Detect Daily Anxiety Symptoms To Avoid Energy Leakage

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Anxiety symptoms are pretty common, considering that we live in a fast-paced environment. Anxiety-ridden, we find it hard to cope with the stresses of life. We become anxious when we fear that we cannot catch up, feel overwhelmed by the amount of incoming information, do not know how to make a decision and perceive a looming threat to our security.

Happy Feet: Don't Worry Be Happy

Then again, anxiety symptoms are also known to be pretty normal, as they are part of the natural “fight or flight” reaction to stress or danger. Hence, there cannot be any human who has not felt anxiety at all. ‘

I certainly have experienced anxiety enough times myself. In particular, with what is going on with the economies around the world in recent weeks, anxiety reportedly is at heightened levels once again. Many people are feeling stressed at the thought of losing their jobs, homes and material possessions.

What Anxiety Symptoms Can Include

Anxiety first shows up in bodily reactions. You may break out in a sweat, your hands tremble, blood drains from your face, and your knees go weak. These can be momentary and therefore not serious. However, more serious reactions include heart attacks and eventually causing death. Undoubtedly, mild anxiety can cause you a feeling of discomfort but extreme anxiety can be debilitating. In a severe case of extreme anxiety, symptoms can range from range heart palpitations, social withdrawal, mood swings, nervousness, depression and so on.

Where anxiety symptoms are often triggered by presenting situations, I have also been noticing many cases where a person suffers from anxiety almost every single day. Take my friend, Angeline, for instance. She is always in a rush, speaks with a high-pitched tone, and feels as if everything is in a state of emergency.

I cannot say that her symptoms are severe to warrant being diagnosed as having the medical condition of a severe anxiety disorder. While she has not had a panic attack, she has been experiencing a loss in confidence, a low ability to concentrate and insomnia. Sad to say, her world is driven by a lot of fear.

Cluttered, her mind cannot sort and prioritize. She finds herself focusing on details that do not matter in the grand scheme of things. As a result she often experiences paralysis whenever she needs to make a decision. While excessive worrying has not prevented Angeline from functioning on a daily basis, I have observed how miserable it can be living in a state of heightened agitation all the time.

Build Awareness to Everyday Anxiety Symptoms

Anxiety is a symptom of fear. Mostly, fear is a creation of the mind. Where no real threat exists, it is possible to learn how to better cope. You may feel as if you are about to be harmed, annihilated or rendered useless but your projected fears are mostly psychological. Hence, if your mind can create the fear, it is possible to eliminate or reduce it to a level that is manageable.

Building awareness is key. It is important not to get anxiety levels out of hand. While I do not like the idea of labeling, be mindful that your excessive worrying may put you at risk of developing what the medical profession will call as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). The excessive worrying interferes with daily functioning. A person who has a GAD suffers from irrational fears on almost everything for at least six months or more.

Generalized anxiety disorder symptoms can vary. They can include:

• Extreme irritability;
• Muscle tension or muscle aches
• Obsession about small or large concerns
• Feel as if you are living on the edge; Restlessness and feeling keyed up or on edge
• Chronic fatigue;
• Difficulty breathing;
• Difficulty concentrating or your mind “going blank”
• Insomnia and restlessness at night
• Sweating, nausea or diarrhea
• Rapid heartbeat;
• Anticipation of disaster

Do not be mistaken into believing that it is just adults who can suffer from GAD. Apparently, a child can too. Obsessive Compulsive Disorders are also conditions with heightened anxiety as one of the symptoms.

Angeline would like to think that she has been coping; however, I think she is missing the signs that her anxiety levels have not receded one bit over the years. I hope that instead of brushing her issues aside, she does not procrastinate but take some concrete action soon. As the famed British preacher and prolific author, Charles Spurgeon once observed,

Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.

What You Can Do To Address Anxiety Symptoms

For a start, tune in to observe your body reactions to stress. Most certainly, find ways to deal with anxiety symptoms because there will always be challenges in today’s environment. If you find yourself easily stressed or if you find that you have been living with anxiety for as long as you can remember, consider seeking help.

