How To Ground Yourself In 7 Ways

ground yourself

“How to Ground Yourself” is a question that a reader to my blog posed to me. Well, it can be accomplished in a few ways. I would like to share my ideas in this article.

What Is Grounding?

The earliest understanding of this word is perhaps an order given by our parents that “we are grounded”. However, “grounded” as we know it in this situation, is negative because it is a punishment for kids in place of corporal punishment.

Another definition for grounding is building a strong foundation in knowledge and experience. When you receive a good grounding in a particular subject say, you are better equipped to handle more responsibilities or go for advanced study.

Spiritually, grounding means grounding ourselves to Mother Earth. You establish grounding by using visualisation exercises in sending of any excess energy back to the ground. Excess energy can be accumulated as a result of undergoing spiritual rituals. Hence, it is best that you learn how to ground yourself, so that you do not start to show signs of ungroundedness.

Signs of Ungroundedness

Ungroundedness makes you feel as if you are getting out of touch with reality. You feel as if you are not your normal self. The best terms to describe yourself include “being flighty”, “floaty” or “airy fairy”.

Taken to the extreme, ungroundedness can make you a Drama Queen; you exaggerate your problems, your imagination is in overdrive and you are particularly sensitive. Because you expend a lot of energy unnecessarily and inappropriately, you experience extreme exhaustion. Other indicative signs that contribute to an out-of-sorts feeling include being anxious, worried, restless or lethargic for no apparent reasons.

How to Ground Yourself: 7 Ways 

So how do you ground yourself again? How do you once again plug into Universal support from Mother Earth? Here are 7 ways:

1. Simple Grounding Exercise.

Being ungrounded happens when you are out-of-balance on the first chakra. For your understanding, your energy field has two “openings”. These opening are through the first (root) and the seventh (crown) chakra. The root chakra connects the body to the earth energy, while the seventh chakra allows Universal energy to flow in. When energy is blocked, you are unable to access the support of the earth and the higher awareness of your spirit.

A simple grounding exercise involves the visualisation of yourself as a tree. First, close your eyes. Next, visualise roots growing out from your feet. “Extend” these roots through the ground and going all the way down. Anchor them at the center of the earth.

2. Meditation.

Meditation that involves bringing attention to the physical body helps. With a body check-in, you scan each body part in turn; observing head to toe (or vice versa). You become aware of your physicality even whilst you delve into spirituality. If you are grounded, you are conscious of yourself, surroundings and earth.

With breath meditation, you also bring your awareness into the now. Hence, you are less in the head space, neither getting thoughts caught in the past or the future.  It is how you can develop a strong sense of BE-ing.

You don’t have to spend hours in meditation. In fact, just half an hour a day is enough to expand your awareness. For grounding purposes, sitting on the floor, which puts your body (buttocks and feet primarily) in touch with Earth to meditate is a much better option to sitting on the bed.

3. Work With Soil or Clay.

Working with soil or clay helps in grounding. Simply touching earth helps. Gardening in fact is a wonderful grounding activity!

Working with clay adds an element of fun! I used to attend pottery lessons in a factory that manufactures earthern pots and clay plates. A simpler option is to take some children’s clay and play with it for some time.

4. Get Physical.

Physical activity also helps to remove any accumulated toxic energy in your aura. When you shift your energy from an overloaded mental focus to a physical one, you are able to clear away mental debris. A clear pathway in your mind allows for a magnification in your auric field.

Getting physical puts you in touch with your body. Where previously stagnant, life force starts to circulate in your body. You experience a sense of wellness throughout.

5. Connect with Nature.

Getting connected through physical activity does not necessarily mean that you have to join a gym. All it means is to allow your mind a chance to take a break. Going out by the ocean or just being in nature is a wonderful way to revitalize.

While outdoors on the beach or in the park, consider taking off your footwear. Experience the sensation of Mother Earth beneath the soles of your feet and feel the gentle breeze on your hair! Enhance the cleansing effect by breathing deeply and being present to the moment.

