“There is no right or wrong way to tell your improved story. It can be about your past, present, or future experiences. The only criterion that is important is that you be conscious of your intent to tell a better-feeling, improved version of your story. Telling many good-feeling short stories throughout your day will change your point of attraction. Just remember that the story you tell is the basis of your life. So tell it the way you want it to be.”
– Abraham

better feeling story

When you tell a better-feeling story, whether to yourself or others, you are more likely to attract better-feeling events into your life by virtue of the Law of Attraction. The problem with many of us is that we tell our story based on what-is rather than the way we would like it to be. And so we continue to attract the same circumstances that we have already been manifesting all along. Invariably, we find that our situations do not improve.

Time does fly; the past, present and future are here and gone in the blink of an eye. In between, however, are the memories you make, the moments you embrace and the dreams that you hold to; what we could say are the essential elements of your story. Essentially, this has the meaning of “If life is a book, then you are the author.” Ultimately, your life is your story and telling it should make you feel good. If it doesn’t, then maybe it is time to learn how to tell a better feeling story. When you tell a better-feeling story, you are better able to leverage on the Law of Attraction more positively.

What you need to know is that your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between a real or imagined event and what you consistently tell yourself, you manifest. Since you cannot stop thinking non-stop, you may as well direct your focus to thinking better-feeling thoughts.

Better-feeling thoughts are those that help you shift positively upwards in your emotions. You reach for a thought that elicits a more positive feeling in a gradual way. One thought at a time, you raise your vibrations. For instance, from a state of anger, you reach for peace. And so you choose a thought that would help you with gaining peace. Next, from peace, you reach for a thought that is more positive; for example, joy.

Don’t be mistaken, however. Telling a better-feeling story does not involve lying. You may believe that it requires you to be inauthentic because you are not telling the truth on what is happening in your current reality or even about the past. Rather, telling a better-feeling story is about finding a way to reframe your perspective more positively. It means that you are able to pick out the good that is happening in your life right now and show your appreciation for them. It also means that you are able to tell a believable story of what can happen in the future.

Telling a Better Feeling Story of the Past, Present and Future

If you think that the past is set is stone, and cannot be altered in any way, you are right, and you are also wrong. Memory is subjective, meaning that much of how we remember an event from the past is based on our emotional interpretation. This explains why two witnesses at the scene of an accident can have two totally different explanations for what happened.

The significance you attach to a memory has a lot to do with the way you feel about that memory, even years later. When memories are attached to negative thoughts and emotions, they continue to affect you in negative ways. Reframing your memories helps you to rewrite your story, changing it from one that feels hurtful or painful to one that feels better.

Learning to tell a better story of the present can have a positive effect on the future. By removing the negative emotions associated, and learning to see those events in a new and positive way, you can begin to feel right now. You experience an energy shift from the moment of clarity.

If you are the author of your own story, then it stands to reason that you can also write the events of the future. There are billions of possibilities for your future stories. Tell them exactly as you want them to be. And from the exercise, you will realize that you have in you to change your reality.

How to Tell a Better-feeling Story Now

Remember the famous saying by Michael Althsuler, “The bad news is that time flies; the good news is you are the pilot”? Now is the moment you have total control over. Being mentally and emotionally positive right now puts you in the pilot seat, where you belong. Right now you are writing a page in your story, and only you can decide what to put in or leave out.

1. Adopt a New Perspective

To tell a better feeling story of the past, think about how the experience has benefited you. Did it make you stronger? Did you learn something from it? How did the event make you a better person? As you look back on the experience, decide that you will take away from it only what is positive and helpful to you. Apply the tips here. Once and for all, decide to leave what was harmful and negative in the past.

Practice telling your old story in a positive way. When you tell this story, keep your focus on positive aspects, rather than negative. “I am stronger because…” and “I am wiser because….”

2. A Visual Exercise of Erase and Replace

Tell your best feeling story right now. To do this, when negative thoughts intrude, envision them as part of your written story. See them as words on paper or as words on a blackboard. Write them out in your mind and then, imagine that you are erasing them. Next, write new words in their place.

– “I’m bored” becomes “I am relaxing and enjoying this moment”.

– “I feel sad” becomes “I am in charge of my own emotions. It is up to me to feel better.”

– “I am worried about tomorrow” becomes “Right now I have everything I need to be happy and content.”

– “I don’t know what to do” becomes “I have all of the wisdom, strength and intelligence I need to make good choices.”

Another option is to simply put a finger to your forehead, then swipe it across, as you say the word “erase” out loud. Once the thought is “erased” replace it with another, better feeling thought.

3. Telling Better Feeling Stories of the Future

What if the future has already happened? Look ahead as if, in another dimension somewhere, your tomorrow has already arrived. What are doing in that future time? Are you enjoying health, wealth, happiness and true love? Picture yourself in that place.

Tell your story as if you are there now. Allow the “future you” to direct your stories. When you do so, your resourceful subconscious will automatically draw what on what is necessary to guide you from where the “present you” becomes the “future you”. Your story is believable because you know that success is assured so long as you commit to staying positive and not giving up during challenging times.

By knowing and believing that you already have success, wealth, love, happiness and all of the other things that you were born to achieve, you will magnetize these via the law of attraction. When you tell better feeling stories of how you would like things to be, you are bringing forward more positive outcomes.

Abundance always,
evelyn lim signature
Author. Adventurer. Life Coach. More About Me.

