25 Self-Love Tips for Stressed Out Moms

stressed out mom

Are you a stressed out mom?

As mothers, we have multiple tasks to fulfill such as preparing meals for our children, supervising their homework, and making sure their needs are met. We may also need to handle domestic chores, face our clients, run our businesses or meet work datelines as well as mange the household finance. It is no wonder that many mothers experience overwhelm. And should the relationships with our spouse be difficult, stress can hit a high.

“The first time around as a mom, I held on really tight and I was so stressed.” – Bridgette Wilson

Triggers for the Stressed Out Mom

Being a mother myself, I know that stress is something that I have to learn to overcome. While my children have brought me tremendous joy, bringing them up has certainly not been a walk in the park. One stress trigger for me is trying to meet the demanding educational standards here in Singapore.

I have had little idea how pressurising the curriculum can be, until my children started formal education. We realised that standards have become a lot more since the days when we were in school. A lot of what I learned at higher levels is now taught at the primary levels. I had been called to help my children solve difficult Mathematical problem sums or plan creative compositions, that I never had to do at the same age. There have been a number of times when we scrambled to support our children with their schoolwork or projects late into the nights.

Many mothers I know plan their lives around their children. As the family chauffeur, they spend a great deal of their time ferrying their children from one tuition class to another after school. When the children get home, they would also personally supervise their homework in-between managing household chores.

By default, there is little time left for communication with their spouses. This is not healthy. A couple of years later, the cracks can get so big that it is hard to salvage the relationship. Marriage is something that needs work, commitment, patience and understanding. Things cannot be expect to be well and good when both do not allocate sufficient attention for cultivating a healthy bond such as ironing out differences and ways of doing things. Unresolved anger can build up over time, thereby increasing stress levels.

And if you are like me, you have to deal with managing tasks related to online entrepreneurship in the transformational field too.

[Update 2018] While this post was written a few years back, I have been observing that the focus has now shifted to holding space for my girls.Β  Even though there are fewer physical demands, there is still a need to tend to their emotional needs. As my kids get older, they encounter stress over friendships, with teachers and school activities. Hence, time has to be set aside to mentor and guide them. A great deal of time and attention, in fact!

How to Practice Self-Love for the Stressed Out Mom

As I found out, self-love can help us combat stress. Our natural tendency is to put the needs of everyone else first. We place our own needs last. Life then becomes a race to meet time demands and societal expectations. It is hard to function in love and wellness when we are constantly feeling stressed out.

While we are capable of handling a certain level of stress, extreme fatigue can set in when we run on an emergency mode for a prolonged period of time. Thus, our immune system reduces, which can subsequently manifest in an illness or disease. A regular dose of self-love can help prevent dire consequences from happening.

self-love tips for moms
So here are 25 ideas or ways on practising self-love for the stressed out mom…

1. Pamper yourself with a holiday or retreat every once in a while.

2. Take up self-help courses.

3. Engage in self-love meditation.

5. Set aside time to do something creative such as paint, draw or scrapbook.

6. Take a break and make a cup of relaxing herbal tea. Learn the art of drinking tea here.

7. Adjust your expectations with the 80/20 rule.

8. Allocate me-time on a regular basis.

9. Read a great book, such as “Self-Love Secrets: How to Love Yourself Unconditionally” or “You Can Heal Your Life”.

10. Connect with nature.

11. Meet up other mothers for tea.

12. Shield yourself with a sphere of soft pink energy.

13. Get a babysitter or hire some help.

14. Swim for relaxation.

15. Dance for relaxation.

16. Listen in to audios by Louis Hay or other teachers like Wayne Dyer or Deepak Chopra.

17. Go for a walk on the beach.

18. Assign some jobs or divide the tasks between you and your spouse.

19. Do some emotional clearing work.

20. Create a to-do list.

21. Create a “never-to-do” list. This should weed out all unnecessary tasks and avoid getting distracted.

22. Engage in positive self-talk or affirmations.

23. Take your time to soak in an aromatherapy hot bath.

24. Learn to say “no” to demands that deplete your energy.

25. Go for healing sessions such as Reiki, Quantum Touch, Angelic or Crystal Healing.

Not giving self-love any importance can result in energy leakage. You are tired and feel irritable all the time.

