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Abundance Check for New Moon Manifestation [Update] Write an Abundance Check for manifesting a doubling of your results in 2018! Find out why 2018 is great for doubling your energy intention for manifestation.

Double Your Results – Manifesting in 2018

Why Write an Abundance Check? 

A Money or Abundance Check (or Cheque) is a great tool for intention or goal setting. Get inspired by the movie The Secret and leverage on the Law of Attraction for manifesting your desired amount. Best yet, write the Abundance Check on a New Moon date to accelerate your results.

Law of Attraction Abundance Check

The blank Abundance checks I created are coded with the energies of the Universe, Ascended Masters and Angels for powerful intention setting. Also, while green is a natural choice for money checks, I kept mine to pink for the cradling of our heart’s desires. I’m happy to offer you a gift – free updated blank Abundance Check for your use. It is available as a download – scroll down- on this post!!)

Testimonials For Abundance Check Exercise

Famous movie actor Jim Carrey wrote himself a fake ten million check for “acting services rendered” at a time when he was a struggling artiste. He was specific in the “what” and not the “how”:
– He specified $10 million.
– He dated the check “Thanksgiving 1995” in the year 1987.
– He spelled out the what by adding the words “for acting services rendered”.

For years, he carried the check around in his wallet. Just before Thanksgiving 1995, Jim Carrey found out that he was going to make ten million dollars with the show Dumb and Dumber. He then placed the check in the casket with his father because it was their dream together.

What Check to Use

You can use your own checkbook of course! However, you may wish to boost your attraction power to money by having the check drawn from the best bank of all – The Universe. Some years back, I got the idea from makers of The Secret movie and decided to make one of my own.

Download Your Free Abundance Check Here

For your convenience, I created a single pdf document with multiple blank Abundance checks.

Click here for the free download (right-click to save).

New Moon Manifestation with Your Abundance Check

New moon dates offers an excellent window opportunity to set intentions and hence, for writing your Abundance Check. New moon energy has an inviting-in kind of energy that you can leverage on. Apparently, people who reported writing Abundance Checks around New Moon Dates have had their bills paid and received extra money.

New Moon dates happen every month. Simply google to find out when these are. Leverage on the amplified lunar energies for intention setting and sending out your wishes!

A great recommendation is to write it within 24 hours of the new moon. One site even advised that the maximum is a three-day dateline. I suppose if you take into account international time differences, a three day time frame appears about right.

How to Write the Abundance Check

1. Clear Money Blocks. This is a vital step before writing your Abundance Check!

2. On your Abundance Check, write name of payee in the space provided following the words “Pay To”.

3. Fill in the date of the New Moon if you are expecting the amount sometime soon. Or, you can choose to use the word “now” as if it is already manifesting.

4. Write in a dollar amount. Be specific as far as possible. This amount has to align with your heart and soul and to also, excite you!

5. Under the memo, you can specify anything. Examples include “Law of Attraction”, “For Services Rendered”, “”This or something better in my Highest Good”, “With Gratitude”, etc.

6. At the back of your Abundance Check, fill in your energetic address to the Universe: name, date of birth, physical address and mobile number.

Abundance Check Sample | Front

How to write your Abundance Check | BackAbundance Check Sample | Front

Manifesting Your Abundance Check Tips

1. Be, feel and think abundance as you write your check. If you are feeling stressed and worried about your finances, please work on changing your mindset by clearing your money blocks. You do not want to manifest the lack, rather than the abundance, of prosperity.

2. Avoid writing an amount that is too much of a stretch on your beliefs. Start on an amount that is believable. Refrain from doubting.

3. Visualise yourself receiving the money or other forms of abundance in gratitude and happiness, after writing the check.

4. Do you have a power word that goes along with your intention setting for the year? Examples of power words can also be found here. Write your power word on your Abundance check! Amp up the power for manifesting!

5. You can choose to put the check in your wallet or put it away. Putting it in your wallet assists you with focused energy. It is like having a mini-vision board in the form of an Abundance Check.

However, if you find yourself feeling distressed or doubting the process each time you look at the check upon opening your wallet, I suggest that you keep it in your drawer and not carry it around.

