5 Consequences of Having a Love-Hate Relationship with Money

Do you have a love-hate relationship with money?

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For a start, the idea of having a relationship with money may seem new to you. It sure sounded foreign to me at first. Until one day, after being exposed to the idea from various channels for years, I finally understood it!


One great way to think of the relationship you have money is to draw analogies from the relationship you have with a lover, spouse or partner. It is also easy to imagine such a relationship if you have watched romantic movies and TV shows.



love hate relationship with money


Some of you may declare that you are “in love” with money. Or some of you may confess you are having such a difficult relationship that you resent the struggles you are in. It’s also possible that you describe your relationship with money as one of love-hate.


A love for money can be great if you are able to make lots of it effortlessly. You are also in the position to give it away in abundance because you already know that you can make it back easily. And this is when it can be pretty ideal 🙂


Conversely, any form of resentment is representative of the issues that you have related to it. You may hate money due to scarcity reasons or you may hate it because you find that wealth has not brought you happiness. Your troubles may be so bad that you wonder if you can ever thrive in this world at all.


I’m wondering if more of us are likely to fall into the love-hate spectrum than being in one of the opposite ends? A love-hate relationship with money is one whereby you have desires for it; yet at the same time, feel angry, bitter and resentful towards it. A relationship with money that is not well will only reduce wellness. It’s ill and unhealthy, and you will need to create a better balance.


5 Consequences of a love-hate relationship with money


1. Become Stuck. A love-hate relationship with money can cause you to be blocked. It happens when you alternate between longing and disgust. Even those who are spiritual can fall into this trap, with no clear understanding of how it is possible to reconcile spirituality and wealth at the same time.


2. Here today and Gone Tomorrow. In a love-hate relationship, for every positive thought or feeling, you have another one that cancels it. It can be worse than having a one-night stand due to the mixed emotions that you have around it.



one night stand with money


It’s possible to find yourself in the situation of attracting loads of money and then in the next, money leaving you. Think of those who had struck lottery but who can’t hold on their winnings.


3. Money dramas. At its most intense, a love-hate relationship with money can drive anyone insane. One day, you are on together and the next day, you are off. Just think Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.


One huge difference between the two relationships (relationship with money versus relationship with a lover) is that you cannot “divorce” money. And since this is the case, the money mindset conflict that you have on the inside manifests in the physical with money dramas.


“People think we have a love-hate relationship. Well, I did not love him, nor did I hate him. We had mutual respect for each other, even as we planned each other’s murder.” Werner Herzog


4. More Money Dramas. Ever observed how things always go bad in succession? Most certainly, a tumultuous love-hate relationship with money is not going to serve you if you are hoping to attract more wealth. A confused or chaotic relationship with money drama will only attract more financial drama into your life, by virtue of the law of attraction.


5. More Dramas In Other Areas of Your Life. Have you noticed how you can allow money troubles to affect other areas of your life? They may affect your relationship with your partner, for instance. In fact, I once read somewhere that money issues form the main trigger to a marriage breakdown. Money issues can also affect how you interact with your children, parents, friends and other important people in your life.


Most certainly, money issues can affect your health and over well-being. Whether or not you join a gym or can find the time to exercise can arise from financial reasons.


Start to Embrace Your Relationship with Money


In a physical relationship, you can choose to separate from your lover or not see the other person any more. However, unless you decide to move to the deep forests of Amazon, you cannot do without money. Indeed, the relationship you have with money is something that you have to manage for a big part of your life.


Since the relationship you have with money is a life long one, you may as well study ways to manage it well. Embracing a relationship involves your acceptance, to begin with. You no longer view money as the enemy but come to terms with it.


This means spending time and effort for establishing a balanced and healthy relationship. It’s no different from the physical relationship that you have, working on shifting away from hate, anger and disgust to one that is more loving. If you make it your objective to transform your relationship with money, I am confident that it will pay you dividends for the rest of your life.


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Love and abundance always,



Your Thoughts Please

Was it easy for you to relate to having a relationship with money? How would you describe your relationship with money?


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Elle Sommer - March 15, 2017 Reply

Interesting post Evelyn. I do hear people say things like: “There’s plenty of money out there.” Or “When my ship comes in, I’ll have plenty.” All self-talk that denotes an interesting perception of why money isn’t available right now! It’s a fun thing to be aware of…the way we look at money…I enjoyed the post a lot. 🙂


Evelyn Reply:

Elle, you brought up great points about money being available in the here and now!

Yes, I am getting creative with this. As I dive more deeply into this topic, I am excited about the potential transformation that money lessons can offer!


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