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Benefits of Meditation

25 Self-Love Tips for Stressed Out Moms

stressed out mom

Are you a stressed out mom?

As mothers, we have multiple tasks to fulfill such as preparing meals for our children, supervising their homework, and making sure their needs are met. We may also need to handle domestic chores, face our clients, run our businesses or meet work datelines as well as mange the household finance. It is no wonder that many mothers experience overwhelm. And should the relationships with our spouse be difficult, stress can hit a high.

“The first time around as a mom, I held on really tight and I was so stressed.” – Bridgette Wilson

Triggers for the Stressed Out Mom

Being a mother myself, I know that stress is something that I have to learn to overcome. While my children have brought me tremendous joy, bringing them up has certainly not been a walk in the park. One stress trigger for me is trying to meet the demanding educational standards here in Singapore.
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Take the Moon Quiz: New Moon, Supermoon and Full Moon

Moon Quiz | Supermoon | Full Moon | New Moon

Play the Moon Quiz in this post to gauge your moon awareness. Become more mindful about how you can take advantage of Full Moon, Supermoon and New Moon energy for managing your emotions and setting intentions.

How often do you take the moon for granted and fail to notice it? Or allow the occurrence of special lunar event such as a Supermoon to pass you by? Well, I created the Moon Quiz, so that we can all start to build greater awareness.

The moon plays a vital part in the celestial sky. If you are sensitive to energy movements, I suggest that you keep tap on the various moon phases. You may just be able to observe how life patterns are surfacing with the occurrences of the Full Moon, Supermoon or New Moon.

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Take this Free Chakra Test: Which Chakra is Out of Balance

chakra test: restore balance

How about taking a free chakra test to find out which of your 7 energy centers is out of balance?

I have been using the chakra system as a guide for personal awareness and to work with clients for several years now. It will be great to share with you on how comprehensive it is as a roadmap for conscious living.

The chakra system offers an excellent framework for an understanding of your energy system. There are 7 major chakras, which are energy centers in your body. In Hindi, chakras simply mean “wheels of spinning energy”. Indeed, a chakra is like a whirling, vortex-like, powerhouse of energy. You have got 7 major vortexes or energy centers that line up like the picture below…

chakra test: restore balance

The chakra system is akin to having an electrical wiring system within your inner home. It allows electrical current to be sent to every part of your being. It regulates the flow of energy throughout the network (meridians) that runs throughout your physical body.

Taking a chakra test can help you to determine which – out of the 7 energy centers – is out of balance or blocked. Out-of-balance chakras or chakra blocks usually happen at the energy centers. Your chakras can get blocked because of stress, emotional or physical root causes.Continue reading

10 Holistic Benefits of Meditation

benefits of meditation

There are many benefits of meditation. I hope to share with you what these are, especially if you are new to this practice. Over the years, meditation has made a huge difference to my life. Hopefully, it can help increase your holistic wellness too 🙂

While there are already many articles describing the benefits of meditation on the internet, I hope to share what I have gained from my personal experiences as well.

On the side, I would like to dedicate this post in memory of my mother-in-law who first introduced meditation to me. It was more than 10 years ago when she taught me how to meditate. My mother-in-law was 70 when she became a Buddhist nun who was very interested in meditation.

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Your Spiritual Mindset: The Secret to Manifesting Success and Abundance

spiritual mindset

What is Spiritual Mindset?

Until recently, I associated mindset with having a rah-rah ring to it. Perhaps it is because I’ve attended a number of mindset classes whereby success coaches would use highly masculine motivational tones for raising the energy levels in the room. “Yes, you can do it!” they would shout in a rallying voice.

Mostly, after the day of such events, I had observed that the energy spikes don’t last. They fizzle out. I would return to the same level of energy vibes as before and not much has changed.

After reflecting over, I would like to propose the idea of developing a spiritual mindset that is more sustaining and conscious instead. I’m sharing some of my thoughts below.

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Spiritual Quiz: Do a Quick Soul Reading Here

spiritual quiz: soul reading

Play the following Spiritual Quiz that reveals what your core soul essence is….

After writing the content for the Spiritual Quiz, I needed to test the entire clip to make sure that the slides run smoothly. Funnily enough, after testing it, I got the same answer twice ha…see below image…ha!

It’s great to receive the affirmation that I have been drawing on creative, playful and mystical energies (the “Unicorn”) when making fun quizzes! Continue reading

What is Money Scarcity REALLY Teaching You

financial lack money scarcity lessons

If you are caught in struggle over financial lack, it can be challenging to see what lessons money scarcity has to offer for you. You struggle when you feel worry, frustration and stressed out. Awareness levels come down where there is emotional overwhelm. By having the perception of scarcity, it is hard to have a breakthrough.

