Unlock The Secrets to Your Soul

Secrets to Your Soul

Abundance Tapestry Earth ButterflyThe curious heart-winged butterfly loves to experience everything on Earth. It feels as if it is deliciously sampling a huge buffet filled with the toppings of life. It understands the art of living happily. However, just when it thought it understood the laws of nature perfectly, the butterfly unwittingly ventured into a world that was totally unknown to it before. With an increasingly open mind, it flew into different dimensions, auric layers and astrals.

In its first visit to a particular etheric level, the rush of leaves in the gentle breeze had drawn the butterfly to an object.

A book which had sprung open!

The heart-winged butterfly flitted around the page that the book was turned to. It started to gasp, just as the light came in. An insight crept in: Can this be what many humans referred to as the “Book of Life”?

As more light poured into what was an initially hazy background, the butterfly saw that it was actually in a huge library. Not just one book but millions and millions of books are neatly filed on the shelves.

Thereafter, the butterfly love coming here. The library is a fascinating one. The butterfly never feels bored. After all, here in this library, is where the Secrets of the entire Universe are kept. Stored are the records of every thought, deed or action by every single soul, including its own and all beings in the entire galaxy and star system and beyond. Each time when a book is opened, a single twig of leaves will magically appear.

Akashic Records Reading

The Story Of The Leaves

Each leaf from the “Book of Life” bears records. Its intricate pattern of veins tell a unique story. The unique tale to a person’s soul. For a single lifetime. Pieced together, the leaves combine to spin a story that transcends dimensions and space. A story to beginnings. A story that begins at soul origination, into the Now and predictions of the possible future.

On closer examination, each leaf has markings of tears, damage and scars. The markings represent past hurts, trauma and pain. They are markings of discordant energies stored in the energetic imprints of the leaf’s delicate veins. Some of these markings have been there for lifetimes and therefore, show up more strongly than the rest.

The Story Of Your Soul

Each soul seeks to renew itself in each of its physical incarnation. Yet, with every lifetime, it encounters problems due to the memory imprints of accumulated past hurts, trauma and pain in its subtle energy body. While the soul’s human existence wishes to express itself fully in its incarnation with its natural gifts and talents, it is unable to do so. It finds itself constantly blocked.

“To decide and to declare, to create and to express, to experience and to fulfill, Who You Really Are. To re-create yourself anew in every moment in the grandest vision of the greatest vision ever you had about Who You Really Are.

That is your purpose in becoming human, and that is the purpose of life.”
— Neale Donald Walsch in Conversations with God, Book 3.

Will it be possible to restore these leaves, you ask?

Will it be possible to heal the record or records, wherever it or they may be?

Will it be possible to clear negative energies so that a soul’s current human body can achieve abundance on third dimensional Earth?

(Here are possible thoughts going through your mind: What then? Are you doomed? What if you have been continually facing major obstacles in your current lifetime? Going by my above explanation, you may even begin to suspect that the answers to your nightmares lie at soul level.)

Luckily, for all of us, the answer is Yes.

The above is the subject of my new site. *Clap please!!* Welcome to the world – Akashic Secrets!!

What can Soul Realignment do for you?

Knowing the fluff of whether you were around at the time of Atlantis or Lemuria, if you were ever born into royalty in a past life has no practical use essentially. Oh yes…if you want to find out all these, it is possible. But I really don’t see the point. What best serves us is how Soul Realignment can help us remove our blocks and restriction to improve our present life condition and beyond.

Getting your soul realigned is not like having a tarot or palm reading. Soul Realignment is about reading your soul records. It is healing at the energetic level. With a tarot or palm reading, no “cleanse” is performed. With Soul Realignment, it is possible to recreate or renew yourself energetically. You can start to attract better outcomes and create for yourself, the grandest vision that you can have for your life.

Set Your Soul Aglow

Akashic Secrets LogoGet your “leaf” healed! Infuse golden specks of energy into it! Nourish it with love! The essence of what I have just said is represented by a simple logo, which I have created for my new site.

I started assisting others on a gradual, low-key and mostly offline basis; after obtaining my professional certification, since late last year. However, I have decided to now offer my soul cleansing services online.

Like a new soul, a new site also wishes to have a good beginning. It hopes to have a cosmic celebration! For its launch, I am offering energy cleansing for the first 10 souls at a 50% preferential rate. Offer Expired Already!! There is no better time than now! Get your soul realigned here ==> Akashic Secrets.

All photos in this post are featured on Akashic Secrets.

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