6. Eat Grounding foods.

According to Ayurvedic Medicine, there are grounding foods that you can eat. Grounding foods include those that come from the ground. Hence, these will be foods like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and ginger. Other grounding foods include avocado, mango, papaya, grapes, olives, berries, coconuts, figs, melons. Vegetables include green beans, egg plant, and yams.

For flavoring your food, use warming spices such as ginger, nutmeg, garlic, cinnamon, cumin, coriander and cloves. A dash or two of fennel and/or sea salt into your food will be great! Drinks should be warm and not cold.

7. Use Crystals For Grounding.

How to ground yourself with crystals? Different crystals can help you ground in various ways. For instance, Obsidian is a volcanic rock, which is black and opaque. Its properties make it excellent for blocking energy and suitable for people who are hypersensitive. Other grounding crystals include Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz or Jet.

To pick out the most suitable rock for yourself, seek the advice from the owner of a crystal shop or outlet. It may also be the case that you find yourself drawn to a particular crystal.

Simply hold the crystal in your hand and imagine any unwanted energy flowing out of you and into the crystals. Occasionally, put your crystal on the ground to drain and clear it of its negative charge. Putting in a dish of sea salt overnight apparently helps too.


It is possible to neglect taking care of the physical “homes” for your spirit. Becoming grounded helps you in re-balancing energy. With excess energy being channeled to the ground, you also become better activated in higher awareness. In fact, those who do a lot of energy work should perform some energy grounding.

Doing the exercises in this post is also a good practice for those who have simply become ungrounded. Your mind becomes sharp, clear and focused. Creativity also goes up in the process. With less mental noise, you are much better able to “catch” inspired thoughts whenever they arrive from your guides or angels.

Share Your Ideas For Grounding

What do you do when you feel out-of-sync or “spaced out”? How do you ground yourself? Do you take a break, go to the park or do any form of grounding exercise. Do share your ideas!

Love and abundance always,
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Cath Lawson - March 16, 2009

Hi Evelyn – What an awesome pic – you’re getting really good at photoshop.

I was not completely sure what grounding actually meant – so this explanation has really helped. Meditation certainly seems to have helped me in this regard recently.

Daphne - March 16, 2009

Evelyn, I never knew there was so much to grounding! I knew vaguely that it meant feeling centered and calm, but you have explained it very well in great detail. Lately I have felt ungrounded, and I didn’t even have to take your test to know this! Thanks for the reminder to connect with nature and take time to meditate. The photo is lovely – you’re quite the digital artist!

Nadia-Happy Lotus - March 16, 2009

Hi Evelyn,

Great post. You write from the heart and it shows. I have found that diet and what I am surrounded by has a huge influence on how grounded I feel.

I have been a vegetarian for 21 years and a vegan for 8 of those years. That change in my diet made a huge difference because studies have shown that prior to an animal being slaughtered, they are so consumed with fear that certain hormones are released and the hormones goes into the blood and the muscles. So when a person eats meat, they are eating fear. I don’t mean to be so pro-veg here but I just wanted to share what I have read. Apologies if I offend anyone.

As for what I surround myself, I work with people who are so unhappy and miserable that sometimes when I am tired, I become effected by their energy and I lose my center. So I have found it is better to keep company with people who bring out the best in you! Which is why blogging is so awesome because you get to meet so many like-minded people! 🙂

Jay - March 16, 2009

This has been a particular subject that has been pounding on the door of my mind. This post comes at a good time. Thank you Evelyn for the link for the audio- I am going there now.

Vered - MomGrind - March 17, 2009

Physical activity works very well for me whenever I feel unfocused or down.

J.D. Meier - March 17, 2009

I like your step-by-step prescriptive approach.

I also like how you inject your personal side and stories against a useful frame of information.

Ariel Bravy - You Are Truly Loved - March 17, 2009

Evelyn, you sure have a knack for selecting beautifully fitting pictures for your posts. 🙂

When you mentioned “you’re grounded” at the beginning as a punishment for kids, that totally cracked me up! I’d never made that connection… 😀

I love your grounding suggestions and definitely agree with them. To add to your already solid list, I would say breathing down into your root chakra, visualizing yourself as red energy, and even jumping to get into your body.

