Gratitude List: 10 Thank You Items

An excellent way to roundup for the year is to create a gratitude list. In your list, you express your appreciation for the events, people and things that have happened for the past 12 months. Gratitude tunes you into joy straightaway – it is a great vibration to align with while ushering the beginning of next year.

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So, let’s pop the champagne. Here is my Gratitude List for 2011:

1. I am thankful that my dream continues to come true for me. My dream is help make a difference and transform the lives of others. To deepen readers’ awareness, I have written and launched a total of three books, Abundance Alchemy: Journey of Gold, Self-Love Secrets eBook and Adventures in Manifesting: Success and Spirituality (co-written with best-selling authors like Dr Joe Vitale and Dr Brian Tracy, and produced by Sarah Prout).

2. I would like to thank you for being a part of the Abundance Tapestry community. Thank you for reading my articles and your social media votes the whole year round.

3. The results prove it too. I am thankful for the surge in traffic. My site, Abundance Tapestry, enjoyed a total of 600,000 unique visitors (page views of 2.78 million) this year. Unique visitors doubled from last year’s of 298,000. And not just RSS feed numbers, the number of the subscribers to my opt-in newsletter also doubled correspondingly.

4. If you have been a client of mine during this year, thank you. Maybe you have bought a book, had a life coaching session or ordered a reading from me, whatever it is, I am grateful. Without your continued support, this site cannot continue to run. Thus, your support has not gone unnoticed but has been deeply appreciated. Going into next year, my site will continue to offer free articles that help the community at large.

5. Thanks to all my personal friends for your love and support. Also, much thanks to the following love and light luminaries, many of whom I have known over the years from blogging: Angela Artemis, Lori Deschene, Lance Ekum, Suzie Cheel, Evita Ochel, Rob White, Galen Pearl, Zeenet, Irving, Steven Aitchison, Sarah Prout, Sean Patrick Simpson, J D Meir, Aileen, Joy, Chris Edgar, Jimmy, Justin Mazza and many many more.

Note that if I have not mentioned your name specifically, it does not mean that I have not remembered or appreciated your presence. Many many have come by and spent time on my site, so I know who you are. I am also happy that while some of you are no longer blogging, we have connected via Facebook.

6. Thankfully, I was able to keep my sanity even whilst having to maintain a busy schedule. As an act of self-love, I need to give myself a pat on the back. Much of the work (from writing of books, designing graphics, photographing images and actively working to generate traffic) involved has been done almost single handedly. On the side, I have spent a fair amount of time releasing on my own internal blocks and practicing visioning. I have also worked on clients and in the process, gain further insights for myself.

All these, in addition to balancing family needs and tutoring my two children in their studies. Any parent in Singapore will know how pressurizing local schools are. I basically had to relearn Mathematics and Science, in order to teach my two girls. Well, in their examinations, they scored As.

7. Thanks to my family; namely my hubs and two lovely kids. I know that life with me can be pretty challenging at times. Thank you for putting up with my idiosyncrasies, snores and rants. Love you always!

8. Thanks to all of Singapore, the country that I live in. Without the peace in my surrounding environment, I will not be able to pursue my dream.

9. Thank you, Universe, for opening up the heavens for me. I have been attracting a number of JV opportunities, some of which will bear fruit in the next year.

10. Thanks to my spiritual team. My guides been awesome. They have been together with me whether during moments of joy or trials. Let’s have another go next year!

All in, I look forward to providing you with more tips, interesting articles and new launches next year. With this, I am pretty sure that next year will be another exciting one for the Abundance Tapestry community. (Don’t forget too to also connect with me via my Facebook Page: Abundance Tapestry.)

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year. May you have a smashing year ahead! A year that brings you even greater joy, peace and light!

I will be back soon with my first post for 2012. Looking forward!

Love and abundance always,

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Justin Mazza - December 31, 2011 Reply

Hi Evelyn,
I second your idea to start the new year with an attitude of gratitude. The feeling of gratitude is so empowering and kind of a secret when it comes to manifesting what we really want. At least it works for me. 😉

Kudos to say the least with the three books that you have written with some really awesome and big name authors. 🙂

Your traffic stats are amazing Evelyn. I can’t wait to get there too. Thanks for adding me with other amazing friends that I have had the honor to get to know through blogging.

I am happy to have gotten to know you Evelyn, take care of yourself and have a Happy New Year!


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Justin,

Glad to know that you like the idea of starting the new year with love and blessings in our hearts.

Oh yes, it has been an amazing year for me. I might have worked but I wouldn’t have gotten such great results without support from the blogging community, applying energy tools and the Law of Attraction, and asking for spiritual assistance.

I know that you will be able to achieve the most amazing results for yourself soon enough. May you continue to be a source of inspiration for me too!