Once again, make a note of any negative feelings or state you may experience when thinking about the Abundance Check. Take the opportunity to do some energy release of your money blocks. There are thousands and thousands of testimonials of people who have had great success with these methods. Including myself 🙂

6. Continue to keep the positive vibes up daily by aligning with better-feeling thoughts.

7. Star Tip #1!!! Be open to receiving. Be also open to the thought that instead of a direct manifestation of money, you may receive ideas that can help generate wealth. In short, keep your antenna up for creative delivery ways by the Universe!!!

8. Star Tip #2!! Lastly, pin up your Abundance Check on your vision board or paste it in your vision journal.

Set Intentions During The New Moon

Go ahead and write a number of checks!! New Moon dates also work well for other intention setting, not just for the manifesting of financial abundance. So if it is not money, you can also choose to put down whether it is good health, relationships or anything that you wish to intend for. You can also use the checks for blessings of love, peace or prosperity for everyone. Give them as a gift to others!

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free abundance check or cheque for Mother EarthThe above was an old Abundance Check that I had pinned on my vision board. On behalf of Mother Earth, I have asked the Universe for more flowers weaved of gold and purple, lush green trees and rich mineral soil. Love, love, love this!

May your soul journey here on Earth be an abundant one!

Love and Abundance always,

Evelyn Lim

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Kiani - May 14, 2010

Hi Evelyn,

I really enjoy and look forward to your content. It never ceases to amaze me! I’ve created my 1st vision board, and now I will write my Abundance Check. You give me so much inspiration! I tell everyone I know about your site. How I even found you was a perfect example of how the laws of attraction, and the universe works. I’ll tell you that story another time.

Go Abundance Tapestry!!!!!!!!!

Peace & Prosperity,


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Kiani,

Thank you for your feedback and telling others about my website. I look forward to sharing more of what I know. I would be interested to hear about your personal story someday.

All the best in bringing your dreams forward!

Abundance always,

Delia - May 14, 2010

Hey Evelyn, Just wanna say thank you for always sharing the abundance wisdom your knowledge and inspiration are like GOLD. About to print
the Abundance check. Blessing & Love Delia

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Delia,

You are so incredible, you know that?

Love and hugs,

Lance - May 14, 2010

I can only believe that in so doing this, that there becomes a connection to helping us to move toward what it is that we deeply desire. What I love about this activity – is that it is easy. Easy, and still it’s something which takes intention and meaning.

So, I love what you are offering here! Evelyn, you shine what is so wonderful in this world – and I am drawn to a word – ABUNDANCE. This is something I feel here always – and it’s such a beautiful gift that you give to all who cross this space you have created.

Thank you so much for the beauty you bring into the world…into my world…

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Lance,

You always have such beautiful words to say about everyone. Indeed, it is because you already feel it in your heart – ABUNDANCE. Your show of love is inspiration for the beauty that I share with everyone else. What goes around comes around. Oneness.

Abundance always,

Evita - May 14, 2010

Hi Evelyn

Oh this is such a great idea! And your template looks fantastic 🙂

I remember too hearing about Jim Carrey’s story as I think he described it on Oprah, and I thought “how clever!” He brilliantly manifested, as his intentions, emotions and openness were in the right place.

And I love the idea of setting these new intentions on a new moon. I am just now starting to learn the true power and influence of the moon on the energies of the world. Sure I have heard from farmers before that things should be grown around this or that phase of the moon, but now it is becoming real for me. So I look forward to learning more and thank you for putting up the new moon dates.

I will be honest with you, on my check I would like to put $30,000 – we really want to be off the grid this year with our new home… and that amount would suffice enough solar panels to do it (and yes I will remember to stay open and detached from the outcome). So let’s put the intention out, be open to receiving and see what happens 🙂

I already believe and feel unlimited resources in my life on a daily basis – things come out of the neatest places to take care of things, even when others would think how is that possible – you don’t have a job! But the Universe is abundant and unlimited, and I just love experiencing that daily 🙂

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Evita,

I love the idea of setting intentions on new moon dates too. I am going to track my experiences with it.

I wish you all the best in manifesting more than you’ll ever need for your new home. You’d never really know how money can come. My girlfriend has a knack of attracting winnings from all kinds of sources. So anything is possible!!

Abundance always,

Greg Blencoe - May 14, 2010

Hi Evelyn!