The root chakra is often associated with insecurity and by letting go of wanting security or resistance to insecurity through practices such as the Sedona Method, you may find yourself more grounded.

Even something as simple as grunting like a beast can help bring you down to earth and get in touch with your more basic and primal energies. 🙂

Barbara Ling, Virtual Coach - March 17, 2009

Getting in touch with what drives you and what centers you is important indeed. I have my own personal ritual (aromatherapy, coffee, music, etc.) – I always end up working much better if I’m at one with myself.

Jens Upton - March 17, 2009


great post.
i enjoy meditating and exercise for grounding. Sometimes though meditation is the reason i do other things to get grounded. The ‘tree and roots’ visualisation is a favourite and i’ve had some cool experiences with it. Eating nutritious food that feels good to me is very important in my well being too.
Often i just focus on something that is based in the ‘real’ world and demands my attention and a physical response. At other times, like in the morning, a half litre water and a cup of coffee works well.


Peter Levin - March 17, 2009

Hi Evelyn,

I am out of sync often when I forget to take a brake once working on PC.

I am trying to take brakes every hour. I use to do palming for eyes. When your eyes tired – it is a good way to relax them.

Also when I feel completely stuck, I usually go to the park, take my Ipod with relaxation music and hour or too later I fell much better.

Also I have Silva’s CD. For some reason I don’t use it, even though it is great great system.

Marelisa - March 17, 2009

Hi Evelyn: I do the visualization of roots coming out from the bottom of my feet and going deep into the ground every morning. I agree that grounding exercises are very important.

Jonathan | - March 17, 2009

Hey Evelyn, I just finished writing my personal creed. I enjoyed the exercise tremendously. Thanks for the inspiration. I used a quote from your creed to start it off, I hope you don’t mind. Of course I sent you some link love. Check it out when you get the chance.

Evelyn - March 17, 2009

@Cath, I’m glad that the post has helped you with some understanding. I didn’t create the photo. I found it on my archives when I was ploughing through for a suitable image to go with my post.

@Daphne, consider trying the grounding exercise and see if it works for you.

@Nadia, no worries about sounding pro-vegan. I am trying to get there myself, having reduced my consumption of meat drastically. It is only a matter of time, I believe, in becoming vegetarian. I’m glad that you bear the testimony that diet plays a huge part in being grounded!

@Jay, I’m happy to know that the post has been helpful! Hope everything is fine with you. Do take the test to check if indeed you have become ungrounded.

Evelyn - March 17, 2009

@J.D. Meier, I find that some structure helps organize my thoughts. I’m happy that you like this post!

@Vered, physical exercises work for me too. I need to do more of them though, instead of being so addicted to the web!

@Ariel, I laughed at your suggestion of grunting like a beast. If I decide to try it, I’ll definitely let you know if it works for me or not…LOL!!

@Barbara, aromatherapy, coffee, music sounds like a great combination!!

@Jens, your suggestion to “focus on something that is based in the ‘real’ world and demands my attention and a physical response” is new to me. Thanks for sharing on what has worked for you!

Evelyn - March 17, 2009

@Peter, I forgot to mention that my kids also help to center and ground me. I try to take frequent breaks from my laptop. Every time when I need a break, I’d be looking for them. The Silva Method, with its full range of techniques, is definitely worth looking into. Perhaps when you feel more ready, you may wish to consider checking out what you already have.

@Marelisa, it’s great that you incorporate the “roots” visualization exercise into your morning routine!!

@Jonathan, thank you for the link love. I’ve just read your personal creed. You’ve certainly got a wonderful list of intents!

Jocelyn at I TAKE OFF THE MASK - March 17, 2009

Nice post about grounding! 🙂 For my simple method, I have a favorite stone which I concentrate on. With this stone in my hand, I feel more connected to earth, more realistic, more stable and grounded.

