Energy Healing for #MeToo

Over the past 2 days, I encountered a number of posts with #MeToo in my newsfeed.

They are popping up in the wake of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

Bravo to the women who are now speaking up about their hidden secret. Hopefully, they are able to find some form of closure; although for some, it make take more than just speaking up to address what has been left unresolved.

energy healing for me too

Then, there are those who still do not dare post #MeToo despite what had taken place.

It could be that they still associate it as something shameful, that they still feel that what happened was their fault, that they fear that the people around may react negatively to their revelation and so on.

Well, I chanced upon one courageous lady who decided to confide in me.

The subject of #MeToo had risen out of the blue. Neither a client nor a friend I have known for years. Which makes me feel even more privileged to know her secret. Thank you dear!

This is for sure: If left buried and unresolved, it can cause self-sabotage years even after the incident.


It can create intimacy and sexual issues, relationship breakdowns, affecting money and abundance, success, self-love and so on.

Because I have helped women with dissolving their pain and integrating an energetic change, I know that a brighter and better future is possible.

When I was writing out this newsletter, I tried to recall if there was a major #metoo incident” myself… first I could not for the life of me remember that there was one….when suddenly, I recalled an incident.

It wasn’t a case of sexual assault but I had allowed the guy to get away. The stranger had brushed his arms against my upper body. It appeared to be accidental the first time but then it happened again. Yet, I pretended not to have realised.

While it is in no comparison to some of the horror stories out there, I have to acknowledge that I had felt ashamed for allowing it to happen without raising the alarm. I had to release the guilt and shame around it.

And so, I am wondering if there are more of you out there.

Is there something in your memory that is still causing an emotional disruption for you?

It may sound scary. You may be reluctant to revisit the past.

The thing is: You don’t have to live in the trauma. The key to unlocking happiness, wellness and abundance lies with you. It starts with you making a decision.

Please approach for help locally if you need immediate assistance. It is absolutely important that you get support.

If you are looking for energy healing assistance, contact me here with the subject title “Help for Me too”. I’d like to hold a safe space for you for emotional release to be done. Let’s have a conversation together. Your privacy is assured!

Love and abundance always,



P.S. Can I get your help to share this post on social media? I believe that more women needs to read this message and know that help is available when they seek some. Thank you!

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