Pick the Abundance Affirmation for You Today

What is the Abundance Affirmation
That You Need to Make Today?

I created a slideshow with 30 abundance affirmations embedded,
so that it is easy to pick one for the day.


Here’s the abundance affirmation that came up for me, when I was writing this post…..my abundance affirmation for today

my abundance affirmation for todaymy abundance affirmation for today


Play the Abundance Affirmation Video Below

To know which abundance affirmation to make for yourself,
tune in, click “play”, close your eyes and pause
at the point when you feel intuitively inclined to…..
voila you have your answer 🙂

What’s your abundance affirmation?
Share your answer below.

Love and abundance always,

P.S. For more free quizzes, readings and challenges that
are designed to help you attract abundance,
join the circle at http://www.evelynlimcoach.com 

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