Monica - March 17, 2009

Oh your beautiful images get me every time!
I do a simple yoga method with my my breath to ground myself in the moment. When I exhale, I send “roots” from my feet into the ground/floor. It’s a sensation of grounding because my whole body literally roots down as my weight is centered back over my feet. Rooting down gets me out of my head and into my body.
I have also worked with clay and absolutely love how it makes me feel! When time allows, I hope to get back to my pottery on a regular basis.

Lori - March 17, 2009

What an excellent, thorough post! I found this very helpful, as I struggle with staying grounded–mostly because I get caught up in my thoughts. I’ve found holding clay and crystals to be very effective. I’ve never heard of grounding foods before, but now that I think of it, eating food that comes from the earth has had that effect on me in the past. Anyways, thanks again 🙂

Sunny Jamiel - March 17, 2009

Simply loved it. “Movement gives Life but Silence is my Grounding.”

Evelyn - March 18, 2009

@Jocelyn, I’m glad that you are using a stone to represent grounding. Great idea!!

@Monica, thanks for sharing about your experiences with using the “grounding” exercise. You’ve provided a wonderful testimonial that it works!

Hey…we’ve the same pottery interest!! I’m not sure I’d ever get back to it though. In my list of interests, pottery is not at the top.

@Lori, thank you for visiting my site. Holding on to clay and crystals are effective for you too? Awesome! Do try out and see if a “grounding diet” works!

@Sunny, I’m glad to know that you like what I have written! Thanks!

Liara Covert - March 18, 2009

Energy vibration of silence and formless realms resonates imperceptibly.

Ruchi - March 18, 2009

It’s awesome article. I read a lot about this topic but you explained it clearly. I never read of grounding food earlier. This is really helpful article.

Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coaching - March 18, 2009

Thanks for this post. My favorite way to ground myself is to open the root chakra with yoga that focuses on the groin and inner thighs. And grunt into that area a lot. 🙂

Jannie Funster - March 18, 2009

After I pick Kelly up from her art camp and we play in the park I will be truly cognizant of the earth groundedness.

It’s such a lovely day too and the grass is green and dry.

I can’t wait to get there! It will be all I need.

Evelyn - March 18, 2009

@Liara, hmmm….I’m not sure about what you mean. Can you kindly explain a little more of what you’ve written?

@Ruchi, thank you for visiting my site. It’s great that you’ve found the post helpful!

Evelyn - March 18, 2009

@Chris, how interesting about your yoga practice! It’s great that you do grounding exercises.

@Jannie, art camp sounds like fun!! I’m sure that your trip to the park will be lovely. I spent 3 hours in one yesterday! My intuitive friend, who was with my family and I, commented that my aura improved tremendously after the walk.

I’m off to more adventures later in the afternoon today. I just can’t wait 🙂

Lisa (mommymystic) - March 18, 2009

What a great and detailed post. Grounding has routinely been an issue for me in my path, and you have covered everything I’ve discovered for grounding myself in your post. Nature is one of my favorites, and specifically meditating while sitting on the ground. I also have found that a combination of navel and heart chakra meditation helps me, but I think that’s because my particular form of ‘ungrounding’ is often a kind of mental hyper-stimulation, so those two chakras gather me and reconnect me with my emotions. Thanks for your insight, will stumble!

Bob - March 18, 2009

I think I am not very well grounded. My main problem with meditation is that I have a pretty bad case of tinnitus. It is very distracting. I also experience a lot of pain, mostly in my back. My meditations only lasts a minute or two. I would like to improve this aspect of my life. I do contemplate a lot. I practice visualization and affirmations and goal setting and all that. I am just not comfortable with the lotus position and I get bored focusing on my breath.

Any suggestions would be welcome

I did sign up for the Silva training. Perhaps that will help.

