What is Money Scarcity REALLY Teaching You

The perception of money scarcity does strike fear. For anyone in fear, it can be challenging to see what scarcity is potentially teaching you. Perhaps, you have been too caught up in misery or disappointment over your financial situation. I understand. Clarity diminishes whenever there is emotional overwhelm.


money scarcity


It’s very hard to will away the perception of scarcity. After all, limits are very much a natural part of our physical life. Just think about it, there is 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in one minute. You have got to finish the work that needs to be done within a certain time frame. Then, there is also lifespans, ageing and the cycle of life and death. The physical world has some kind of built-in mechanism where conditions and limits are already preset.


Limits give rise to impermanence. Impermanence is also called Anicca or Anitya, in Buddhist teachings. All of conditioned existence, without exception is “transcient, evanescent, inconstant”. All temporal things, whether material or mental, are subject to decline and destruction. Thus, nothing lasts and everything decays of this physical world.


Here is where my confusion came in as well.


For a long time, I had trouble reconciling the ideas of abundance and scarcity. There is the experience of scarcity at physical life because we cannot escape time-space constraints and yet, metaphysical teachers say that the Universe is one of abundance and that we are infinite. The two ideas appear to be in conflict.


Could the same conflict be behind why repeating abundance affirmations has not worked for you too? Your mind cannot fully grasp or make sense of having scarcity and abundance co-exist together. When there is non-congruency, it is hard to embody the energy of abundance.


With experiencing scarcity in the physical world, you hit a block each time the mind goes up against a limit. Invariably, you would tell yourself, “there is not enough” or even “I am not good enough”. Going up against a limit can set off panic buttons or alarm bells. You start to react rather than respond to life triggers. To beat money scarcity, you could even chase after ways to plug the hole. You find yourself working a lot harder and longer, which rarely fixes the problem of scarcity or limit that exists in the mind.


What Scarcity is NOT Teaching You


A situation of money scarcity is not teaching you to dwell in misery. It is certainly not asking you to keep awake at night. Or to blame your spouse, the government or tax authorities either.


Scarcity is a construct of the ego. When you identify too much with the ego or things of the physical world as if it is the truth, you will find yourself in constant struggle. It results in spiritual disconnection. You forget that you are a soul in a human experience.


spiritual being in human experience


If you can recall, your soul did choose to experience scarcity in an incarnation, so that it can embody the truth of its divine nature. Contrast allows for experiential knowing. Your soul can only know abundance through having a contrasting situation in a physical life. It’s like you will not know what cold is without the contrasting experience of heat. Or it’s hard to figure out what love is without going through fear in an experience.


An experience of financial lack is therefore something that you can choose to reverse. Once you have had such an experience, it is time to reconnect with the truth. You shift towards the direction that will bring you in closer alignment with source.


What Scarcity is Teaching You


Remember this: limits are not dead ends.


What scarcity is truly teaching you is about appreciating what is important:

* Are you appreciating life?

* Are you making the best use of a limited life span?

* Are you embracing what appears to be finite: time, money and the life energy of your family and friends?


In short, scarcity is teaching you to redirect your focus.


When you start to put your attention on the things that matter, illusion dissolves. There is no need to grasp, cling or hanker for something out there because there is the richness of being within you.


Material things do not last. Money doesn’t. You become awakened to the truth that you are a divine soul. In that moment of deep realization, your soul recognizes abundance as a quintessential quality of its eternal being. It is when you embody the inner experience of the awakening that true abundance manifests in the physical world.


Share your thoughts with what scarcity or money scarcity is really teaching you in the comments below 🙂


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