How To Start A Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is very similar to a diary. However, the difference is that you mainly have positive things to write in a gratitude journal.

Gratitude Journal
(List your favorite things in your gratitude journal)

While you can rant and rave in your diary, a gratitude journal is meant to uplift you. It connects you with good feeling thoughts. The aim of keeping a gratitude journal is to write down the things that make you happy and that for which you are grateful for.

What Note Pad To Get

A gratitude journal need not be one in fancy paper. You can get one at a very low cost. Note books that cost less than ten dollars are available at many outlets.

Of course, you can choose a notepad with a pretty cover if you wish to. After all, you would like it to conjure beautiful thoughts. What is more important is not how the cover looks like but the content that you fill the notepad with. Most certainly, you would want to get one that has many pages which can last for a long time.

Of course, if you are one of those who prefer to type, you can also choose to use an ipad or your laptop. My ipad contains a few pages of gratitude affirmations, from thanking my family to the home I have and the things I am already enjoying each and every day. There are also iphone applications that makes it convenient for you to express your gratitude, even though what is needed is really a notepad.

Your Entries in A Gratitude Journal

Even when you are feeling down, it is important that you write something positive. Doing so compels you to see the positive side of things. Writing from a more enlightened perspective helps you get out of your slump. It happens when you are write about the lessons that you have managed to learn from your negative experiences. A later review allows you to know that you will be able to create a better response should a similar event arise in the future. Hence, maintaining a gratitude journal is having low-cost therapy which you can easily self administer.

Should you have habitual negative thinking, then consider the use of a gratitude journal. It can prove to be a lifesaver. Your gratitude journal is an affirmation on a daily basis that you can also have positive experiences. Your focus is now on the bright rather than the dim sparks. You would realize that not everything about your life suck. Making your entries cause you to note what you can be grateful for and offer you hope for a new day.

While most people write gratitude journals at the end of a day, you can do so at any time of the day. A list of at least five items is ideal but really there is no restriction to the number of things you can write. These entries can be about anything positive that has happened during the day; such as, getting praise at work, your children telling you that they love you or receiving unsolicited assistance while you were carrying grocery to your car. It can also be about the joyful things that you did in the day as well. These include helping a handicapped person across the street, running an errand for your colleague, or baking a cake for your neighbor.

How To Record A Gratitude Journal

Writing a gratitude journal can be done in any way that you want to. You can write an essay, use bulleted list, do it in point form, or even write poetry. Don’t just think in words. Think pictures. Make drawings or use photos.

Gratitude Journal 2
(Gratitude: It’s the little things we share that add up to one Big Love!)

Alternatively, like me, you can also use scrapbooking as your way of saying thanks to the universe. Glue your handiwork onto your journal or have a separate gratitude journal for your more creative ideas. The idea is to have lots of fun while you are doing your gratitude journal.

All in all, make it a point to start a gratitude journal. If you have guessed by now, you would realize that I have gratitude journals in all forms. It’s how I keep myself uplifted 🙂

Express Your Gratitude

What might you list as things that you are grateful for in the last 11 months? Share your list in the comments box below!

Abundance always,

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