How to Firewalk: Lessons for Success from Tony Robbins

firewalk experience

Imagine walking over hot coals in a firewalk experience at around 1200 degrees Farenheit (650 degrees Celcius). The firewalk experience covers about 15 feet which will take an average of 5-7 steps and therefore, it’s long enough to create burns. It would be potentially more injurious say than getting scalded by boiling water from a kettle.

Sounds scary? Well, Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within (UPW) Event has a firewalk experience that can be risky and yet life-changing. I decided to take up the challenge last week when I attended the event here in Singapore.

For the firewalk experience, a temperature reading is taken using an infrared laser thermometer before the coals are declared ready to be walked on. It is a rite of passage for breaking limits. In case you don’t already know, firewalks have been used by many cultures over the years, as a symbolic act of faith, initiation and courage.

Would you be up for a firewalk? While it is voluntary, I’d say that it would be crazy not to give it a go. After all, if you have said “yes” to attending to a UPW event, it helps to keep an open mind. And it does not matter even if you were pulled along to attend one. 

Well, these were the thoughts going through my mind at the start of the UPW event. Admittedly, I had been skeptical of attending motivational talks. It’s not quite my thing. I had doubts that they would produce any long-lasting changes in a person especially after the initial rush of energy fizzles out.

However, my husband thought differently. He had wanted to attend a Tony Robbins event for years. We had enjoyed Tony’s books and his “I am not Your Guru” movie on Netflix. And so, I decided to set my doubts aside and go along too. Listen in as a I recount my experience….

The Power of a FireWalk Experience and UPW

I am a fire walker

While there were many insights, I’d like to lay out 4 great ones. I’ve covered them as well in my video recording.  Here’s what I learnt and how you can do the firewalk steadily …

1) How physiology helps in creating powerful states.

In the pre-walk seminar, I observed how the stacking of positive anchors in physiology can lead to a powerful enhanced state, taking anyone from fear to fearless. Repetition is key and stacking of the power move “yes” works! Observing the master, being Tony Robbins, in action was phenomenal. Many of his steps are covered under NLP.

2) How moving towards the desired target (end of 15 feet) keeps the mind focused.

This is simple enough: avoid looking down at the feet or on the coals but keep an eye on your target.

3) Working on the mind with mantras and preparation helps!

It would be a lie to try to convince yourself that the firewalk is going to be a walk in the park. Expect this: you are in a firewalk – it’s going to be hot. Extremely hot!!

So telling yourself that you are going to encounter the physical sensation of heat is going to help, even if you are all pumped up. Bring awareness that there is the physical sensation of heat but focus the mind on thinking cool.

If you are having too much inner talk, crowd that out with a mantra. Avoid getting distracted but stay focused on repeating the mantra.

4) How important it is to visualize what the celebration is going to be like from undergoing the challenge.

Visualization helps to elicit a positive emotional state that pulls you into a new adventure. It keeps you associated with the outcome you desire, and you keep moving forward. And before you know it, you’ve completed the firewalk experience!

Finally, follow through on the celebration. It’s important to end a challenge on a positive note! Give your thanks! Make some noise!

Picture below of my blisters was taken 4 days after the firewalk experience…
my battle scars from tony robbins firewalk

The pain is nothing compared to having the joy from having completed the Firewalk Experience! 

FireWalk Tony Robbins Cert

The Firewalk and UPW Experience

Oprah attended his UPW event in Los Angeles in 2012. She expected to only stay for two hours but ended up staying for 12 hours instead, completely surprising herself by also taking on the firewalk exercise. She triumphantly declared afterwards, “This was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.”

If anything, the firewalk experience is but a metaphor. It is on how the power of the mind can conquer anything. The pre-walk seminar for the firewalk experience covers changing your beliefs, challenging ‘truths’ and getting into an empowered physiology to take on anything. If you go through the 4 tips above, you can see how they apply to getting success in life:

1) Change your physiology to change your results. Be in a  peak resourceful state. An energy-rich state is going to attract more wealth and abundance than an energy-poor one.

2) Always keep an eye on your vision. Don’t be stuck with feeling stuck.

3) Work on your mindset. Keep it strong with positive affirmations, mantras, and empowering beliefs.  Harness the power of your subconscious mind!

4) Use visioning! Visioning is visualising the outcome that you want repeatedly. You connect with the desire of why you want what you want. Step into the picture of your ideal outcome.

What feels impossible like your goal becomes possible!

What’s truly extraordinary is the effect that Tony Robbins has. I’ve not seen anyone who has the energy to move 12000 people all at once to perform an incredible feat of overcoming their fears. He’s performed the impossible himself by his very example. A true genius and inspiration!

My thoughts: What’s Next

I’d like to suggest attending UPW by Tony Robbins, if you have not attended one before.

The UPW seminar is only the beginning. I find it a great catalyst for personal transformation. However, there is still the follow through that is needed. The pumped up feeling is not going to last if old habits of thinking come back. Tony Robbins has done a great job with creating the excitement of change. To ride on the momentum is to have a strategic  plan on how to support yourself in terms of mindset.

As Tony Robbins says, success is psychology is 80% and 20% strategy. If you want better results, change how you feel and think with a change in state. If for some reason, you are still feeling stuck or can’t achieve the breakthrough that you deserve, investigate into root cause of your beliefs. Look into the beliefs that have formed in the past. They are usually subconscious, deep-rooted and they hold you back from achieving better results.

Indeed, life will never be the same again from working on your mindset and conditioning it for success! Apply for a 30 min complimentary call if you’d like to work together 🙂 

Love and abundance always, 
Evelyn Lim

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