Receive the Hong Bao of Infinite Abundance

Hong bao (Mandarin) or ang pao (Hokkien dialect) is a monetary gift that is given by the Chinese during special occasions. For the Lunar New Year and according to customs, married couples; such as, my husband and I, would give to kids and singles. Hong bao means red packet, for short. It is a symbol of good luck, prosperity and well wishes. Likewise, my kids will also receive hong paos from their grandparents or other married relatives and friends.


Hong bao or ang pao in red money packets or envelopes


This year, the Lunar New Year begins on January 28 (Saturday). It lasts for 15 days where family and friends would visit each other’s homes. It is a time for celebration. So, plenty of merry making is expected.


As preparation, I would get the hong baos or red packets ready by slotting the cash into the red packets in advance. For auspicious reasons, the amount of cash has to be an even number. Many also like the amounts to end with the digit “eight”, such as 8, 18, 68, 88. “Eight” means prosperous (Cantonese dialect). I like them too 🙂

In the tradition of the Chinese, may I take the opportunity to send you a “Hong Bao” too. It is filled with Wishes of Infinite Abundance. If you tilt the digit “eight” to sideways, it becomes the infinity sign. Hence, may you enjoy unlimited wealth, wellness and success for the year.


You can receive the essence of it; no matter what country you are, age or marital status you are. I know it is true especially since I work with energy with overseas clients.


Upon reading to this point, simply cup your hands slightly, visualize blessings coming your way (whether from the Universe or myself) and receive them with a smile 🙂


I became so inspired while writing this post that I went on to creating a video quickly for you….



Ready to Receive a Hong Bao (Red Packet) of Infinite Abundance from the Universe?

Upon receiving the blessing, type in the comments below…”yes”. Thank you!





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Love and Abundance Always,




P.S. Type in the comments below with “yes” upon receipt of the blessings. Thank you 🙂

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