’t handle the money or that I don’t deserve it or something.

How can I find out what that belief is, or do I even have to know? There is just something blocking me from total success, how do I unblock it?
Thank you so much for being here and doing what you do! It’s people like you that make this world a much better place!”

3 Ways to Identify Your Limiting Money Beliefs

The reader is right. First, you need to know what the belief is or at least, the energetic resonance around it before a release can happen. It means bringing awareness to whatever that has been kept hidden or in the dark. Once brought to light, the energies disperse when you practice equanimity. Thereafter, you also take affirming actions to reprogram your mind.

Tapping World Summit 2011 - Bruce Lipton VideoI have shared about money beliefs previously. In a previous post, I had even compiled a list of 101 money beliefs. Negative or limiting money beliefs hold you back from flowing downstream in the river of abundance. Because of having them in your subconscious, you find yourself stuck or in struggle. They are hidden programs of thought that sabotage your best intentions. They often lie in your subconscious. (Dr Bruce Lipton shared more about these in his free video interview. If you have not watched it yet, I highly recommend it.)

There are three ways that you can “truly” know about what belief your subconscious mind is holding:

1. Muscle-testing. Muscle testing is a technique to find out your bodily vibrational response. It is a form of applied kinesiology. Through muscle testing, it is possible to find out if a belief holds true or not in your subconscious. You stay strong and firm when the answer is yes to a particular statement. On the other hand, when you say something that is not true, your muscles go weak.

There are different ways to perform muscle testing. You can use your fingers, arms or even toes. I found a simple video clip for those who are interested to learn…

2. Pendulum dowsing. Find it hard to muscle test? Getting all confused whether your bodily reactions are indicating yes or no? Well, another way is to find an intuitive to help you through pendulum dowsing. I offer intuitive face-to-face consultations, if you are interested.

3. Observe your reactions. You will need acute awareness especially if the hidden belief is subtle. The thing is to observe if you are responding with feelings of constriction, limitation and scarcity. It may be a word, act or behavior. In short, if you find yourself reacting negatively, then there is your answer. If subtle, it will be brought to your awareness like some kind of tingling “aha” moment.

Avoid putting too much thought when you “feel” for your reactions. Understand the difference between your thinking and feeling mind. What you think may not be necessarily be what’s true from within. You may think that you are having a positive money belief; in reality, it does not check out internally. Your heart has an inner wisdom, which says otherwise. It accesses your subconscious to let you know the difference. So the idea is to tune in. Pay attention to the quiet intuitive voice.

Every dissonance that you experience offers vital feedback to you. Hold a particular money belief in your mind. Check to see if you are feeling positive or negative. If you are feeling positive, you are in alignment. If you are reacting, then you are not in alignment.

3 Ways to Change Negative Money Belief

I am beginning to sound like a recorder but this much is true: no amount of reading books can take the place of actually doing inner work. Reading articles or books only help you at the conscious levels. However, for deep-rooted beliefs, you would need some inner work. Techniques help to speed up the process. I experienced profound shifts only when I started using them. Prior to that, I was completely stuck, in denial and unhappy!

My favorite techniques are Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT and The Sedona Method. They are easy ways to help you with dispersing negative energies. Because I started my personal development journey with EFT and have experienced much benefit from it, I have a bias towards it. However, I have used The Sedona Method whenEFT has not worked as well for some instances. Nonetheless, both techniques are backed by thousands and thousands of testimonials.

Then, there is also the third option. However, it would require an intuitive professional to access your akashic records. You would need to keep an open mind for soul-level findings. The premise is that beliefs have been programmed at soul level across past lives or that you have been plugging into collective consciousness that is not of Divine Truth. If it is the latter, you have been downloading and adopting beliefs that “technically” are not yours.

Free Change Your Money Beliefs Report

Based on previous reader request, I compiled a free report from my 101 money belief list a while ago. If you have not already gotten a copy, you can get it here => Change Your Money Beliefs Report.

Abundance Beliefs Clearing, anyone?

Which comes to this. I need your feedback. I need to know how else I can help you, as a certified EFT practitioner and an Intuitive Consultant. Let me know if you are interested in any one of the following,

(1) Video on How to Use EFT for Money Beliefs. For the video recording, I demonstrate how to use EFT for one of the 101 money beliefs from my list. You can then follow up on your own with the ones that you have.

(2) Personal Energy Clearing Sessions for “Money or Abundance Beliefs”.
For the clearing session, I will access your akashic records to determine what beliefs or programs have been blocking you in the way of divine abundance. The clearing session has a specific focus on unearthing your beliefs for your awareness and release. Note that there will be energy exchange involved for personal sessions.

Divine abundance is your ability to receive and give abundance. It is your spiritual birthright. You want to have a clear channel for this.

(3) Both options 1 and 2.

If you have got any other suggestions, please also feel free to provide either in the comment box below or contact me. I would like to see if I can assist in a way that will match your needs.

Shifting in abundance consciousness each and every moment,

P.S. P.S. This post is part a series of how-to articles. The Abundance Alchemy: Answers to Your Questions articles have been written in response to your questions. Keep a lookout for the next one on How to Create Personal Energy Shields! It will be posted in 3 days’ time on Monday.

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