30 Signs That You Need a Money Mindset Makeover

Get a money mindset makeover with a change in the beliefs you have about financial wealth. Your money mindset simply refers to how you have been thinking about money. It affects you in the way you feel and also drives your actions and behavior concerning your finances. If you want to attract financial abundance, having a healthy money mindset is important.

How do you know what your money mindset is like? One great way is to look at what’s been happening in your financial situation. The thoughts and beliefs you have about money impact the outcome that you manifest.


Do You Have a Money Mindset Issue?

Here are 10 signs that you need to have a money mindset makeover immediately…..

1. Money is hard to come by every month.

2. Multiple areas in your life (eg. love and finances) are in jeopardy of crumbling.

3. You are not making what you are worth, even though you are experienced and qualified.

4. You can’t seem to implement any of your money-making ideas.

5. All your money-making ideas turn to dust as soon as you start working on them.

6. You have bad debts (bad debts are the result of poor spending habits on things that you cannot afford but have bought).

7. You can’t sleep peacefully, have frequent headaches or other health symptoms due to money issues.

8. You get into frequent conflicts with your spouse over money matters.

9. You have little faith and generally feel unsupported by life, God or the Universe.

10. Things have a way of turning out wrong – often enough!

Another 20 signs that you need to have a money mindset makeover quickly enough….unless you are happy to be stuck, just get by and suffer the pain of not being able to make a breakthrough…..

11. You can’t attract your first $10K after 1 year of starting your business.

12. Your business is not in positive cash flow and you are not able to pay for expenses.

13. You are trading time for money and end up working too hard.

14. You have reached an income ceiling and have difficulties making a breakthrough.

15. You are not able to attract ideal clients for your business.

16. You can’t attract enough paying clients.

17. You can’t seem to secure or close deals.

18. You are not able to confidently tell others what you do.

19. You are not able to promote your services on social media due to the fear of what others may think about you.

20. You are on a constant diet of personal growth and marketing courses but can’t seem to get the results that you deserve.

21. You resist sales activities or income-producing activities big time.

22. You have been implementing a ton of strategies like creating funnels and FB ad marketing but they have all failed to deliver results.

23. You can’t focus on one single money-making idea…..it’s always the next big thing.

24. You have got erratic spending habits.

25. You tend to over-give for what you charge but can’t seem to raise prices.

26. You tend to attract partners and friends who drain your money energy.

27. You find it easier to spend a lot more on others than yourself.

28. You obsess over a spending of $10 or some low amount that does not really matter.

29. You are not able to say “no” to friends or loved ones who demand your time, money and resources.

30. You are overwhelmed by a long list of tasks especially non income-producing ones.


Have a Money Mindset Makeover

Are you having any of the above signs? You could be observing more than one sign. Money issues tend to affect other aspects of your life too. Read my article:Β How you do money is how you do everything.

A money mindset makeover will help you to shine with confidence because it works from the inside-out. You learn to master your inner world, for greater success in the outer world. You are able to do the work that you love, with much less struggle. With a shift in your money mindset, you raise your magnetic ability for abundance.

Love and abundance always,


P.S. If you’d like to change your results with a Money Mindset makeover, apply for a complimentary 30-minute Money Clarity Session now. I’d like to hear your money story. Let’s discuss how you can change the results you have been getting.


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Elle Sommer - March 6, 2017 Reply

Mindset truly matters. Thank you for highlighting this Evelyn. πŸ™‚


Evelyn Reply:

Elle, thank you for stopping by πŸ™‚


Sandra Pawula - March 8, 2017 Reply

Oh my goodness, too many of these signs apply to me! I’ve always been able to attract money for others as a fundraiser and I’ve always had enough for myself though not impressive amounts, which is okay by me. I am financially comfortable. At the same time, you’ve given me a lot to think about. Thanks, Evelyn.


Evelyn Reply:

Sandra, glad to know that I’ve highlighted things for you to think about. It’s great to know that you are ok with your situation. It’s important to be happy. Where the situation is one where we can improve on, it’s definitely worth looking into to find out what’s stopping us from happiness.


Suzie Cheel - March 8, 2017 Reply

Brilliant list of signs, I see some I still need to work on taking note Thanks xx


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Suzie, it’s great that you are aware πŸ™‚


Debbie L Hampton - March 9, 2017 Reply

Thank you for this timely post. Well, any time it would be useful to me. I know I have many mindset issues around money. Too many of signs apply to me. I don’t necessarily agree with “How you do money is how you do everything.” While I am more mindful and less anxious about it, I haven’t quite evolved like I have been able to in other areas….but I’m getting there!


Evelyn Reply:

Debbie, it’s great to know that you are getting there. Did you read my article on “how you do money is how you do everything? Maybe that is a good place to start a discussion πŸ™‚


Vidya Sury - March 9, 2017 Reply

Very thought-provoking, Evelyn. I don’t know anyone who cannot identify with at least a few from the list of 30. I know I felt a twinge of guilt. πŸ™‚ It would be nice to talk to you! Thank you for pinpointing this very important aspect of life.


Vidya Sury - March 9, 2017 Reply

Very thought-provoking, Evelyn. I don’t know anyone who cannot identify with at least a few from the list of 30. I know I felt a twinge of guilt. ? It would be nice to talk to you! Thank you for pinpointing this very important aspect of life.


Evelyn Reply:

Vidya, oh no….it’s not meant to invoke guilt. It’s meant to bring about greater awareness to our money mindset. Yes, let’s have a chat! I will PM you.


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