5 Signs of a Toxic Feast-Famine Money Cycle That Keep You Drained

Are you caught in a feast-famine money cycle that bring you into the highs of having lots of cash, followed by crashing lows where perhaps even paying the rent becomes a problem?

Feast-Famine Money Cycle of Entrepreneur
The money drama is almost like a thriller with treacherous peaks and valleys.

It keeps you engaged. Nail biting. Hooked.

Except that you are not watching a movie.

This is for real.

You are living it in high speed and great intensity.

And it is a drama on repeat.


The Entrepreneur’s Feast/Famine Money Cycle

The feast/famine cycle is what a lot of entrepreneurs go through.

There could be periods where life is great, clients coming in and you are spending cash like you are living in a lap of luxury.

Then, there are periods where no one is knocking on your door, the cash register is not ringing merrily and money is scarce.

It is a cycle because one period will follow the next and then back again – on autopilot.

Negative Consequences of Being in a Feast-Famine Money Cycle

It was exciting at first. Now, no longer. You are starting to see that you are in some kind of a negative money pattern associated with a feast-famine cycle.

It is as if you have an addiction to thrill. It’s not surprising since your money gremlin loves drama! The more thrilling life gets, the less bored you are. I understand. You are someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, and therefore have a propensity to go on adventures, take risks and push boundaries.

Yet, because of this, you’ve been forming the bad habit of spending way in advance because you are expecting cash to come in when the lean times are over. What is worrying is that you are racking up credit card debts and that overall, you are spending way more than you are saving. “Put it on credit”, you would say to the sales assistant at the counter.

Now, if you are willing to be honest, you will own up to the fact that the emotional rush with a feast/famine cycle is causing you instability.

Granted that as an entrepreneur, income may not be consistent. You cannot always predict when clients will arrive in truck lots or when you will receive a big order. Initially, you may even mistakenly believe that your spending is justified. Surely as a rock star entrepreneur, wouldn’t you need to show that you are leading an enviable lifestyle in order to draw your target audience?

However, it just won’t do if you are not prudent over your finances. Careless money management can create problems. You have got everyday running expenses to think of. Soon, banks will be after you to pay up on your debts. Damaging money dramas can affect the relationships you have with your family too.


How to Recognise the Signs of A Toxic Feast-Famine Money Cycle

It helps to acknowledge that you may have been in a state of internal struggle despite external appearances. If you are living on the edge, you are going to find yourself fire-fighting often. All these create energy drain. Plus, you are diverted from doing things that are far more meaningful and fulfilling.

Learn to recognize the signs of a money drama pattern. Most certainly, being in one does not serve you. There is nothing to be gained from being a toxic cycle. Ask yourself if you are in any of the following addictive patterns…?

1. Do you enjoy the thrill of spending money on material items beyond what you have in your bank account?

2. Do you create the thrill of being on credit by just paying the minimum amount to the credit card company even though you could have paid your bill in full?

3. Do you secretly enjoy getting into highs and lows with money…almost like having one-night stands with money?

4. Do you perceive that money in accounts receivable is money in the bank?

5. Do you postpone on getting into a long-term financial plan because you are having a tumultuous relationship with money?


clear entrepreneur money cycle blocks


Clear Your Feast-Famine Patterns

Now that you have recognised of a possible addiction to high drama feast-famine patterns, what are you going to do about it?

Hopefully this article is creating the awareness to seek help.

And it may not be just a financial adviser that you wish to consult.

Emotional money drama patterns are anchored in the subconscious and they can cause repeat behaviour if you do nothing about them. To ignore them is to mask your deeper issues, even if you are currently over a hump. If you are a soul who is seeking evolution, the best way forward is to face your shadows and work through your issues. Contact me for a complimentary chat for a discussion on clearing old stuck patterns once and for all.

Love and abundance always,



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