Thanks for creating and sharing your abundance check. I just filled it out and will put it on my vision board.

I should mention that my vision board also includes a few pictures of Singapore since my intention is to come visit on my way to or from Sydney where a friend of mine is currently living. You can see a YouTube video of my vision board on my blog (it’s in the second post from the top as of Friday morning here in the U.S.).

Furthermore, I have been visualizing the trip to Singapore (along with everything else that is on the vision board) while I meditate in the morning. It’s amazing how real it begins to feel.

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Greg,

When you are booking your flight to Singapore, you have to let me know so that we can arrange to meet. !! Notice I say “when” and not “if”.

All the best in your visualization! Remember to have some fun even while your desire is strong!

Abundance always,

Greg Blencoe Reply:

Hi Evelyn,

Absolutely, I will let you know WHEN I book my flight to Singapore. It will be great to meet. The visualization continues to go well. And as you suggested, I will be sure to have some fun!

Evelyn Reply:

Okie…LOL!! Waiting for you here!

All the best,

Jeremy Johnson - May 15, 2010

You amaze me with your creativity Evelyn. I’m going to print this out right now and make one.

Evelyn Reply:

And you put me in awe of yours!

Totally floored, inspired and astounded,

Suzie Cheel - May 15, 2010

How abundant and inspirational you are Evelyn- what a wonderful idea, have just printed my copy. Love the one you write for the universe, you have given me a few ideas.

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Suzie,

All the best to your intentions for healing and abundance!!

With love,

Hilary - May 16, 2010

Hi Evelyn .. I love your thoughts on this .. and the wishes for us and for the universe .. helping ourselves and our planet ..

Your creativity always shines through .. it’s wonderful to read and think about how we can apply your thoughts to our lives .. thanks for the New Moon Dates …

Great – love it .. have a great week ahead .. Hilary

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Hilary,

All the best to getting what you wish for!!

Have a great week too,

Kim - May 18, 2010

Hi Evelyn,

I think I missed the 3 day grace period for the new moon, but it doesn’t hurt to set my intentions daily 😉 You made a key point in being open to receiving. Abundance comes in many forms — it shows in your limitless ideas and creativity!

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Kim,

Thank you for your lovely and kind words about abundance in limitless ideas and creativity.

I wish you all the best in manifesting your intentions!

Abundance always,

Steven Aitchison - May 19, 2010

Hi Evelyn, what a great idea and what a great template for the check. I have downloaded it already and will try this out. I am always open to new ideas.

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Steven,

All the best in your manifestations!

Abundance always,

Eric Watermolen | Eden Journal - May 20, 2010

Hey Evelyn,
I love this. You always have such creative ideas, and I think this is my favorite one yet. It’s such a simple way of utilizing the law of attraction. I printed out a check and put it in my wallet so I’ll see it every time I reach in there for money.

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Eric,

Hope that your requests manifest fast! Great one there about taking action and putting a check in your wallet rightaway!!

Abundance always,

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Jason Fonceca - May 22, 2010

Awesome idea and very cool free resource to offer! From the comments it seems like many have benefited already 🙂

My favourite part of the post though, was your flower photo with the Canon 550 – beautiful shot and a beautiful camera. I imagine you’re loving it 😀

Rock on Evelyn.

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Jason,

Thanks! I am indeed having fun with taking photos. Flowers and children are my favorite subject 🙂

With love,

Robin - May 23, 2010

What a great idea! I love it!

Evelyn Reply:

Thank you, Robin, for your feedback!

With love,

Krisna - May 27, 2010

Thanks Evelyn! I have used the one from The Secret, but because this came to my attention, I am assuming it is a sign that I need to rethink my “design”! Maybe I need to print out several, since I want abundance to keep flowing…

Evelyn Reply:

Hello Krisna,

Yes, print lots of checks and see if it works! Mine is blessed with plenty of love 🙂

Abundance always,

Marika - January 7, 2011

😀 nice reading here.
Well in our culture ( in the past ) all what you wanted to get in your life you needed to do in new moon and what you don´t want you needed to do in waning moon.
Like cutting hair, or cleaning etc..

Good moon calendar is Thun calendar, my grandma uses it for crowing vegetables and etc.
If You don´t mind i can give the link:

Well i wish you all better and better ;D

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