How to Get Out of Your Financial Rut Spiritually

Are you trapped in a financial rut?


trapped in financial rut


A financial rut is a repeated pattern that obstructs your way to abundance.
The heart of the matter is: the same old ways of being, doing and thinking leads to the same old results.


Then again, that you are in a pattern may escape you, even if it is repetitious.


Being in the rut can result in unclear vision. As I shared in the last article, when you are emotional overwhelm, clarity goes down. It can happen when you are in a rut. It takes awareness to realize that you are encountering the same pattern over and over again.


It’s easier for someone else to see that you are caught up in the same cycle, rather than yourself. A great way to start to examine what others are going through.


Calling Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs: Coaches, Healers, Trainers and Speakers 


Here are some typical examples of the money conversations I have with entrepreneurs…


“I offer healing services. However, I can’t seem to attract paying clients. If I am so lucky to even have one enquiry, I end up giving my service away for free or next to nothing. It’s a fact that I don’t have much experience and so, I don’t feel adequate enough to make my customers pay.

I also feel bad about charging anyone especially if she tells me that she is in financial struggle. After all, if I am an energy healer with the purpose of helping others, it just doesn’t feel right to get payment from anyone who is struggling. I simply can’t open my mouth to ask for the energy exchange.”

—- Energy Healer,  struggling with trying to balance spiritual purpose and financial abundance


“I became a coach to help other stressed-out mums about two years ago. I read so much about all the rock-star coaches who are having million dollar businesses and I thought I’d like to be one too. However, I have to admit that I am burdened by the struggle of getting my business going and I am feeling overwhelmed.

I’ve tried joining networking events but this has not brought me much traction. I’ve also tried to become more visible on Facebook but I’ve got no bookings for my services from there either. The last class that I was intending to host, there were zero sign-ups. This has been going on for the events all of last year too.

I’ve been applying various strategies that business coaches teach. I bought one program after another. It’s been an uphill battle trying to manage everything, with little to show for. I just don’t seem to understand why a strategy would work so well for others but not for me.

I’ve been saying this in the last 6 months but I feel ready to give up. I am thinking that I may not be cut out to run a business. I will just rely on my husband to bring in the funds. After all, we do have enough to get by. ”

— Stressed-out Mompreneur 


“I don’t agree with the values that my firm has and I am getting tired of my job. I’ve been thinking for at least 5 years on what I’d like to do instead. I’m drawn to the idea of becoming a coach as I’m a subscriber to your blog and read about what you do. It will be nice to create a difference. I’m looking for fulfillment.

In the meantime, I’ve attended a couple of meditation retreats, and have felt a change in my state. I am way better than how I used to be. I think I’ve got what it takes to become a coach or healer. Then again, I am not so sure. I have not taken any workshops or certifications as it means that I have to fork out more expenses.

Each time I think about leaving my job, I become undecided. I am earning enough to get by. I’ve already put up with this firm for the last 10 years. I guess I can still put up for another 5 years before I finally retire.”

—- Aspiring Entrepreneur Dreamer


Do You Notice the Similar Pattern?


In each of the above case, the person has a way of coping with the struggle even though the coping mechanism is not serving her (or him). She is definitely not able to see that she is in a financial rut yet. No doubt, there is a lot of inner chatter that is going on in the mind. What emerges is an inner conflict.


In the end, she offers an explanation on why it is better to stay put. There is the opting out instead of working through the discomfort and doing what it takes to succeed. Usually the excuse seems “reasonable” or “justified”. It takes on a story on why it is okay to remain where she is. A lot of times, there are enough financial justifications on why the situation is acceptable.


Well, case is closed if it is that simple.


Should you be going through this experience, you will be able to understand this: the ego can justify all it wants but the heart says otherwise. The irony is that despite having accepted the justification as a good reason, the heart sill cannot settle. Something still feels off here. Sounds like what is happening to you?


How to Get out of the Financial Rut – The First Step


Tune in right now and ask yourself what you are feeling.


Are you feeling achy, disenchanted and separated?

Do you continue to have the same battles over money in your mind, year after year?

Does your soul feel that something is missing, despite all the good reasons why you shouldn’t be this way?


It is the precisely the disconnection that keeps you awake at night.

It is also why you are feeling resigned rather than have the spark of aliveness lighting up your eyes!

If you become aware enough, the pain soon becomes unbearable.


The pain of being stuck in a financial rut that no longer serves you is infinitely greater than the discomfort of change.



Awaken to the Awareness that You Could be in a Financial Rut


Look at what is happening to your life.

Are there similar patterns that keep popping up?

Do you often bail yourself out, giving yourself excuses to stay where you are? Have you been resistant to change?

What has cost you to maintain your financial rut? What have you given up in terms of well-being? Does it pay to continue being in this rut?

Would you like things to change positively from where you are?


BREATHE IN DEEPLY NOW.  It can be difficult to read this. I know. I denied vehemently at first myself.


It wasn’t easy having my excuses called out as such. I felt vulnerable, beaten and destroyed (at least my ego was). It took me some time before I saw how trapped I was.


“Who would you be without your story? You never know until you inquire. There is no story that is you or that leads to you. Every story leads away from you. Turn it around; undo it. You are what exists before all the stories. You are what remains when the story is understood.” Byron Katie


However, if you can take on a non-attached posture and undertake to be honest with what is truly going on, you will see the pattern for yourself.


This is when change begins. It’s a spiritual breakthrough, if you ask me. Even if it is a matter related to money. You are freeing yourself from the prison of your old tired story.


get out of your financial rut



You create new energy pathways that bring you out of your financial rut, where you no longer belong.



Love and Abundance Always,




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Suzie Cheel - April 4, 2017 Reply

What a special article Evelyn and one I recognise having been in too. It is amazing how we can trap ourselves in the rut or lack mentality. Love the byron Katie quote xxx


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Suzie,

I’m glad that you’ve recognised the patterns that you were in. It’s not easy to realise that we could be a rut and where we are trapped in. I enjoy being on transformational calls. Even for my 30-minute complimentary ones, it’s getting others to see where the hidden sabotage patterns are. If one cannot have a mini breakthrough here, it’s likely that the patterns will be repeated elsewhere.



Sandra Pawula - April 4, 2017 Reply

This is a fascinating piece, Evelyn! It’s so revealing to read these quotes. You given us a lot to think about that can really help us shift.


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Sandra,

It’s nothing like typing these case studies out, reading them and seeing where the sabotage lies.

Hope this makes it clear for those who are in need of assistance.



Debbie L Hampton - April 5, 2017 Reply


I loved reading the others letters. I can so relate to the first one. I am aware of my limiting beliefs and “buts” and am actively working on them trying to change and unblock the energy. I am getting there! Thanks for your continual support and encouragement with your blog.


Evelyn Reply:


I am encouraged to write more posts after receiving your feedback that you have found them helpful. It’s valuable feedback to me. Thank you!!

Let me know if you need further assistance,



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