Self Love Series: Take A Self Love Quiz

Do you love yourself?

How is your relationship with the self like?

When you dive into the center of your heart, can you honestly that you love yourself unconditionally, unreservedly and freely?

Take the Self Love Quiz: Do You Love Yourself

Well, I am starting a Self Love Series for the month of April. For the Self Love Series, I intend to publish articles, tips and pictures about loving the self during the following weeks. It will be a month of love, inspiration, awareness and celebration of our being. And to start off, I am featuring a quiz today.

Self Love Quiz

When I first started on my inner journey, I did not know what is meant by having self love. It took me a while to figure things out on my own. Hence, for my Self Love quiz, I crafted a list of questions in order to help you in your understanding. The beauty of this quiz maker is that it allows me to provide a few pointers after you have answered each question.

To create this free quiz, I tried out a couple of online software. None was completely fully satisfactory. Eventually, I had to settle on the best one that is suited for my intent. It was one that I have used previously. Even then, I feel that it is important for me to explain about the online quiz creator that I have chosen.

When you take the quiz, you would realize that if you pick the option that is least indicative of self love, the outcome of your choice is reflected as “wrong”. Please know that it is not my intention to pass a judgment between “correct” and “wrong”. Try as I can but I am not able to change the labels used which are automatically generated.

So I urge you to take the quiz with an awareness that there is no “correct” or “wrong” answer. Rather, the outcome of your choice should read “most indicative” or “less indicative” of self love. Bearing this in mind, do go ahead and check out the quiz below!

Self Love Secrets: How to Love Yourself Unconditionally

self love secrets collection

Did badly in the scores? Facing tremendous difficulties with accepting who you are? Learn more about loving yourself holistically – in mind, body and spirit. Click over to purchase a copy of Self-Love Secrets – available as a download by now!

Love always,

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P.S. If you enjoy quizzes, you may want to try the previous one I made. It’s quite fun! It is a test on all the tips I have shared on my site. Additionally, it has generated more than 10,000 views to-date. Click here to take the test: Law of Attraction Quiz!

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