When you take the time and space for self-love, you will find that you have more to give. Your reserves go up. You are less likely to flare up in anger when your children repeatedly break rules or behave poorly. You will have more energy to improve on your relationship with your spouse. Thus, you are more likely to respond with more love and care to the most important people in your life.

Self-love is an investment in your internal well-being, with tremendous external pay-offs!

Love and abundance always,

Evelyn Lim

Abundance Life Coach for Women. Energy Healing Practitioner.

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Joan Harrison - April 8, 2013 Reply

Evelyn, this post reminded me to remember myself! It is so true that we busy ourselves with everything outside of us, when in fact you are really no benefit to someone else unless you are ‘at one’ with yourself.
We live in such a busy world, but surely we can afford ten minutes to relax and daydream, visualize the life we want. We are ALL worth it!


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Joan,

I certainly agree that we are all worth it. The daily 10-minute or half-hour time spent for relaxing and reconnecting with our dreams is an investment into our well-being.

Thank you for your feedback πŸ™‚

Love and abundance always,


Janet Dubac - April 8, 2013 Reply

Thank you so much for these very helpful tips! I just survived a really stressful week and it was the worst week that I have ever experienced. I absolutely need to reward myself this week. Good thing I found your post. These tips will really come in handy. πŸ™‚


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Janet,

Glad to know that you survived the stress πŸ™‚ Great idea to reward yourself with some self-love and care!

Thank you for your feedback πŸ™‚

Love and hugs,


evelyn naccarato - April 9, 2013 Reply

A retired special education teacher, I considered my students wounded children. I used five ways to help heal them, considering their level of functioning: (1) responsibility; (2) knowledge; (3) socially acceptable pleasure, and; (4)creativity; (5) altruism.


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Evelyn,

What a lovely name you have πŸ™‚

How interesting! I like that altruism is included too. I am sure that your students are benefiting from your wisdom and guidance.

Love and blessings,


Cathy Taughinbaugh - April 12, 2013 Reply

Great tips here, Evelyn. There are so many tasks for moms these days and it can be stressful! I remember working and raising my three children. There were some very busy days when my kids were young and it feel overwhelming at times. Great list here of ideas to help moms.


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Cathy,

Oh wow…I wouldn’t have guessed. You still look so young!

Thanks for your lovely feedback πŸ™‚

Love and blessings,


Galen Pearl - April 15, 2013 Reply

I know that in some cultures, there is tremendous pressure to achieve academically, and that responsibility seems to fall squarely on the mother’s shoulders. Elsewhere, the emphasis might be on something besides academics, but the effect is the same. Mothers who are held responsible for their children achieving ridiculously high standards. And of course, the children pick up on this stress and internalize it themselves.

Following your suggestions can help moms keep some balance. That will help not only them, but the whole family. I hope your words reach many readers!


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Galen,

Recently, I was rather surprised to read an article about a mother in England who was under stress due to having to “push” her child on academic performance. Prior to reading the article, I had the impression that the Asians were the only ones who put a great deal of emphasis on studies.

It is hard not to give some due consideration to academic performance here as the children are made to go for a country-wide placement examination at the tender age of 12 years old. In fact, one of my friends admonished me for not understanding the importance of having my children do really well.

As far as I know, many children feel the pressure both from their parents and from their school. Sadly, including mine. I have got to be mindfully aware of how I am affecting my children too.

And yes, the best thing I can do for my children is to de-stress!!

Thank you for your kind words. You’ve inspired me to be a happier mother too πŸ™‚

Love and blessings,


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