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5 Consequences of Having a Love-Hate Relationship with Money

Do you have a love-hate relationship with money?

love hate relationship with money question


For a start, the idea of having a relationship with money may seem new to you. It sure sounded foreign to me at first. Until one day, after being exposed to the idea from various channels for years, I finally understood it!


One great way to think of the relationship you have money is to draw analogies from the relationship you have with a lover, spouse or partner. It is also easy to imagine such a relationship if you have watched romantic movies and TV shows.



love hate relationship with money


Some of you may declare that you are “in love” with money. Or some of you may confess you are having such a difficult relationship that you resent the struggles you are in. It’s also possible that you describe your relationship with money as one of love-hate.
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How to Love Your Life

Do you know how to love your life?



Well, for a period in time, I was asking myself this very question.


I put myself on a search.


The journey felt incidentally harder perhaps because of the internal struggle that I was going through during that period.


Yet, no matter how and where I search, I could not get complete answers.


Which led me to the realization that I the answers I sought are not out there.


They pretty much lie from within.


The answers came from a wise part of the self….


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Tapping Script for Self-Love: Overcome Self-Rejection

“The greatest trap in our life is not success, popularity or power but self-rejection.” Henri Nouwen, Catholic priest, professor, writer and theologian.

Are there parts about yourself that you reject?

When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you find it hard to get past your imperfection or flaw?

Is this imperfection or flaw the reason why it is difficult to love and embrace yourself fully?

You may be hoping to be better, smarter, richer, taller or more successful. Whatever it is, there could be something about yourself that you are not happy with yourself. On the extreme, it can be a case of self-rejection.

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Why Love Yourself Unconditionally: In A Note

“One Big Reason Why many women have challenges leading a balanced, fulfilled and radiant existence is a lack of self-love.” #evelynlimcoach


While rummaging through my journal notebooks, I came upon what I had written two years ago. And so, I decided to post it…..

Can’t help but feel empty, wounded and discontented?

At some level, you have the awareness that there is something inherently missing; although you may not consciously know what your core issue is or where your real problem lies.

Even as you occupy your life with an endlessstream of activities, the hole inside remains.

The hole could be affecting every aspect of your life; from family, work, relationships, play etc.

And so it is that you have never been fully present. 

You are there for everyone else…..EXCEPT YOURSELF. 

Over time, the gaping hole manifests into deepresentment…and ultimately, a pervasive sense of unrealized potential and disempowerment.

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Self-Love Meditation: Nourish Your Heart Space

Exhausted from giving and giving and not feeling loved and supported in return?

Feeling blocked in the heart?

Love Yourself Meditation

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. Lucille Ball

Well, come join me for a Self-Love Meditation held at Basic Essence Holistic Wellness Centre, in a relaxing evening that will help you nourish your heart space with unconditional love. Release disruptions that are in your way to total well-being. Embrace yourself in the mind, body and soul.

Your Invite to my Self-Love Meditation Event

Take the opportunity to reconnect with your sacred home, that which you already are and have always been. Be reminded that you are love, loved and lovable in every aspect of your being. Enter into the realm of the harmonic healing of your heart.

Check out my Self-Love Meditation Event and Confirm Your Attention Now

Hope to see you soon!


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21 Soulful Ways to Celebrate Self-Love on Valentine’s Day

“It’s not your job to like me. It’s mine.” Bryan Katie

self-love valentine


Dear Conscious Female Readers,


Valentine’s Day is an occasion that couples celebrate romantic love. However, it would be nice to make it a day for self-love too. After all, didn’t Whitney Houston once sing, “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all“?


Self-love is to be cultivated, whether you are single or attached with a partner. If you are married for years, it’s great to be able to share the day with a loved one and also allocate time to nurturing your soul. But what if you are single, looking for love and feeling down about being without a date to spend February 14? With no dinner invitation or activities planned, you may be inclined to believe that you are the loneliest person on the planet. Thus, instead of anticipating that you can have a great time on your own, you are already stuck in misery and self-rejection.


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Abundance Alchemy Program Review: Manifest with Ease

When you finally let go of your emotional attachment, you open the space for miracles to physically manifest!

Listen in as Kristin Astourian reviewed my Abundance Alchemy Program in the video below. She also shared her thoughts on the key to manifestation and how the Universe has responded by sending her a surprise money bonus 🙂

Kristin Astourian holds a professional job and is also a singer-cum-song writer based in Austin, Texas. Her dream is to creatively express her soul at the physical level. You can find her works at

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to connect with talented and creative artistes such as her. She has been amazing to work with! I am extremely thrilled for Kristin and continue to root for her success!!!

To dreams coming true,

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Abundance Alchemy Life Coach

P.S. Contact me if you need coaching assistance in making energy shifts for a success breakthrough.

50 Shades of Fear

“Our fears make up the stories we tell ourselves.”

50 shades of fear

In case you are wondering, I did not read the book 50 Shades of Grey nor have watched the movie. However, I thought it would be interesting to share a perspective on 50 shades of fear, since I specialize in doing emotional work with my clients. As we already know, fear can manifest at different levels and degrees of negative emotions; which is influenced by the story that our minds tell.

For instance, fear can be in the form of worry….or in more severe cases, it can grow into depression. Fear can also be in the form of nervousness or a diagnosed panic disorder. We can also express fear in the form of blame or if we feel it strongly, we become antagonistic. Obvious symptoms can range from breaking out in cold sweat, turning ashen white, or the racing of our hearts. Whether a niggling sense of anxiety or intense anger, all are signs of fear.
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Self-Care Healing: Give Yourself Permission

“Self-care is not self-indulgence. It is essential for your well-being. With self-care, you give yourself the sacred permission to be well.”

I had a bad fall last week. It resulted in multiple visits to the clinic for X-rays, reviews and check up. It was not the physical injury that shook me most, but the emotional trauma. For a while, I was also angry with myself for being so careless.

To begin with, I was frustrated over having to spend unnecessary money, time and attention. I did not like the idea of having to reschedule all my appointments and having to delay my work plans. I started off by lying in bed, caught in self-pity. My inner critic went: so much for being advocate of self-care and an author of a Self-Love book!
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How to Overcome Your Money Gremlin

Your Money Gremlin is the critical voice inside your head that stops you from aligning with your divine abundance blueprint.

what is money gremlin

What is a Money Gremlin?

The Money Gremlin is the critical voice that goes inside your head on matters related to finance. If you are to go silent for a while, you will become aware that what occupies your mind is your self-talk. I shared in my book, Self-Love Secrets, that 80-90% of our self-talk tend to be negative.

Also, not too long ago, I found out from a research study that women tend to be more stressed than men and for most women, our main source of stress comes from money.

Put the debilitating self-talk plus money concerns together, we have the self-image or the mental persona of the Money Gremlin.
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