37 Abundance Affirmations To Manifest Your Dreams

I have just republished a video, with abundance affirmations that you can say along to. When I reviewed my archives last week, I realized that there were 37 abundance affirmations embedded inside the video that I created some time ago. So I updated it with new soothing music, my website address and proceeded to type out the affirmations (I could not find my original source file) from the video.

And voila….here it is…..the video and the list of 37 abundance affirmations for your viewing and affirming….

List of 37 Abundance Affirmations

1. Whatever I can conceive, I believe.
2. If I see it in my mind, I am going to hold it in my hand.
3. I open myself to receiving abundance of the Universe.
4. The Universe provides me with all that I will ever need.
5. I am richly blessed.
6. I am love.
7. I am One with Spirit.
8. My higher self rules over my ego.
9. My spirit dances in step with joy in my heart.
10. I am whole and in perfect health
11. Every cell in my body vibrates with health and positive energy.
12. Beauty is the breath of my soul.
13. I see beauty everywhere I go.
14. I am financially wealthy!
15. Checks arrive in my inbox every single day.
16. My wealth grows in ever increasing amounts.
17. I love my car!
18. I live in the house of my dreams; in tranquil surroundings filled with love, a blessed family and happy kids!!
19. I attract love everywhere.
20. My relationships are harmonious!
21. I work as and when I want to, anywhere I want to.
22. My business is a resounding success!
23. I enjoy absolute freedom!
24. I experience the world in all its glory.
25. I have a wealth of fond memories.
26. My life is one big adventure.
27. I serve the community with love.
28. I help those in need.
29. My teachers inspire me to live in the now!
30. My inner home is a peaceful retreat, a storehouse of practical wisdom.
31. I celebrate life.
32. Inspiration flows easily to me.
33. Opportunities arrive at the right time in the right place
34. I am divinely guided in all that I do.
35. Miracles manifest everyday in wondrous ways!
36. My prayers are always answered, in support of my dreams!
37. Love and gratitude…Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Abundance Affirmation #24: I experience the world in all its glory!

Indeed my life is one Big Adventure (see also Abundance Affirmation #26)! In terms of travel, I have been lucky enough to have vacationed in many countries; including the United States, Mexico, Spain, England, France, Austria, Amsterdam, Italy, Australia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and my neighboring country, Malaysia. Even then, I am not quite down yet with half the world yet.

Well, the June school holidays have just started! It is time for a family vacation again! I will be flying off to…..Tokyo this time (see my Travel Vision Board below). I confess to being a big Disney fan, so I will be there to visit Disneyland and DisneySea.

abundance affirmation on travel

While there have been many times previously that I have traveled on budget, I am going to be holidaying in a little style this time….flying on the Airbus 380 with Singapore Airlines and staying in the luxurious Sheraton that is situated on a bay overlooking the ocean. My kids are also very excited about the trip!

I will be closing the comments box. I need to go pack! See you back here in another two weeks 🙂

Abundance Always,

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