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5 Top Spiritual Reasons Why Manifesting Is Not Working for You

“When people ask us how long does it take for something to manifest, we say, “it takes as long as it takes you to release the resistance. Could be 30 years, could be 40 years, could be 50 years, could be a week, could be tomorrow afternoon.” Abraham-Hicks

why manifesting does not work

You have watched the Movie The Secret.

You have read the Law of Attraction books.

You are repeating abundance mantras everyday.

You are even writing Abundance Checks for manifesting at the start of every new moon.

So why is it that your manifesting is not working?

Where’s the money? Where’s the soul mate that you hope to attract? And if you are running a business, where are the truckloads of clients eager to work with you?

You look around and you ask: Why is it happening for everyone else except for you?

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Awaken The Modern Day Abundance Alchemist: Find Your Gold Within

Are you in the journey of abundance alchemy?

Are you a coach, healer, holistic entrepreneur or someone who is awakening in consciousness and hoping to create a full life?


Where there is the aim of finding treasure (seeking a life of abundance), you are aligning with the archetype of an abundance alchemist. Alchemists do not just exist in the past. The principles of alchemy largely apply in this modern day and age too.

modern day abundance alchemistmodern day abundance alchemistmodern day abundance alchemist

Allow me to explain.

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How Rita Went from Struggle to Empowerment and Spiritual Rebirth

I am so excited to be sharing a series of video testimonials from course participants of the Money Magnet Success group program. We have just ended the first run that started in April. I thought it would be nice to have the participants review about how they found the program after 10 weeks of working together. Here’s how Rita found her experience and breakthrough…

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3 Mompreneur Mindset Tips That Support Your Success

As a mompreneur, having a mindset that is geared for success is extremely helpful if you are hoping to make serious money. Many mompreneurs fall into the trap of treating their business as a hobby. Let’s face it. A hobby mindset will only earn hobby income…which in the case of a crafty business means earning barely enough to cover the cost of accessories for the most part.



Many new mompreneurs report to one of the following emotions:

1. Guilt if they harbor ambitious dreams
2. Regret for the care-free life they had behind.
3. Shame if they fail to make busincess a success.

Is this true for you too?

Are you also having beliefs such as:

– I am not good enough to run a business;
– I am just not good with anything technical such as putting up a website;
– I can’t do sales and since having a business will involve sales, I can’t do a business;
– I suck at promoting myself;
– I am too slow to be learning anything like business and marketing etc.
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How to Transform Your Relationship with Money

How to transform your relationship with money?

transform your relationship with money

Perhaps you are used to the idea of consulting a financial advisor or a banker on money matters….but it could feel weird to envisage having a relationship with money, much less transform it.

I get it. The idea of having a relationship with money may not be something that you often come across. As someone who used to work in a bank, I certainly did not see this in any of its training manuals. It’s also not a topic that was taught in school. Still, these reasons aside, it’s never too late to begin having a whole new perspective towards money.

Let’s backtrack a little.

Why even bother with the idea of improving your relationship with money?

Well, when you improve your relationship with money, you are going to be in less struggle. A state of struggle is just going to attract more struggle, while being more at ease is going to attract more ease into your life. You’d want money to flow easily into your life, isn’t it?

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How to Get Out of Your Financial Rut Spiritually

Are you trapped in a financial rut?


trapped in financial rut


A financial rut is a repeated pattern that obstructs your way to abundance.
The heart of the matter is: the same old ways of being, doing and thinking leads to the same old results.


Then again, that you are in a pattern may escape you, even if it is repetitious.


Being in the rut can result in unclear vision. As I shared in the last article, when you are emotional overwhelm, clarity goes down. It can happen when you are in a rut. It takes awareness to realize that you are encountering the same pattern over and over again.

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5 Consequences of Having a Love-Hate Relationship with Money

Do you have a love-hate relationship with money?

love hate relationship with money question


For a start, the idea of having a relationship with money may seem new to you. It sure sounded foreign to me at first. Until one day, after being exposed to the idea from various channels for years, I finally understood it!


One great way to think of the relationship you have money is to draw analogies from the relationship you have with a lover, spouse or partner. It is also easy to imagine such a relationship if you have watched romantic movies and TV shows.



love hate relationship with money


Some of you may declare that you are “in love” with money. Or some of you may confess you are having such a difficult relationship that you resent the struggles you are in. It’s also possible that you describe your relationship with money as one of love-hate.
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How to Love Your Life

Do you know how to love your life?



Well, for a period in time, I was asking myself this very question.


I put myself on a search.


The journey felt incidentally harder perhaps because of the internal struggle that I was going through during that period.


Yet, no matter how and where I search, I could not get complete answers.


Which led me to the realization that I the answers I sought are not out there.


They pretty much lie from within.


The answers came from a wise part of the self….


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How to Raise Client Attraction For The Business that You Love

If you are struggling with client attraction despite implementing all the marketing strategies,
If you tend to attract client relationships that are toxic,
If you are already feeling jaded in your existing client relationships,
If there is just too much struggle in your client relationships or attracting ideal clients, you may wish to tap into my tips on the Heart of Client Attraction.

View the video on Client Attraction that I have recorded…

Here’s a synopsis of what I had to share in my video on client attraction…

Client attraction can be more challenging when you are not passionate, do not enjoy what you are doing or do not feel inspired to give your best.
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Life Lesson: Learn to Rise Each Time We Fall

Falling is not failure. Falling is simply part of the learning journey to scaling new heights.

Falling quote
Many of us are afraid of falling. Falling happens when we move from a higher to a lower level. It is usually accompanied with the feeling of having lost balance or control. Many of us perceive falling as a disease, a sign of vulnerability. Including myself.

Well, I am anticipating that I would be falling a lot in a couple of weeks. You see, I am booked on another year-end skiing trip. If you had been following my blog in previous years, you would know that downhill skiing is not my biggest strength. In fact, I have a lot of fears surrounding it.

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