5 Top Spiritual Reasons Why Manifesting Is Not Working for You

“When people ask us how long does it take for something to manifest, we say, “it takes as long as it takes you to release the resistance. Could be 30 years, could be 40 years, could be 50 years, could be a week, could be tomorrow afternoon.” Abraham-Hicks

why manifesting does not work

You have watched the Movie The Secret.

You have read the Law of Attraction books.

You are repeating abundance mantras everyday.

You are even writing Abundance Checks for manifesting at the start of every new moon.

So why is it that your manifesting is not working?

Where’s the money? Where’s the soul mate that you hope to attract? And if you are running a business, where are the truckloads of clients eager to work with you?

You look around and you ask: Why is it happening for everyone else except for you?

Here are 5 Top Spiritual Reasons Why Manifesting Is Not Working for You

In every moment, you are manifesting. Whether you are manifesting what you want or what you don’t. You are spirit in a human experience and in a constant state of creation.

Spiritual Reason #1 to Why Your Manifesting Is Not Working:
Not Open to Receiving

You may not have been totally open to receiving because you feel and believe that you are not worthy. For one, you could believe that you should not be asking for anything at all, because you ought to be already grateful for what you have. Why jinx your current luck?

Well, if you don’t believe that you are worthy, you obstruct the flow of abundance that is actually already available for you. Basically, you are saying no to the Universe even though you are worthy. Not asking for what you deserve can have an impact on your ability to charge authentic pricing or to ask for a pay raise, even though you have got what it takes. Thus, you could keep yourself in a state of struggle, which is clearly NOT necessary.

Now, just think about it. If you ask and receive what you deserve, you are in also in a better position to give away much more. Indeed, low self-worth can affect your net worth. Everyone stands to benefit when you stand in the power of your own worth and ask for what you deserve. All that is available to you is in your Universal Escrow Account, ready to be sent to you as soon as you align with your deservingness.


Spiritual Reason #2 to Why Your Manifesting Is Not Working:
Not Connecting with Your Desire

There are two issues that are related to desire: not being clear about what you want and not feeling strong enough of a desire.

Are you having trouble deciding what you want? Perhaps you have been sending more than one intention signal to the Universe. You are not sure which option you should be taking: A or B. Or Maybe C. Whatever you send out, the Universe is responding to.

The result? Mixed results or what appears to be a standstill.

If your desire is not strong enough, your intention setting lacks power. You need to feel it into being. Generating the positive feelings of desire for charging your intention.


Spiritual Reason #3 to Why Your Manifesting Is Not Working:
Scarcity Beliefs That Block Manifesting

As yourself if you have any scarcity beliefs that could be in the way of manifesting money and abundance for you. Beliefs such as I can’t be spiritually and financially rich at the same time can obstruct the flow of prosperity. Such beliefs create manifesting self-sabotage.

If you run your own business, you don’t want to be holding on to scarcity beliefs. On the contrary, as an entrepreneur, you want to be able to thrive from creating and selling your art. It does not matter what business venture or idea you pursue; so long as you have beliefs that hold you back, getting to success will be more challenging.


Spiritual Reason #4 to Why Your Manifesting Is Not Working:
Channeling the Martyr Archetype

Are you afraid that by asking for more, others will have less? Perhaps what has been stopping you is being unsure about asking the Universe for anything.

Should this be the case, you could be holding the archetypal patterns of a martyr. There is this underlying theme of sacrifice that you often tapped into. It’s a story that does not serve you if you are hoping to be abundant. Archetypal patterns of this nature can run deep. Seek assistance for clearing various archetypal patterns here.

Just because you receive what you deserve, does not mean that anyone else will have less. Everyone is drawing on his or her own spiritual escrow account. You are merely claiming on yours.


Spiritual Reason #5 to Why Your Manifesting Is Not Working:
Negative Influences Such as Poverty Vows

Could there be limiting vows that you have made previously?

Poverty vows, for instance, are downright restrictive. Vows are intentions that you have made with intensity such as using the words “forever”, “never” or “till the end of time”. For instance, you might have said, “I will renunciate my desires for material wealth forever”.

Poverty vows could be made in a past life or current life. You might have made them in a spiritual setting whether knowingly or unknowingly. Whatever the situation was like back then, they are not serving you anymore now. Consider clearing poverty vows right away!


Manifest What You Desire With A Lot Less Struggle 

Byron Katie says, “When people are talking about manifesting, we can say, “I want a car, I want a car, I want a car” but if the mind is running, “I don’t deserve it, I’ll never be able to afford it, I’ll mever be a success” – -f all those things are running, then those things are what we are manifesting. They are exactly what’s running in our life. And as long as we believe those thoughts, thinking positively is not strong enough to override our negative beliefs. ”

manifest a car


Whether you decide to use vision boards or abundance checks for manifesting, please know these: they are merely tools for intention setting. They do not hold power. The one who holds manifesting power is You.

If you have got money and abundance blocks, start with some clearing work first. Otherwise, no matter what you pursue, you will have challenges manifesting your ideas into fruition. Contact me if you would like to find out what blocks you could be having.

Love and abundance always,



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