Suzie Cheel - March 18, 2009

Hi Evelyn,

What an insightful article, I love the photo you have chosen. Thanks for reminding me of that wonderful grounding exercise. I ground myself each morning with being directly in touch with the sea, walking and then allowing the sea water to revitalize me. I also find doing the 5 Tibetans each day helps and at the end I breath into each chakra- a great grounding technique

[email protected] - March 19, 2009

Really useful article, Evelyn. Grounding exercises are very important for me to maintain peace of mind and any semblance of balance. As a dreamy, emotional, over thinking writer type I do have a tendency to go “off with the fairies” and too much into my head, leaving me open to depression and anxiety. My ex-therapist showed me how to do the tree exercise to ground myself and I find that incredibly helpful. Another one she taught me was to take a deep breath and then expel it loudly and fully until your lungs are empty and you’re almost wheezing. Do that a couple of times and it’s amazing how much calmer you feel. I also have to get outside to walk or run otherwise I go mad.

I’m off to download the free Silva audio now.


Jake @ Revive Your Life - March 19, 2009


An inspiring article that provides tips for grounding is just what I needed. Meditation is the single most important grounding exercise for me as it allows me to clear my mind of the excessive “chatter” brought about by the events of daily life. I find that meditation just prior to going to bed allows me to wake up more refreshed – likely because I was able to let go of the nagging thoughts of the prior day and gain peaceful sleep.

Evelyn - March 19, 2009

@Lisa (mommymystic), interesting about the navel and heart chakra. It may be that you are not just grounding but centering yourself in energy. It’s nice to know that we share the similar interest of connecting with nature. Thanks for liking and stumbling my post!

@Bob, you may need to solve your physical issues first before you can use breath meditatation. I cannot imagine having to sit and focus for more than a minute with the discomfort that you’ve described. Perhaps, a body awareness or loving kindness meditation may be more suitable for a start.

@Suzie, now you’ve got me envious!! You stay near the sea? But of course, you are located in the Gold Coast!

I used to stay a 5 minute drive away from the beach, before moving to my current location. Prior to the move, I would bring my kids for beach outings. With our move, we are now located less than 5 minutes away from the national park. I must say that each landscape has its unique charm!

Evelyn - March 20, 2009

@Kelly, I’m glad to know that you use grounding exercises to help you when you find yourself “running off with the fairies”. Over the last 2 days, I spent hours in the park and another time, next to a lake. I came home feeling so much better.

Thanks for sharing about the breathing exercise. I am going to have to remember to try that!!

@Jake, I almost cannot go to sleep every night without at least 5-10 minutes of meditation. I always allocate half an hour or more, unless I am really exhausted. You are right!! Meditation prior to sleep is a great way to waking up refreshed! Thanks for liking my post!

palacequeen55 - March 20, 2009

Hello Evelyn
I have to disagree with your definition of spiritual grounding.
Its not reestablishing your connection with the Earth, but with God. Since God is the creator of all life, one must establish their connection with the Creator.
Other than that, you have a nice post

Evelyn - March 20, 2009

Hello palacequeen55,

Thank you for pointing out about the word “connection”. I was thinking about the “root” visualization exercise when I wrote my article and had used the word “connection”. However, I do realize about the subtle nuances with words and have decided to amend my definition, so that my explanations are clearer.

I am as much a student as anyone else and am delighted that you’ve pointed out something for me to be aware of today.


Jewel/Pink Ink - March 20, 2009

I really needed to read this. I feel like I have come untethered from the ground. 🙂 I can’t wait to work my garden. It will be good therapy.

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Jonathan Mead - March 29, 2009

I love that you pointed out that being grounded allows you to become more focused in your projects. I think that sometimes we excessively try to strain and force ourselves to focus, when what we really need to do is reground ourselves and recenter.

Thank you for the beautiful reminder Evelyn. Your writing and eloquent portrayal of your ideas keeps getting better and better.

Evelyn - March 29, 2009

@Jewel/Pink Ink, gardening is wonderful therapy….have fun!!

@Jonathan, hmmm….I guess no more proof is needed if you’ve said my writing has improved. Thanks for the validation too 🙂 I’ve been going more outdoors and spending less time writing. It seems like all the time connecting to mother earth and having more inner space is helping. Have a great weekend!

Sandra - September 7, 2009

Well folks,
All this about “Grounding” is “all new” to me! However, I perceive some soundness within it.

andrew - February 3, 2010

hi i would like to know how to unblock my root chakra and how to remove inplants put on me from my enemies thank you andrew

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