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How to Release Emotional Pain with EFT Tapping

Are you in any emotional pain?

Was it due to some past traumatic event or situation that you can’t let go of?

Is there a long-standing physical symptom that also goes with your emotional pain such as a dull but throbbing heart ache, stabs on the back, weight on the shoulder or a paralysing sensation that numbs you on your hands and legs?

Or could you also be feeling emotional pain whenever you are tuning into the pain-body that is part of collective whole? Just think about the negative news that you have been reading….on all the senseless terrorist attacks, for instance. It’s been affecting you and everyone else.

release emotional pain with EFT tapping

Well….whether it is personal or it comes from being part of society, it is possible to clear the emotional pain such that the energetic charge is either gone or reduced. Even if you had been holding on to it for a long time.
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How to Stand in Your Unique Brilliance and Craft a Core Offer

Do you have a part of you that does not believe that you can build a thriving business from your soul gifts?

Perhaps, you have psychics or even coaches telling you what your soul gifts are and about how you should simply step into your unique brilliance and do work that you love. Or about how deserving and worthy you are of all that abundance.

Shine from Your unique brilliance

Except that you don’t totally believe that it is true.

Definitely, NOT 100% on your belief scale!

As you reflect over on the gifts, skill sets and what you have to offer in the world, you are feeling as if you are “nothing special” or that there is “nothing unique” about you.

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Your Spiritual Mindset: The Secret to Manifesting Success and Abundance

What is Spiritual Mindset?

Until recently, I associated mindset with having a rah-rah ring to it. Perhaps it is because I’ve attended a number of mindset classes whereby success coaches would use highly masculine motivational tones for raising the energy levels in the room. “Yes, you can do it!” they would shout in a rallying voice.

Mostly, after the day of such events, I had observed that the energy spikes don’t last. They fizzle out. I would return to the same level of energy vibes as before and not much has changed.

After reflecting over, I would like to propose the idea of developing a spiritual mindset that is more sustaining and conscious instead. I’m sharing some of my thoughts below.

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5 Top Spiritual Reasons Why Manifesting Is Not Working for You

“When people ask us how long does it take for something to manifest, we say, “it takes as long as it takes you to release the resistance. Could be 30 years, could be 40 years, could be 50 years, could be a week, could be tomorrow afternoon.” Abraham-Hicks

why manifesting does not work

You have watched the Movie The Secret.

You have read the Law of Attraction books.

You are repeating abundance mantras everyday.

You are even writing Abundance Checks for manifesting at the start of every new moon.

So why is it that your manifesting is not working?

Where’s the money? Where’s the soul mate that you hope to attract? And if you are running a business, where are the truckloads of clients eager to work with you?

You look around and you ask: Why is it happening for everyone else except for you?

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Download Your FREE Abundance Check for New Moon Manifestation

The start of a New Moon creates an excellent 24-hour window opportunity to set intentions. New moon energy has an inviting-in kind of energy that you can leverage on.

Hence, within the 24-hour window, consider writing an abundance check / cheque for pinning on your vision board or simply put one in your wallet.

New moon occurs every month. And you don’t have to wait that long to experience the next New Moon. It is happening on this coming Sunday on July 23, 2017.

New Moon Manifestation Abundance Check


Get inspired by Jim Carrey who wrote $10 million on a cheque to himself and kept it in his wallet. He eventually manifested the exact amount of $10m million for acting in the movie Dumb and Dumber.

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Energy Flows Where Attention Goes: How to Create Focus and Get More Done

I love this saying: energy flows where attention goes. Yet, when it came to applying it, I would fall short when I am not being mindful.

energy flows where attention goes


It may be the same for you too. You could be wondering How to Create Focus and Get More Done when there are 1,000 things going on in your life at any current moment. The 1000 things I call them distractions if they are bringing you further away from accomplishing your goal or vision.

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Awaken The Modern Day Abundance Alchemist: Find Your Gold Within

Are you in the journey of abundance alchemy?

Are you a coach, healer, holistic entrepreneur or someone who is awakening in consciousness and hoping to create a full life?


Where there is the aim of finding treasure (seeking a life of abundance), you are aligning with the archetype of an abundance alchemist. Alchemists do not just exist in the past. The principles of alchemy largely apply in this modern day and age too.

modern day abundance alchemistmodern day abundance alchemistmodern day abundance alchemist

Allow me to explain.

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I Don’t Have the Money to Pay for a Money Mindset Program

If you are tired of working very hard in your work or business and not making much of a breakthrough….

If you are tired of being afraid of stepping up….

If you are tired of being afraid of putting yourself in a leadership role….

If you are tired of yourself not asking for the sale…

and your desire to have a breakthrough is a level 10/10 score,

But, your immediate reactions to making a purchase for a money mindset program range from:

I can’t afford it!
I don’t have the money to pay for a money mindset program.
Are you kidding me? I am not having enough money and you are asking me to spend more?!?
What if I don’t get the money 
results that I want? 

money breakthrough 1

Your body is letting you know how unsafe you are feeling too.

You are breaking out in sweat, your heart is skipping a beat, and your stomach lurches with a somersault…at any initiation of a money discussion.

Well, I am not surprised if this has been the case for you.

Money talk can invoke all kinds of negative emotions. You are feeling small, vulnerable and deflated for needing assistance in your mindset. Come on, no one likes to admit that they have limiting beliefs or an issue with mindset! You are certainly not alone!

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How Elmer Went from Inconsistent Results to Hitting 80% Of His Money Goal in 10 weeks

Elmer Zabala, a Money Coach from Philippines, has excellent potential but found it hard to commit to his success due to his fears. The outcome from his fears showed up in inconsistent results. He experienced fluctuations in income that were tied to his fears. Even though Elmer was part of a team of motivated individuals, he still found it challenging to improve his performance. He had his own unique challenges that needed to be addressed at the root.

Listen in to his story…

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How Rita Went from Struggle to Empowerment and Spiritual Rebirth

I am so excited to be sharing a series of video testimonials from course participants of the Money Magnet Success group program. We have just ended the first run that started in April. I thought it would be nice to have the participants review about how they found the program after 10 weeks of working together. Here’s how Rita found her experience and breakthrough…

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