My Gratitude To You

I would like to express my gratitude with today’s post. Let me first start by sharing what gratitude really means.

(A heart-shaped leaf from the Hibiscus Tree)

Gratitude Definition

Gift of giving
Remembrance of all that is good
A touchstone of global transformation
Transition of greatness
In acts of kindness
True wealth and abundance
Unyielding compassion
Divine clarity
Everlasting commitment to appreciation

Beautiful definition, isn’t it? Lee Bower, who appeared in The Secret, created his own acrostic for the word “gratitude”. The above lines were quoted in The Vision Board Book.

I Express My Gratitude

In the spirit of what gratitude is about, allow me to express my thanks. This site would not have been possible without the support of some of those closest to me. Most importantly, much thanks to my husband who has encouraged me to keep it going during some of my most challenging periods. My thanks also to my kids who keep me on my toes everyday with lessons on patience and making peace.

With much appreciation, I also note that my decision to move to a new site is met with support and kindness. In the move, I have not lost that many of my subscribers. Thousands remain. I also received many validations for what I was doing from readers throughout the year.

I am forever grateful that what initially started as a site to make money has taught me the value of true abundance and wealth. I learn this with the support of every single one of you.

Link Love

Here is a round of link love for my blogger friends (in no particular order):

Albert from UrbanMonk,
Ariel You are Truly Loved,
Nadia from Happy Lotus,
Daphne from Joyful Days,
Dani from Positively Present,
Daniel from The Daniel Richard,
Marelisa from Abundance Blog,
Katie from The Levity Project,
Chris Edgar from Purpose Power Coaching,
Lance from Jungle of Life,
Lisa from MommyMystic,
Slade from Shift Your Spirits,
Joy from EtherealJoy
Suzie Cheel from Abundance Highway,
Kaushik from Beyond Karma,
Megan from All about Joy,
Lana from DreamFollowers,
Kikolani from Kikolani,
J.D. from Sources of Insight,
Julie from Welcome to JulieWorld,
Barbara from Blogging Without a Blog,
Jenny from Healing Pain Naturally.

If I have missed anyone out, please forgive me. It is impossible to name all of you. But many of you in the blogging arena has touched me with your beautiful gift of sharing, keeping me inspired in 2009!

I also thank my clients who taught me much about myself, my values and commitments and where I need to go. I sometimes wonder if they are being sent by the Universe to teach or remind me of an important lesson instead.

Then, there is my spiritual team as well (much thanks to Mia, my spirit guide). There have been moments when I thought I was being abandoned somewhat. But through it all, they were behind me in my development….quietly coming forth only when I decided to be still and to let go!

My Gratitude to Mother Earth

Thanks to Suzie, I got to know about the following clip made by makers of The Secret. The video clip encapsulates my love and gratitude to Mother Earth as well….

Best Wishes for the New Year

Well, this post is going to be my last for the year. I am occupied with a number of projects this period. I intend to be back with a new post sometime in mid-Jan 2010.

In the meantime, please take care!
And…..To Abundance for a Brand New 2010! !!!!

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