I have found energy clearing work (such as, applying Emotional Freedom Technique) effective when dealing with issues of anxiety. My findings often indicate that anxiety is a symptom of root causes that have been left unaddressed. However, where symptoms are severe and debilitating, it is best to get a professional medical assessment.

Disproportionate levels of anxiety lead to a leakage in energy. Your energy reserves are being depleted by repeated episodes of anxiety; thereby causing you exhaustion. By virtue of the Law of Attraction, if you exude nervous energy, you are likely to be attracting more situations of anxiety. It is very difficult to manifest for abundance in this instance. You will be manifesting more fear, instead.

Hence, to attract a different reality, consider doing some inner work to shift your energetic vibrations.

Wishing you wellness, love and abundance,

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Jimmy/Life Architect - September 20, 2011 Reply

Hi Evelyn,

This is really a good indepth look into anxiety. From symptoms to repercussions; I think you have covered the details quite extensively. I wish you had offered more hands on solutions to handling anxiety though. I am sure many of your readers will find these skills or techniques most useful.

On my part, I believe that having a holistic lifestyle is the important bedrock to prevent anxiety from accumulating. Exercising daily, eating well, doing the work you like, releasing your inner tensions, meditating, having fun activities, spending time with our love ones, spending wisely and so on are important. Beyond these, like you mention, being aware if our states are often the best form of prevention.



Evelyn Reply:

Hello Jimmy,

How to address the root causes of anxiety will probably take more than an article to explain. That’s why I decided to start with explaining about detecting the symptoms first. However, it is great that you have shared some of your tips. They are certainly ones that can be helpful.

Addressing root causes is also largely experiential. I use energy clearing methods which I have often pointed out in my blog and newsletter. In any case, because of your pointing out, I have updated my post to mention one of the techniques. As a certified practitioner, I apply energy clearing methods during therapy or distance healing for my clients (check my about-me page). In such situations, these would be hands-on.

Thank you for your feedback,


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Bingz - September 21, 2011 Reply

Hello Evelyn,

Excellent article!
Yes I do agree that building awareness is key.
I tend to get anxious easily over career and money concerns. I feel that awareness of both the physical symptoms of anxiety and of the mental thoughts during anxiety are the first step to self-healing.
It is easier for me to identify the physical symptoms of anxiety, which the most prominent one in my case is rapid heartbeat, it can be much trickier to be aware of my mental state during anxiety. My mind is very good at rationalizing why I have no choice but to stay anxious based on whats happening in the external reality!
This is why I find daily meditation extremely useful in helping me be aware that I have a mind, instead of constantly believing that I am my mind.
Lovin’ energies,


Evelyn Reply:

Good for you, Bingz. I am so glad to know that you have the awareness. The first step is really tuning into our body and recognizing the symptoms that come up. The symptoms serve as signals that we are anxious and need to address them appropriately. It’s great that you are aware about how the mind can also keep us trapped with its rationalizing. It likes to keep us occupied, causing us to worry from one item to another.

Thumbs up to your daily meditation practice. Let’s continue to keep each other inspired. Do keep in touch!!

With love and hugs,


Angela Artemis/Poweredbyintuition - September 21, 2011 Reply

Hi Evelyn,
Excellent article! We are bombarded with so much information in this day and age it’s hard, even for the calm individual, to not feel overstimulated and anxious at times. I’m a long time meditator and it does affect me too. I never thought about it before but I can see how energy leakage is a symptom of feeling constant anxiety. When I’m too stressed I feel tired and crave sleep. I believe it’s how my body steers me away from all the anxiety producing activities for a while.


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Angela,

It sure sounds as if you have got a wonderful coping mechanism. Sleeping off the worry seems great. However, if the worry keeps coming back on a daily basis, then obviously providing for some mental space helps. It’s great that you have been meditating. Perhaps how we can additionally help ourselves is to practicing mindful awareness throughout the day and now allow ourselves get too caught up in the emotional content of our stories.