It may seem impossible to will away the perception of scarcity. After all, limits are very much a natural part of our physical life. Just think about it, there is 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in one minute. You have got to finish the work that needs to be done within a certain time frame. Then, there is also lifespans, ageing and the cycle of life and death. The physical world has some kind of built-in mechanism where conditions and limits are already preset.

Limits give rise to impermanence. Impermanence is also called Anicca or Anitya, in Buddhist teachings. All of conditioned existence, without exception is “transcient, evanescent, inconstant”. All temporal things, whether material or mental, are subject to decline and destruction. Thus, nothing lasts and everything decays of this physical world.

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How to Love: 7 Quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh

self compassion: how to love

How to love is a small but beautiful book by Zen Buddhist Master, Thich Nhat Hanh. It is the third title in the Mindfulness Essentials Series of how-to books. As always, he writes in simple language to explain profound insights from the practice of Buddhism, mindfulness and meditation.

how to love-thich nhat hanh

I like that we are taught not just on the importance of self-love, but also how we can love another more fully. The teachings are poignant and persuasive: “to love without knowing how to love, wounds the ones we love.” We are invited to open our hearts in a meditative way.

How to Love is in 4 essentials: you can only love another when you feel true love for yourself; love is understanding; understanding brings compassion; and deep listening and loving speech are key ways of showing your love.

I had felt drawn to reading How to Love as learning to love is the fundamental of all relationships. Whether it is the relationship we have with ourselves, with our partners, success or even money, it rests on love. If we want to find greater meaning or improve on the quality of our living, learning How to Love is essential.


Here are 7 quotes in How to Love by Thich Nhat Hanh….

“Every one of us is trying to find our true home. Some of us are still searching. Our true home is inside, but it’s also in our loved ones around us. When you’re in a loving relationship, you and the other person can be a true home for each other.”

“Understanding someone’s suffering is the best gift you can give another person. Understanding is love’s other name. If you don’t understand, you can’t love.”

“The essence of loving kindness is being able to offer happiness. You can be the sunshine for another person. You can’t offer happiness until you have it for yourself. So build a home inside by accepting yourself and learning to love and heal yourself.”

“In a deep relationship, there’s no longer a boundary between you and the other person. You are her and she is you. Your suffering is her suffering. Your understanding of your own suffering helps your loved one to suffer less.”

“You are part of the universe; you are made of stars. When you look at your loved one, you see that he is also made of stars and carries eternity inside. Looking in this way, we naturally feel reverence. True love cannot be without trust and respect for oneself and for the other person.”

“To love without knowing how to love wounds the person we love. To know how to love someone, we have to understand them. To understand, we need to listen.”

“Love is a living, breathing thing. There is no need to force it to grow in a particular direction. If we start by being easy and gentle with ourselves, we will find it is just there inside of us, solid and healing.”

how to love quote - Thich Nhat Hanh

How to Love: Go on a Journey

How to love has turned out to be quite a journey for me.

I learned it with self-love, from writing a book on Self-Love, creating a self-love healing meditation program, improving my relationship with my husband and children, making the choice to do what I love and loving what I do and also, transforming the relationship I have with money.

My lessons have been in many forms and ways and I am still learning How to Love more every single day. The moment I woke up to true love was the moment I began to know who I am.

love currency

This post is sent with love from my heart to yours.

Love always,
Evelyn Lim

P.S. Recommended Resources:

1. How to Love by Thich Nhat Hanh
2. Self-Love Secrets

P.S.S. Share Your Thoughts and Comments on How to Love below.



Why Be the Biggest Loser

destress meditation let go

Buddha was asked, “What have you gained from meditation?” He replied, “Nothing! However,” Buddha said, “let me tell you what I lost: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, Fear of Old age and Death.”

Letting Go

We are in a habit of acquiring things be it a new car, house or a prestigious title to add to our name. The more we acquire, the stronger our ego is. We may even be after a state of bliss when we think about what we can gain out of a meditation sitting. It’s the spiritual ego that gets swollen with false pride.

Our struggles often arise when we are not successful in getting what we want. We become angry, anxious, depressed, insecure and fearful as a result. We act out of our ego selves.

By having more as compared to someone else, our egos believe that we are one up over another. It does not count if everyone has the same material item. Ours have to be bigger, better and more powerful than what our friends, relatives or colleagues have. After all, if it is the same, what is the point on posting the pictures of these things on Facebook or Instagram? The more “likes” we get on social media, the more we feel good about ourselves. Never mind if we don’t even know half the strangers who clicked “like” to our posts online.
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