25 Benefits To Having a Vision

So what are the benefits of having a vision for your dreams?

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If you have missed reading my other recently published posts, here is a list that summarizes all 25 benefits to having a vision…

1. You no longer go around in circles.

2. Rather than lament about what-is, you become joyful when you think about your ideal picture. Thus, you are able to shift your vibrations more positively.

3. You develop a healthy mental picture of your future self.

4. You activate your imagination on what is possible.

5. A vision helps sustains you while you go through a period of change such as moving to a new home, career or a project.

6. Since your mind thinks in terms of pictures, you harness its power by visualizing in pictures.

7. Visioning exercises help you understand more about yourself.

8. Visioning helps you create more focus on what you really want.

9. It helps you to harness the Law of Attraction powerfully.

10. Visioning helps you to design a fulfilling life.

11. Visioning is a great tool that helps you actively work on your passion and to create successful work around it.

12. It invites you to be authentic to your inner desires.

13. Visioning connects you to purpose and therefore help you with finding meaning in life.

14. Visioning helps kick-start you into taking actions that are aligned. Thus, you are able to move progressively forward.

15. Visioning multiplies your chances of success.

16. When you have a mental picture of how you would like things to be, you are less likely to give up on your dream.

17. You are less likely to be distracted away in meaningless pursuits from your goal.

18. By keeping the ideal picture in mind, you are able to keep yourself motivated even when the going gets tough.

19. Visioning prevents you from being stuck.

20. Visioning helps you with experiencing your dream in the here and now. It allows you to enjoy the journey even as you work towards your goal or dream.

21. You are making use of your best innate resources to create success, abundance and wellness.

22. Having a heart-centered vision makes you come alive because it opens up possibility, creates hope and inspires meaning.

23. You are less likely to be adopting someone else’s dream when you are aligned with a heart-centered vision.

24. Visioning helps you align with the ideal of the best that you can be.

25. Visioning helps bring your dream of an ideal life forward.

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Kimbundance - July 27, 2012 Reply

These are all so wonderful! I really like how visioning multiplies your chances of success. I too believe in the power of law of attraction and making our dreams real by visualizing them regularly. 🙂


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Betsy at Zen Mama - July 28, 2012 Reply

Wow! This is wonderful! I’ll enter on your facebook page!!


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