Shine from the soul,


rob white - September 21, 2011 Reply

Indeed, Evelyn. Anxiety is THE scourge of modern day living. Seems to me all our so called modern advances are want to be petty toys that serve to distract and overload us. We must learn to return to mindfulness of our Authentic Self. It want’s only to express freely and easily. When we can listen to that voice, suddenly our priorities shift from worry of the future and regrets of the past, to simply expressing in the here and now. Expertly stated… examining the root problem of all our problems is job #1.


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Rob,

Yes, you have said it. Practicing mindfulness is key. We listen to the voice of our authentic rather than the false self. Anxiety is the voice of the ego, fear-based consciousness.

It’s great that you agree with me. Mostly, anxiety is a symptom of deeper root causes.

Shine from the soul,


Deepsha - September 22, 2011 Reply

wonderful blog!


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Deepsha,

Thank you over and over again. You have been so very supportive! I am appreciative of your constant feedback.

May you shine from the soul always,


Genie @ Healthy Living Now - September 22, 2011 Reply

Absolutely Evelyn! We all at some point or another experience anxiety. What really helps is to locate what is causing our stress and work on a plan to put each of them in its proper perspective. Practicing deep breathing, and also doing some yoga has helped me a lot, and is definitely worth a try.

“If we all treat each other like we treat ourselves – what a wonderful place earth would be.”


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Genie,

Welcome to my site. I like what you said about working out a plan to put things into perspective. Yoga is definitely a great idea. It also aids us in focusing on the present. Thank you for sharing a beautiful quote!

With love,


Justin | Mazzastick - September 22, 2011 Reply

Hi Evelyn,
This is a great post about anxiety. I believe that for some, anxiety is passed on through genetics. Learning how to manage and deal with the psychological issues that cause anxiety is so important.

I have found that by simply slowing down my thoughts, redirecting fearful thoughts to empowering ones and eliminating foods that cause me to feel anxity helps me a lot.


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Justin,

We certainly can unconsciously adopt the same energetic patterns from our parents. Having done energy work for others as well, I have found it to be true.

Good for you in slowing down your thoughts and redirecting your focus. I’m curious though. What foods cause less anxiety?

Shine from the soul always,


Eric | Eden Journal - September 22, 2011 Reply

I like the picture with this one. Don’t worry, be happy is one of my favorite sayings. I agree completely with your observation that anxiety causes energy leakage. I have noticed that in myself when I’ve been in situations that caused anxiety. I really feel drained after anxious situations.


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Eric,

It’s great to see you here once again. I created the image using photoshop from a photo that I took in Australia. You have certainly chosen a great saying as a personal favorite 🙂

Yup, it is important to address the little irritations that bug us everyday if our intent is to keep our vibes up.

Abundance always,


Bryce Christiansen - September 23, 2011 Reply


Thanks for sharing these with us. I work in a fast paced field as well so having my mind around the signs of anxiety is super helpful. I’ve seen anxiety lead to burnout in several others and I can’t afford for that to happen to myself.

Thanks for sharing,



Evelyn Reply:

Hi Bryce,

Burnout is bound to happen over long periods of undue stress on the body. Oh yes, prevention is better than cure. Take great care of yourself 🙂

Shine from the soul,

[Reply] - September 24, 2011 Reply

Dear Evelyn, thx for this exellent article! I hate to loose my precious energy to nagging anxiety. And I hate all that anxiety that is whispered into our minds by television programs, advertising etc. Therefore I don’t really enjoy watching telly as I constantly feel like having to defend my peace and sanity. Thx again for raising awareness. Michaela


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Michaela,

My approach is not to “hate” any of the negative emotions that I experience but learning to mindfully observe them, so that they no longer have power over me. I also bring my focus to the present moment and on what I can do instead.