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  1. Kate I

    I’m really enjoying this series of posts on LOA and how to actually “live” it. It’s a great introduction for those unfamiliar with LOA, as well as a really good review to bring it back into focus. Great work!


    Evelyn Reply:

    Hello Kate,

    Thank you for your feedback. It’s great to know that I am meeting the objectives for having the series. As I write, I am also reminding myself about the things I am to practice.

    Love and abundance always,


    Patti Riccio Reply:

    Thank you for this. It appeared on my Facebook page when I really needed some encouragement. Love to you Evelyn!


  2. Adam

    Amazing, amazing, amazing! Evelyn, wow, what a great article, in my opinion, your best yet, and your other ones are nothing short incredible. This made me realize that you do not have to deny what is in your present circumstance, instead it makes so much sense to look at your present, past, and future reality in a way that is true and that is positive, because the good things are always there. just gotta see them. wow, what a beautiful article evelyn. Just what I was looking for:) Thank you


    Evelyn Reply:

    Hello Adam,

    Thank you for your feedback. It’s great that you like this post very much. Oh yes, it is about looking at the same situation with a more positive lens. I agree with what you said: good things are always there. Let’s bring focus to these.

    Abundance always,


  3. Kimbundance

    Oh. I really like this. =) Wonderful message here, and getting to a good feeling place is amazing for manifesting. But, the point as you say here is to feel good.


    Evelyn Reply:

    Yes, feeling “good” is the answer to a universe that operates on vibrations.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Love and abundance always,


  4. Aileen | Kaizen Vision

    Loved reading this! It’s really important to develop the habit and skill, that it takes to re-write one’s story. It’s a key factor when one is trying to reach new heights and experience a bigger life, than what one has been familiar with.

    I find myself needing to tell myself a better feeling story and some days its easier than others – but it is vitally important.


    Evelyn Reply:

    Hi Aileen,

    I am nodding to your comment on “some days its easier than others” because it is so true. However, once we set the intent to tell ourselves better-feeling stories, we find it easier to course correct when we find ourselves in disharmony.

    Love and abundance always,


  5. Monika Khullar

    Its beautiful article and very true
    I m trying to write my new story and believe me tips give are really useful
    Thanks a Ton


    Evelyn Reply:

    Hello Monika,

    Great! It’s nice to know that you have found the tips useful.

    Abundance always,


  6. The Vizier

    Hi Evelyn,

    I enjoyed your in-depth exploration on the workings of our mind. The part that stood out most for me was how memory is subjective and as a result, we can alter it if we want to.

    You have certainly put together great points on how to tell a better-feeling story.

    I think it is always important to adopt a new perspective if the stories we are telling ourselves are not serving us well. What we tell ourselves and how we perceive events can empower or cripple us. It is far better to tell a story that empowers us instead.

    To do so, we should always look deeply at the meaning in the events that are significant for us. The points where we face the greatest challenges usually hold the lessons that we need to learn. Once we are aware of this, it is a matter of learning those lessons and realizing that life has our best interests at heart. If something isn’t turning out the way we wish, it just means we have to change our approach.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely article!

    Irving the Vizier


    Evelyn Reply:

    Hello Irving,

    You certainly offer excellent advice about learning from life lessons.

    Additionally, not just with having a fresh perspective at past events, we tell better-feeling stories because we hope to attract a different reality for ourselves. Telling the same stories have brought us to this point but if we want things to improve, then we are better off painting a brighter picture. As Albert Einstein wisely said, “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts,


  7. Vidya Sury

    Such a good idea to attract positive things. Reminds me of how we say “Rewind” at home, whenever someone gets irritated 😀 Then we re-start the situation and end up laughing a lot

    Thank you, Evelyn. Very beautiful concept!


  8. Mel Clifford

    Hi Evelyn, Loved your post today, we all have a story to tell. If one wants to change their story, then they should change how they think about their story. I agree it should not be a lie but the sharing tof heir feelings around the story, the past, present and most inportant their future.
    Thanks again
    Kind Regards


  9. Juan

    first time come here, nice to meet u


  10. Galen Pearl

    I remember once being struck by how different our stories can be. I was listening to my mother relate some stories from my childhood, stories I didn’t even recognize because they were so different from my memories of those events. What I realized was that there is no objective truth about these things. There are just the stories we tell about them. And about ourselves. We can choose what stories to tell. There is so much potential there.

    A friend of mine, for example, is so stuck in seeing his life in a negative way. He has taken on a role as long suffering martyr, and nothing I can say has been at all helpful in helping him even consider the possibility of looking at his life in a different way. So sad.

    Great post–thanks.


  11. inner-outerbeauty.com

    I just found your blog and I am so happy I did! Especially for your words: “inner abundance drives external abundance”. According to me, too, sooo true! Just this morning I had this conversation with a person about emphazising that more on my blog, and guess what, I stumbled “accidently” on your blog tonight…haha LOA in action!
    Love from Scandinavia!
    (Please check out my blog if you like, it is in English)


  12. Noch Noch | be me. be natural.

    that’s true, I’ve noticed that when I tell people I’ve overcome / overcoming depression they respond better than me just saying “i’m sick”…
    Noch Noch


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  14. Shanna Carson

    There are so many ways to see the same situation or event, so it definitely makes sense to tell a better feeling-story. I even noticed that people involved in a negative situation may change their perception when I tell myself a better-feeling story about the whole thing.


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