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones and an awesome year ahead!

Abundance always,


Gerhard - December 31, 2011 Reply

I am grateful to all my teachers which is life itself, but headmost friends and people I met. As I believe we are here to learn I hope to learn even more in 2012. I experienced it often as insightful to learn about things from areas I would usually not enter, therefore maybe you enjoy (re)learning maths and science too 🙂

Congratulations to the amazing success of your blog (including your products). It definitely is a proof not only for quality but also that your readers are pleased by your open attitude.

I wish you all the very best for 2012 and may some dreams come true for you!


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Gerhard,

Thank you for sharing about your hopes for the new year. I certainly wish you a great year for learning, evolving and growing.

Thank you too for your support and encouragement. I appreciate your kind words.

Have a Happy New Year and the most amazing year ahead! May you and your loved ones enjoy much love, peace and light in 2012!

Abundance always,


Joy - December 31, 2011 Reply

Hi Evelyn,
May each day be full of love and gratitude:)
Thank you for sharing your gratitude list. So refreshing to read amongst all of the mainstream yearly goal oriented wrap ups and new resolutions! When we live in alignment, we are tapped into flow..and as you have shared here, the sky is the limit! Yes, you worked hard–I appreciate all that you have shared, very inspiring and affirming to me as I create in my life. However, as you worked, you removed internal blocks and practiced visioning to tap into flow..and *that* allowed extraordinary to be possible.
May you have : “A year that brings you even greater joy, peace and light!”


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Joy,

Thank you for your kind words. Goal setting has its place but most certainly, there is a need to incorporate holistic and spiritual perspectives to achieving our dreams. There will be far less struggle involved while in the pursuit of big dreams. I don’t see workload lightening up for myself in the year ahead as well. And so, I’m sure that I could do with all the help I need – from both the physical and non-physical world 🙂

I have been blessed with your friendship since the time we “met”. I hope to connect more in the new year.

May you have the most amazing year ahead! May you and your loved ones enjoy much love, peace and joy in 2012!

Abundance always,


Annetra - December 31, 2011 Reply

Hey Evelyn!
wonderful idea. 🙂 I am totally inspired with your post. till now I had nothing to do in the last day of the year. But right now I do have something significant to do. It is much more important than just partying arround. I will give my list right here.
1. Thank you god for giving me such a lovely child. The light of my life. When he smiles, I just forget everything else.
2. Thanks to my parents for being there for every minute of my distress. While I was gasping for breath, they touched me with their eternal love. Now I know what it really takes to be a parent.
3. I thank for all the oppertunities I have got in my life to meet different people from different walks of life. Everyone had given me something. Some lessions in a way or the other.
4. I thank “ABUNDANCETEPESTRY. COM” . For sharing such wonderful words and approach towards life. I got transformed after reading your blogs. Thank you for that.
5. I thank my new company for finding me worthy for the new job they have offered to me. I am thinking to take up the assignment.
6. I am thankful to the world for offering so many flavours on one plate called life.
7. I am thankful to everyone who has given me hurts and burns. That made me strong. I could distinguish my self of being a good huamnbeing.
8. I am thankful to everyone who has given me morsels while I was struggling for life in my pregnancy. I wish to return it in manyfolds.
9. I am thankful to my laptop and internet provider to keep me connected to the world. so that I am able to read wonderful things here.
10. Last but not the least, I am thankful to myself, for giving me company all the time, in each up and downs of my life. I am my best friend. 🙂
Happy new year to you dear. You are a woman of virtue. I wish to be like you some days.


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Annetra,

Thank you for sharing your list of gratitude. I am moved by some of the things you have shared. And most certainly I agree that there is no better way than to start the new year, feeling joy by creating a list of thank-yous.

I understand what you mean by gaining awareness when you become a parent yourself. It is a real gift to be alive and well. I like your point #10 most of all.

I also wish to thank you for your kind words. I am happy to know that my site has helped you in your journey. I hope that it will continue to inspire you in the new year ahead.

May you, your baby and loved ones have the most amazing year ahead. May you enjoy greater love, peace, light and joy!

Abundance always,


Angela Artemis/Poweredbyintuition - January 1, 2012 Reply

Dear Evelyn,
It’s been a pleasure getting to know and to work with you in the blogosphere. It’s finding new friends like you that make blogging soo worthwhile.

You have so much to be proud of with your three books and awesome growth of your blog! My sister just told me that she bought, “Abundance Alchemy!” I told her that she’s going to just love it, of course.

My best wishes to you for a fantastic new year and continued success!


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Angela,

I have been truly blessed by the grace of your friendship. Indeed, for all the hard work that blogging involves, it is meeting friends like you on the blogosphere that makes it worthwhile.

Can you thank your sister for me? I am humbled to know that she has bought my book.

