Universal Studios Singapore Pictures for Vision Board

There was a certain buzz in the air which transported us to the many worlds of the Universal Studios Singapore. What a great way to anchor in the feelings of magic, of dreams coming true, love conquers all, the triumph of a hero and showers of joy by just soaking in the unique experience offered at each themed zone!

Universal Studios Singapore Far Far Away Shrek Castle
(Universal Studios Singapore Far Far Away Shrek Castle)

Indeed, during my first visit to Universal Studios Singapore, I took the opportunity to capture a number of photos which I believed would be useful for collages in the making of vision boards. I am publishing some of those I have taken for your viewing pleasure.

Universal Studios Singapore worked its charm on my family yesterday while we took a tour of its ground. As a fan to the power of imagination, creativity and play, I knew I just had to grab a first look. Sneak previews are available for this week before its official public opening a month later in March. Despite the announcement that rides would not be made operational, tickets sold out fast as soon as they were offered on sale. Most certainly, few could resist getting a taste before deciding if its entire course would be yummy.

Universal Studios Singapore opens
(Universal Studios Singapore Grand Opening)

Oh yes, not just my kids, I certainly felt myself bubbling with excitement. It is, after all, Southeast Asia’s first Universal Studio theme park. Throughout the long weekend, thousands thronged into Sentosa, an island off the main city island of Singapore, for the grand opening of the park and a casino. A little history here. The Singapore government in 2006 decided to allow the opening of casinos in order to generate jobs and to promote tourism. The consortium that won the job had incorporated the building of Universal Studios in its bid.

The park is home to the world’s biggest single collection of DreamWorks Animation theme park attractions, namely based on “Far Far Away” from Shrek and the island of “Madagascar” from the computer-animated movie Madagascar. These two theme parks got the thumbs up from my kids.

Universal Studios Singapore Far Far Away Castle
(Universal Studios Singapore Far Far Away Castle)

Universal Studios Singapore Magadascar
(Universal Studios Singapore: Magadascar Theme Park)

My elder daughter’s favorite is Ancient Egypt. While she has not watched The Mummy, she has often held an amazing fascination for all things Egyptian. Of course, if you have read my previous post here, you would know why.

Universal Studios Singapore Ancient Egypt theme park
(Universal Studios Singapore: Ancient Egypt Theme Park)

Universal Studios Singapore Ancient Egypt theme park
(Universal Studios Singapore: Ancient Egypt Theme Park)

We found out that there were many – such as, Pinocchio – before us who have already secretly visited the park!

Universal Studios Singapore Pinocchio

We will certainly go back for more when the park officially opens. We are looking forward to taking the roller coaster thrill ride, getting lost in The Lost World and taking pictures with Princess Fiona.

Universal Studios Singapore Roller Coaster
(Universal Studios Singapore Roller Coaster Ride)

(Universal Studios Singapore: The Lost World)

Sentosa Singapore

The wonderful part is that Universal Studios Singapore is also located on Sentosa, an island off the main city island. We spent the night at Siloso Beach Resort, set in tropical surroundings.

Siloso Beach Resort Sentosa
(Siloso Beach Resort overlooking the swimming pool)

No holiday, however small, can ever be complete without great food! Here is a picture of the Japanese lunch we tucked into just before returning home.

Japanese Sushi
(Japanese food for lunch)

I Express My Gratitude and Appreciation

Looking at the pictures connected me with a multitude of joyful feelings. Which makes reviewing them or including them in my vision boards great for visioning or personal NLP anchoring work! I also recalled how important it would be to express my gratitude and appreciation. So I created a slideshow as a record of my happy memories and as a form of gratitude journal on my laptop.

The last time I went to Universal Studios was in L.A. and that was ten years ago. My thanks now goes out to the Universe that I no longer have to travel far far away to experience fantasy, child-like wonder and happy feelings. While my travel dreams to various countries still remain intact, it is great that through Universal Studios Singapore, out-of-the-world experiences have now been brought closer to home.

May my readers and all continue to have their wishes come true!

Abundance always,

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