Peace to you always,


Galen Pearl - September 27, 2011 Reply

I lived with chronic anxiety and stress for so many years, I didn’t even know it because for me it was normal. Now I look back and I can’t believe I lived like that! If we are self aware enough to notice the signs you identify, and if we take steps to alleviate our anxiety, we can truly transform our lives. Very helpful post.


Deborah Long Reply:

Dear Galen: I read your post that you have had anxiety for many years and you have changed your life around. I too have extreme anxiety, I can’t stand it anymore. I have also been diagnosed with OCD and depression, it all seems to be getting worse the older I get, I am 52 yo. My whole family has it, my sister, my brother and my mother who has it the worst I mean it is so bad for her I don’t even communicate with her for the past 3 yrs and my sister dosent either. I know it sounds terrible but my sister and I have done everything we could think of to get her help but you can’t help someone that dosent want to help themself. Anyway for the past few months I have been researching day and night and reading and learning as much as I can about changing my life and thinking positive, everything from “The Silva Method to James Van Praagh I’ve joined Spiritual Networks, Lightworkers world, Guardian Angels, Chakra info and numerous other resources. So I find it so hard to meditate although I keep trying, I just cant quiet my mind to get to the Alpha level. I say daily positive affirmations, I even look in the mirror and tell myself I’m beautiful. I also pray continuously (I have been doing that my whole life) but my praying has seemed to turn into repetitive, starting over just I don’t even know. I do see a psychiatrist and a physcologist(sp)each once a month and started taking Zoloft although I kept saying no to taking it for about 9 months and finally I gave in and started the medication, started on 25mg and now I am up to 150mgs, it did very much help my depression but didn’t do anything for my anxiety and OCD. I just keep trying and trying. If you have any suggestions/advice/guidance I would truly appreciate the help. Many Blessings to you. I am glad you changed your life for the better. If you decide to reply to me you can post on here or I am also on Facebook. Thank you. Many Blessings to you. Debbie


Galen Pearl Reply:

Hi, Debbie–First of all, let me say that I really admire you for your honest and courageous message. Your comment touched my heart deeply.

I can hear that you are frustrated and discouraged. You asked if I have any advice. I am not any kind of professional; I can only speak of my own experience. I did many of the things you are doing–therapy, prayer, lots of reading, all of which contributed to the changes I made in my life. One of the most helpful things I did was to go through A Course in Miracles, which is sort of a spiritual self-help therapy program, for lack of a better description. At the most basic level, I changed the way I perceive the world, and I changed my thought habits. I also developed habits that reinforced and enhanced the changes I was making, habits like developing an attitude of gratitude. Two of the biggest challenges for me were recognizing and letting go of my need to control everything, and doing deep forgiveness work.

I discuss the habits I developed on my blog, 10 Steps to Finding Your Happy Place (and Staying There). I started in January with Step 1, and focused on one step every month. This month I am on Step 10. I don’t know if any of the suggestions I make in the blog would be helpful to you, but I hope you will feel free to visit the blog and browse around a bit. Also, you are welcome to email me anytime. My email is [email protected]. I don’t use Facebook, so email is best.

I don’t know where your path will lead you, Debbie, but I can say with confidence that your desire to make changes in your life will lead you to the right places. I do hope you will keep in touch with me and let me know how you are doing.

All the best, Galen


J.D. Meier - September 27, 2011 Reply

One of the surprises for me was differentiating between anxiety and stress. Once I made the distinction, I was surprised by how many things can easily turn into anxiety based on how we frame things or what we associate them to.

I haven’t explored Tapping, but I have heard that the relaxation response is one of the most effective techniques for dealing with stress and anxiety.


Samantha Bangayan - September 29, 2011 Reply

Wow! I really like this idea of being more in tune with my body, Evelyn, and therefore with my mind. I often find that my shoulders are tense or that I’m clenching my teeth. It’s an exciting first step to be able to recognize this happening in my body. Now the next step is to be able to create that pause, so I can identify where the negative body reactions are coming from.

I’ve never heard of energy clearing before. Love all the new things I learn here! =)


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