My very best wishes to you too! May you and your loved ones enjoy the most amazing year ahead! May you experience greater success, love and peace!

Abundance always,


Mel Clifford - January 1, 2012 Reply

Hi Evelyn,
Wishing you continued success with your great work and well done on your 3 books. I wish you and your family a very healthy, peaceful and successful 2012.
Looking forward to reading your posts in 2012.
Kind Regards


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Mel,

Thank you for your wishes of support and encouragement.

I wish you and your loved ones a successful, prosperous and abundant year ahead! May 2012 be the most amazing year yet!

With much love,


The Vizier - January 1, 2012 Reply

Hi Evelyn,

Thank you so much for the special mention! I truly appreciate it! 🙂

Giving thanks for what we have allows us to receive greater abundance. And your success at Abundance Tapestry is indeed deserving of thanks. I am glad to be part of this community.

Maybe in this new year, there will be a chance for collaboration. I would certainly be open to and look forward to that. 🙂

Thank you for sharing this lovely article!

Irving the Vizier


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Irving,

You are so welcome 🙂 I truly appreciate your participation as part of the community here.

Oh yes, looking forward to JV opportunities.

Love and abundance always,


Lance - January 1, 2012 Reply

It has been a joy to watch you soar this past year – and to have the opportunity to work with you on a small part of the amazing gifts you bring to this world.

You make me a better person. Even more, though, I really sense the love and care you share out to the world – and that, dear friend, just makes my heart smile…

Wishing you an incredible year ahead, and look very much forward to our continued friendship…

Loving you,


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Lance,

Thank you for your kind words and support.

I am awed. You have been an incredible friend ever since I got to know you online. I have been blessed by your friendship.

May you continue to shine. May you continue to touch the world, including myself, in all that you do. Yours is an energy that lights up our hearts.

Also, wishing you and your loved ones a smashing year ahead! I look forward to more collaborations with you in the new year.

Abundance always,


Aileen | Kaizen Vision - January 2, 2012 Reply

Such a beautiful and inspiring gratitude list – and a brilliant and heart warming way to bring in the fresh New Year.

I’m a grateful for many, many things – far too many to list here, one of them is this blog and the inspiring images and words you post on Facebook. Your words remind me to align my thoughts – and I’m grateful!

I wish you a 2012 filled with all blessings, all joy and endless fulfillment.


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Aileen,

I have been happy to know you as a friend. I love how positive and uplifting you are. You have been extremely supportive too. You are a true gift to the world!

May you enjoy greater success and well-being in the new year! May your days be filled with joy and peace!

With love and abundance always,


Jason Fonceca - January 3, 2012 Reply

Those are really beautiful sentiments, Evelyn! Thank YOU for your warm and awesome sharing. 🙂

You rock 😀

I appreciate the launch of my focused, pure, evolved brand: Ryze. After years of jumping from project-to-project, I’ve been blessed to cradle all my passions and interests and creativity into one focused message (brand.)

I appreciate delicious food, drink, and celebration. I’ve been able to build a life that brings me significant amounts of this, and the freedom to enjoy it when I wish.

I appreciate the wealth of knowledge and ideas in the world. Our world is filled with thinkers, all sharing incredible ideas, and I’ve always been blessed to attract them in great abundance.

I appreciate every piece of furniture and every material item that make up my world. Someone passionately created them, and the tools to build them, and I benefit from them all the time.

I appreciate the abundant guest post invitations I’ve received and the fantastic response I’ve had from the community. I ran my blog for 6 years and 300+ posts with ~100-200 visits a day, and that is changing in a big way.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to share my appreciation, what a wonderful thing.

Happy New Year, Evelyn!


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Jason,

It has been a long time since you came over. I am happy that you still remember my site and I. For this, you rock too 🙂

Thank you for sharing your gratitude list. It’s great that you have come to concentrating on one single message. It is definitely important for clarity, focus and vision.

You are certainly abundant! It is wonderful that life is a celebration for you. The responses that you have received online is testament to your hard work, passion and dedication.

I enjoyed what you have shared very much. More of us should learn from the positivity of your script. It vibrates warmth, energy and fullness.

May you continue to attract loads of abundance! May you enjoy greater success and well-being in the new year!

Abundance always,


J.D. Meier - January 3, 2012 Reply

Congratulations on your three books and realization your dreams!

You’ve had a fantastic year of growth and greatness. I like that you always practice an attitude of gratitude, and that will always serve you well, whether it’s to embrace what you already have, or to carry you forward … onward and upwards.


Evelyn Reply:

Thank you, J.D. Thank you for your warm wishes.

I certainly hope to cultivate the attitude of gratitude. Writing this post has helped me with it as well.

I wish you the most amazing year ahead. Much success and blessings to you! Let’s stay connected!

With love,


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