111 Ways To Seize the Moment

There are many ways that you can seize the moment. While seizing the moment usually happens spontaneously, it is also possible to cultivate the idea of what to do first.

Dancing on the Streets
(My kids spontaneously seized the moment to dance when no one was walking on the streets. See tip #2 below.)

In these instances, seizing the moment involves dwelling on the possibility before you finally take action. What seems immediate has actually been in the works for a period.

So here are 111 ideas on ways that you can seize the moment….

Seize the Moment: What You Can Do For Yourself
These moments either trigger endorphins that make you happy or are moments that will last in your memory forever.

“You may delay, but time will not.” – Benjamin Franklin

1. Burst out singing.

2. Dance on the streets.

3. Stop to smell the roses. Really.

4. Give up smoking or any other form of addictive behavior.

5. Stand up for yourself when bullied. Learn how to handle toxic relationships here.

6. Laugh.

7. Throw a party for no reason.

8. Drink a cup of tea. Mindfully. Learn the art of drinking tea here!

9. Go to the beach.

10. Meditate. Learn some beginner’s tips for meditation here.

11. Make a life-changing decision.

12. Do one item on your bucket list.

13. Go for a card or intuitive reading.

14. Capture this moment by taking a photograph.

15. Paint. If you have got self-doubt that you can do art, read this article about overcoming self-doubt.

16. Do your vision board.

17. Do gardening.

18. Splash in the bathtub.

19. Enjoy the stars in the night sky.

20. Pack a picnic basket and go bask in the sun.

21. Clear the clutter.

22. Pamper yourself with a massage therapy session.

23. Buy the thing that you have been eying for a long time and that you can actually afford.

24. Say the serenity prayer….

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”
– Reinhold Niebuhr

25. Listen to music.

26. Sip champagne.

27. Compose a song or poetry.

28. Start on a new project.

29. Do something compassionate and kind for yourself.

30. Start a blog or website.

31. Confess on the long-held secret that you have been hiding from everyone.

32. Dream.

33. Resign from your cubicle job.

34. Smile.

35. Say no to someone who has been overly demanding. Learn how to handle toxic relationships here.

36. Read a great book.

37. Get off the couch and exercise!

38. Do emotional healing right away whenever you are feeling angry, upset or frustrated.

39. Stop a negative habit eg. procrastination, never being on time, etc.

40. Accept responsibility for your life.

41. Practice self-acceptance. Learn the keys to unconditional self-acceptance here.

42. Stop criticizing yourself in that moment. Stop negative self-talk.

43. Alter your perception of a hopeless or helpless situation.

44. Play in the rain.

45. Play in the snow.

46. Build a sandcastle.

47. Slow down.

48. Do a somersault.

49. Say yes to a proposal.

50. Volunteer to lead in a campaign.

51. Play your favorite musical instrument.

52. Express gratitude for your blessings. Learn how to start a gratitude journal here.

53. Call an old friend to chat.

54. Make a new friend.

Seize the Moment: Spend Time with Your Family
It is as much quality as quantity time with your family members.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”
– Michael Altshuler

55. Put on the music and dance together.

56. Join a contest that involves all family members.

57. Create a photo album together.

58. Go to the playground with your children.

59. Listen to your children talk about their interests, friends and hobbies.

60. Cuddle your loved ones in bed.

61. Spend some quality time without distractions from the TV or internet.

62. Stop arguing.

Seize the Moment: What Can You Do For Someone Else
Do something unexpected for someone – whether a loved one or even a stranger.

“Make use of time, let not advantage slip.” – William Shakespeare

63. Serenade someone.

64. Tell someone that you love him or her.

65. Send roses to your spouse, lover or partner.

66. Recite poetry to your spouse, lover or partner.

67. Buy a gift for someone whom you would like to show appreciation to.

68. Greet your stoic-faced neighbor, the one whom you still do not know, with a “hello” in the lift.

69. Get down on your knees and propose to your spouse, lover or partner.

70. Tell a joke. (On the side, read a joke here).

71. Do something unexpected for your enemy but with positive intentions.

72. Catch the sunset.

73. Offer praise.

74. Catch sunrise.

75. Breathe in fully and out.

76. Jump for joy.

77. Mail a handwritten greeting card to your friend from halfway around the world.

78. Hug someone.

79. Ask for forgiveness. Apologize for the hurt that you have caused.

80. Express gratitude to your loved ones for the contributions that they have made to your life.

81. Indulge in your favorite ice-cream, cookie or macarone.

82. Declare your love for someone publicly.

83. Take out the trashcan.

84. Offer to babysit, wash the toilet or hang up the laundry.

85. Make a promise that you intend to keep.

86. Listen when someone else is talking.

87. Hold your partner’s hands unexpectedly.

88. Plan a surprise party in honor of someone else.

89. Kiss your partner in the rain.

90. Write a love letter to your partner.

Seize the Moment: Go on a New Adventure
Try something new that you do not normally do. Warning…some of such activities may even be classified as extreme sports.

