How to Start Building Self-Worth and Raise Your Standards

building self worth raise your standards

Do you struggle with building self worth?

Perhaps, building self worth is an area that you have been grappling with for a long time. There were moments that you feel great about yourself but usually and mostly, you are in your old patterns of believing that you are not worthy or deserving. I have found that women, in particular, tend to undervalue themselves! It does not matter what profession or job they do. Some of my clients are corporate executives. Yet others are entrepreneurs. Many battle with low self-worth issues.

If this is true of you, I don’t blame you if you don’t even want to attend old class gatherings any more. I hear you. What is making you feel sick is thinking about how far behind you are from everyone in terms of success and everything else. Should there be one more picture of your friend’s perfect life being posted on Facebook, you swear  that you are going to throw up.

Well, building self worth is not going to happen overnight if you don’t know where to start. Yet, if you are stuck in the pain of not being able to reach your potential or improve how you feel about yourself, you’d realise that working on self-worth is an extremely important area to look into. As explained previously, there are negative consequences from having low self worth issues.

Allow me to share my own experiences.

And what has worked has nothing to do with having to make more money, driving a nicer car or running a 6 or 7-figure business!

What’s more self-worth issues does not merely cover material things. It could affect the relationships that  you are in, the partner that you choose, the people you hang out with, how you negotiate with your business partners, the price you charge your clients, your work, home environment…anything!

Poor Self Worth with Lowering My Standards

When I look back, I realised that the times when I had poor self-worth, I was not able to manifest what I wanted. During those times, I had deemed I was not worthy of the goodness in life. I lowered my standards of what was acceptable.

Mistakenly, I thought I was too greedy, needed to play small or not ask for too much. Taking safe options offered the illusion of security. I had so much inner conflict back then. They were also clearly signs of poverty consciousness!

However, I had since came to the awareness that lowering my standards did not make me feel any better about myself nor did it make any positive impact on the people around. On the contrary, it meant that I could not grow and that I felt lousy and stifled.

I was playing it safe within the confines of a mental prison. Fear was in control with the words “you are not worthy enough!” Obviously, I could not manifest the results I truly long for. I asked for little and that was what I got!

I needed to choose differently if I am in alignment with my soul.

And my soul desires freedom…expansion…abundance! 

I needed to shift from a poverty to an abundance mindset.

Which was what I did. It’s been a process of remaking myself and making mindset shifts every step of the way.

Building Self Worth, Raising Standards

By choosing to believe that I am worthy and deserving – just like any other soul on Earth, I set standards on what’s acceptable now. To arrive at these standards, I also got rid of things that I could no longer tolerate!

I aligned with values that I had long forgotten. If there is something about me that you need to know, it’s that I don’t enjoy boring, dead, stuck, mundane and dead serious. What my heart truly desires is quality, simple yet classy, creative, fun, lively, free flowing and amazing.

My set of criteria affects many areas in my life…from what I buy, food I eat, things I use, where I stay, the energy of my home, friends I hang out with, the associates I work with, etc.

You see…I am living this ONE life. There could be other future lifetimes but this ONE needs me to step up and take charge.

And I’d like to believe that I deserve the very BEST according to MY OWN TERMS.

Increasingly, I am not willing to settle for ordinary.

I don’t want things to be just amazing….I want life to be EXTRAORDINARY!

And that’s what I want to share with you: YOU COULD BE SO MUCH MORE!

Building Self Worth, Raise Standards and Improve Your Quality of Life

Anyone can do this: building self-worth.

I am no different from anyone.

You’ve got to decide for yourself how much you deserve and what’s the quality of life that you want for yourself.

What I had discovered has been interesting. Once people know what you stand for, they’d want to be around you. They want to be friends with you, work with you and hang out with you. You’d start to attract people who resonate with a higher level of consciousness because it is who you are and choose to be!

The Game Changer: Commit to living on a whole new level! 

You do so by raising your standards. The follow through is in aligned actions. You eat, live, breathe, shop and make business decisions differently!

“If you don’t set a baseline standard for what you’ll accept in life, you’ll find it’s easy to slip into behaviours and attitudes or a quality of life that’s far below what you deserve.” Tony Robbins

Raise your standards Tony Robbins

An increase in self worth ultimately flows through to your net worth.

You’d find yourself enjoying a quality of living that is worth more than material gold!

Love and Abundance Always,
Evelyn Lim
Abundance Life Coach for Women

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P.S.S. If you are someone who suffers from the debilitating effects of low self-worth and would like to commit to improving what you think and feel about yourself, get in touch with me for a free call!

P.S.S.S. Please know that suffering is completely optional and changing the quality of your life is entirely possible.

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