How Elmer Went from Inconsistent Results to Hitting 80% Of His Money Goal in 10 weeks

Elmer Zabala, a Money Coach from Philippines, has excellent potential but found it hard to commit to his success due to his fears. The outcome from his fears showed up in inconsistent results. He experienced fluctuations in income that were tied to his fears. Even though Elmer was part of a team of motivated individuals, he still found it challenging to improve his performance. He had his own unique challenges that needed to be addressed at the root.

Listen in to his story…

“Before getting into the course, in terms of performance, I was really inconsistent. I will make some money this month but the following month, I will not make. I think I am capable but my results were not really consistent.

During my first call with coach Evelyn, I began to understand that it is in terms of decision making and giving commitment, I am somehow not consistent. As soon as I got the awareness, I found a way to be in the coaching program with Coach Evelyn.

When I started attending the group calls and doing the homework assignments, they somehow gave me a structure in terms on what I needed to do on a regular basis. The deep dive healing calls with Coach Evelyn really made a difference. I now understand the blocks that I had deep inside me that were always appearing when I was about to meet with a client or when I was about to breakthrough.

Those blocks were unconsciously coming up. But when we did the deep dive healing calls, I was able to release them one-by-one. I even remember that just before doing my presentation and coaching.

I am very happy that after that, in terms of my goals, I hit 80%. I am very happy with it. I still have the next 2 weeks to hit the last 20%. I am very excited for that!

I also learned how to do the tapping, which helps me to getting that push I need every time I am fearful and every time I am doubtful. The tapping helps me understand that it is all about me who is creating all that fear and doubt and that I also have the power to shift in terms of my perspective. I am very grateful and very excited. I am happy to learn more with Coach Evelyn.”

I am thrilled for Elmer! It’s quite a feat that he hit 80% of his desired goal in 10 weeks. Within 10 weeks of working together, his whole vibe has changed. Where he used to have an issue with commitment, he became engaged, participative and played full-on as the group program ran.

Elmer is now energised; devoted to his profession and aligned with the purpose of serving others with love and care. All the makings of authentic leadership! I continue to root for his success for he deserves every support and love 🙂


How is Fear Showing Up for You? 

Is Elmer’s previous situation similar to yours?

Do you find yourself procrastinating on the things you need to do that would have helped you reach your goal or vision?

Do you find yourself giving plenty of excuses disguised as reasons for not stepping up?

Are you caught in repeated patterns of fear that stops you from being visible and being in a leadership role?

I am interested to help you overcome your fears and achieve the breakthrough that you deserve. We do this by addressing your root issues at the subconscious level PLUS making the changes relevant to the life situation that you are currently in.

It is a process of alchemy that brings you from limitation to true empowerment. We are not just working on helping you hit a target but in a way that is spiritually and financially aligned. What’s important is that you gain the know-how to take charge of your goals and vision from now on.  

I would like to be able to assist you in aligning with your highest potential and shining your best light! Contact me for a 30-min complimentary call on clearing your fears and getting the breakthrough that you deserve >>> 

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