How to Find the Nirvana of Life Balance

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” Thomas Merton

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Do you find it hard to experience balance in your life?

Balance can be a challenging thing to attain if your work schedule is hectic and demanding.

Perhaps, you have been striving hard for the money; climbing up the corporate ladder or running your business.

And so, up till now, there could have been aspects of your life that you have ignored or set aside.

These aspects can be about physical exercise, contribution to society, meditation and/or spirituality.

They may also include time for bonding with your family.

What a State of Imbalance Feels Like

Typically, you just don’t have the energy to devote your time to anything else, with what is going on at work. You feel tired about a long day. Your attention is spent on managing your tasks like clockwork, planning your appointments back-to-back and meeting your project datelines.

In your 20s and 30s, work priorities may be where you – like the vast majority of people – have been placing focus on. Not that there is anything wrong with making such a choice. After all, you need to think about paying for your housing installments, insurance premiums and the hefty expenses that go into enrichment classes to amp up your kids’ brainpower.

However, do note that a state of imbalance over a prolonged period of time can show up in physical symptoms. They show up due to unresolved emotions, heightened stress levels and a lowered immune system from not leading a healthy lifestyle. Over weeks, months and even years, your sense of well-being erodes. How your work environment is like and how you manage your emotions contribute to your state of imbalance.

What usually happens is that the more you struggle to juggle, the more you are likely to lose your sense of equilibrium. And as motivational speaker, Zig Zaglar, pointed out,”You can’t truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles”. The same applies in any kind of job.

Putting Things in Balance and in Perspective

While having lots of money offers you more options in life, it is by no means the most important thing. You can have money but still be unhappy. However, if you are generally happy, it does not matter what your situation is like.

Happiness is pretty much a choice. And so is balance.

Balance is not acquired through simply drawing up a pie chart that depicts time allocation on the various aspects of your life. While it definitely helps to have a graphical representation, you must understand that the “real” pie chart of life is not a static situation. In fact, balance is pretty much a process.

Balance is dynamic. There is an ebb and flow to life. If you expect to be in balance all the time, you will be sadly disappointed. Life can sometimes throw curveballs. Living a whole and empowered life – which is really about abundance – means acquiring the ability to first be aware that you are out of alignment and restoring back into a balanced state of peace, harmony, rhythm and order.

Find the Nirvana of Balance

More than anything else, balance is not simply about time management. If I may suggest, balance is also about energy management. And since emotion is energy-in-motion, balance can be attained through managing your emotions.

The nirvana of balance is found through undergoing life experiences. It does involve the process of going out of balance and re-balancing back. It is very much like riding a bicycle. You find your balance when you are riding the process. No books can teach you this more clearly than experience itself.

Very importantly, it involves an acute awareness that an emotional shift is necessary, if you are feeling out of sorts and in discomfort. A great way is tune into your emotional guiding system. You ask yourself: How am I feeling this moment? Am I happy with my life? What is the shift that I need in order to experience peace, harmony and ease?

The nirvana of balance is discovered in the process of making everyday choices that take into account priorities that are important to you and being congruent with these choices. When you are not congruent, your emotional guiding system lets you know this. It is while you are experiencing imbalance that you find balance. Periods of imbalance offer you the opportunity to make a shift. They highlight contrast. From a state of awareness, you take the steps that will help restore balance.

Love and abundance always,

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Abundance Alchemy Coach
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Sandra Pawula - July 1, 2014 Reply

Evelyn, What a wonderfully unique yet spot on approach to balance. This idea really captured my attention: “Balance is dynamic.” Listen to our emotions and our body is truly the way to find balance.


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for dropping by. I am glad to know that my post has resonated with you. Yes, I totally believe in listening in and using our emotional guiding system to restore balance.

With much love,


Tom - December 19, 2015 Reply

Linda,Like Tiffany you have been a part of my Personal Development Journey. I appreciate you and our finsidehrp! I first started writing things down on my list in 2008. I have always been a list person but I knew I needed to start implementing new things in my schedule. I loved the quote Les Brown said to us one day, Be around people who celebrate you instead of tolerate you . It hit me that I needed celebrate myself,to give myself a pat on the back every once in a while, get out of my own way! So I began to write down all the things that were not on my Beginning of the week/day list . I realized how good it felt when I crossed the items off my list, just like I did the original ones. Instead of focusing on the things I did NOT do I began to celebrate the things I DID do. Not to say that I can slack off and not complete my goals. Just be a little easier on my self and know that while I did not do everything I set out to do I did do things, and that makes me want to move the things I did not do over to the next day so I can look forward to crossing them off!


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