“Lost wealth may be replaced by industry, lost knowledge by study, lost health by temperance or medicine, but lost time is gone forever.” – Samuel Smiles

91. Do public speaking.

92. Sign up for a dancing class eg. latin, cha cha, ballroom.

93. Go mountain climbing.

94. Sign up for a gravity-defying reverse bungee jumping.

95. Go sky-diving.

96. Go on a vacation to an exotic location.

97. Snowboard.

98. Wakeboard. My all-time favorite tip!


99. Windsurf

100. Go on a road trip.

101. Sign up for something that takes you away this weekend.

102. Sign up for a marathon or triathlon.

103. Join a talent contest that will pit your skills against others.

104 Join a play or musical.

Make this moment one of helping those who are in need of assistance.

“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

105. Volunteer to build homes in poorly developed countries.

106. Bake cookies for fund-raising.

107. Donate your savings for a good cause.

108. Shave your head for cause.

109. Bring cheer at the old folk’s home, orphanage or an organization for the disadvantaged.

110. Volunteer for a helpline.

111. Offer to lend a hand to your friends.

Sands of Time

In a nutshell, here is my advice: Let not the sands of time sift through your fingers. Seize the moment while you can!

Abundance Tapestry Quote: Sands of Time

Abundance always,

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Eric | Eden Journal - November 30, 2011 Reply

Hi Evelyn,
Your daughters are adorable. My daughter loves to dance and sing, especially when nobody is looking. We just did #3 Stop and Smell the Roses last week. We were walking in a downtown area and there was a small rose garden where we paused for a moment to smell the roses. We always pause to take in the beauty and lovely scent anytime we see a some flowers.


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Eden,

How wonderful that your daughter dances and sing and that you share many happy moments with her smelling the roses. Times like these are precious and to be remembered forever.

Abundance always,


Angela Artemis/Poweredbyintuition - November 30, 2011 Reply

Hi Evelyn,
What a terrific list! So many great ideas to be spontaneous and live in the moment. Your daughters are getting bigger every time I see a new photo and of course they are so beautiful too!


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Angela,

Thank you for your kind comments! Oh yes…my girls are getting bigger. I love them very much!

Abundance always,


David Stevens - November 30, 2011 Reply

There’s a lot on the list Evelyn, my head’s spinning. Shows how much we can be grateful for. Thank you.
be good to yourself


Evelyn Reply:

Hi David,

There sure is a lot to be grateful for!

Abundance always,


Shay Jordan - November 30, 2011 Reply

I love this! There are some awesome post and I agree with David, we do have so much to be thankful for.

Thank you for your post!


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Shay,

Welcome to my site!! Thank you for your kind comments!

Abundance always,


marc van der linden - November 30, 2011 Reply

Hi Evelyn,

Great list. Your 2 kids give a great example by dancing on the street!

I would add: read a great blog 🙂

Thanks for sharing


Evelyn Reply:

Hello marc,

I am not sure if they would have dared to dance if there were strangers around and in public. There was no one around that day! I am glad that I had a camera with me that day!

I love your tip!! That makes the list 112 ways!

Abundance always,


Galen Pearl - December 1, 2011 Reply

Loved the pictures of the dancing girls! Perfect illustrations! Even if we picked just one thing from your list every day, we could change our lives!


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Galen,

Thank you for your feedback on the dancing girls 🙂

Indeed. It can be just any item to seize the moment!

Abundance always,


J.D. Meier - December 1, 2011 Reply

Starting a new project is one of the best ways I get my mojo going.


Ajen - December 1, 2011 Reply

Your daughters are beautiful Evelyn! I like this list of seizing the moment and calling it such. It is better than coming up with a bucket list. It reminds me of a quote from the movie, Shawshank Redemption: “get busy living or get busy dying” is the quote.

Seizing the moment, Carpe Diem… is all about mindfully living for the moment and that day to the best of your ability!

I love it!

For me I am seizing the moment by telling you that are an inspiration to me 🙂


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