5 Ways to Get Over Mom Guilt Without Struggle for the Mompreneur

Are you experiencing mom guilt because your business is taking an important place in your priority list….so much so that you are not able to be 100% present for your kids sometimes?

Mom guilt is the worst stealer of joy that can inflict a mompreur who’s trying her best to do the juggling act.

get over mom guilt for mompreneur

You have been saying yes to the following…
attending to the important sales call

preparing a marketing launch


doing facebook lives

coaching others

and cutting down on the following….
– joining the parent support group for your kid’s school
– baking cookies for children parties
– monitoring your children in their homework
– organizing play dates and other social events with other moms
– cooking family dinners
– breastfeeding beyond 6 months…

and the list goes on.

I found out that mom guilt never quite go away completely. Even though my girls are teenagers and need a lot less time from me, I still experience the mom guilt every once in a while. Then again, it has not stopped me from establishing the clear boundary between business and my two girls. I have not allowed mom guilt to stop me from pursuing what I want nor use it as an excuse to give up my business altogether.

You may have started on entrepreneurship because you desire a lifestyle that will allow you to enjoy family, time flexbility and fulfilment. It sounds awesome to have it all! However, things are not turning out in the way you had first imagined.

As an entrepreneur, you can’t stop breathing your business. As a mom, it is just a natural instinct for you to want to be there for your kids. You have got family obligations to fulfill and tasks to do every day. With both together, you now realize that you could have taken up challenges more than you have bargained for.

Indeed, getting a business off the ground takes hard work.

Cut yourself some slack!

Allow yourself some grace.

You already have a lot to deal with.

Letting go of guilt helps you get more done! Yes! 

get more done mompreneur

1. Work Around a Routine or Schedule

Having a routine or schedule can be very helpful. You can now better concentrate and be present because you have already made allocations for each important life area. Activities are no longer random. Mom guilt is not necessary because you already have a schedule that will help you bring about balance.

There will be days that nothing falls according to plan. That’s okay. Learn to ride along with it.


2. Set Your Goals

Set some family and business goals. When business opportunities come round, check against these goals. If they are not aligned, say “no”. Save yourself from experiencing mom guilt. There will always be another opportunity. You can always work on attracting the right one, by employing visioning techniques.


3. Get a Support Network

Unite with other mompreneurs. Join my FB group for instance. Exchange ideas on how to deal with mom guilt and how you can become more effective in your business and marketing.

Mompreneurs love to support other mompreneurs. Because we understand what it feels like to be running a household and a business at the same time. Ask for help on any brilliant resources that can help you. Save yourself from going on a guilt trip by becoming focused and feeling supported.


4. Shift Your Perspective

You may not have everything together. There will be days as if you feel like you can’t manage the crazy busy schedule. There will be days when you have to put aside work to send your kid to the clinic because she has fallen ill. There will be days when you are not able to bring her to the playground because you have to get on a client call. And you are feeling down due to mom guilt.

However, your kids get to see you in action. By deciding to be a mompreneur, you are showing them that you have got dreams. You are showing them how courageous you are to go for them and that you are doing what it takes. More power over to you! 

You are letting them know how passionate, dedicated and determined you are. That no matter how tough the balancing act can be, you continue to strive. That no matter how much tantrums they throw, you continue to serve your clients in your highest capcity.

It’s a legacy that you are leaving them, if you ask me. Your kids get to see first-hand how a business is born. Your kids get to see what a shining inspiration you are!

Leave a legacy mompreneur

5. Release Your Mom Guilt

Best tip of all: release your mom guilt with emotional healing. Allow yourself grace to work through your emotions. If mom guilt is impacting your life, don’t just brush it aside.

You could be having some confusion about what it means to be a modern mom and a mompreneur all at once. Mom guilt can create money blocks for you. You will find that no matter how hard you try, you can’t make enough to achieve a breakthrough.

Avoid battling your mom guilt alone. Work on forgiveness. Find a mentor or guide. Work with me.

keep calm mompreneur
Love and abundance always,



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