How to Overcome Your Money Gremlin

Overcome Money Gremlin

What is a Money Gremlin?

The Money Gremlin is the critical voice that goes inside your head on matters related to finance. If you are to go silent for a while, you will become aware that what occupies your mind is your self-talk. In fact, 80-90% of our self-talk tend to be negative.

And I am guessing that more women than men is likely to have a horrid looking money gremlin. Not too long ago, I had found out from a research study that women tend to be more stressed than men and for most women, our main source of stress comes from money.

With the Money Gremlin in charge, you are having this internal negative dialogue about finances all the time. If you are constantly having money worries or struggles, chances are you are being hypnotised by your Money Gremlin. It happens when you can’t stop thinking and fretting over finances. The non-stop chatter can also cause you to experience insomnia, keeping you awake at night.

“Your Money Gremlin is the critical voice inside your head that stops you from aligning with your divine abundance blueprint.” Evelyn Lim

Money gremlin abundance blueprint

My First Awareness of My Money Gremlin 

I have the regular habit of journaling my insights and reflections as part of my self-discovery. This usually happens just before bedtime or early in the morning. It is also when I get my most creative ideas and inspiration. One day, while working through some of my limiting beliefs, I had this thought of a money gremlin coming in.

As I started to picture it, I found that my money gremlin was troll-like, green, smelly, loud and rude, and with an evil-looking smirk.

It got me intrigued. Soon after, I set out to do some research. I discovered that there is a book Tame Your Gremlin written by Rick Carson. His book is about the little voice inside us that holds us in fear and prevents us from stepping up. Hmmm…interesting!

“Your gremlin is the narrator in your head…he defines and interprets your every experience. He wants you to accept his interpretations as reality.” Rick Carson

Well, I realised that I had to overcome my own gremlin first of all. Which was what I did.

Later, I went on to share about the “Money Gremlin” with a number of my clients privately and worked with them on theirs. [Update: I have since helped clients with money breakthroughs totally more than US$10 million after 3.5 years….yayyy!! If you would like to find out more, apply for a 30-min complimentary call with me.]

What Does Your Money Gremlin Say?

How to Overcome Your Money Gremlin Story

Here was what I found from the cases I encountered.

The things said by a Money Gremlin will probably be like….

“Oh…it is too hard.”
“Maybe I am not meant to be making that kind of money.”
“This is just not the right time to rock the boat!”
“I don’t have what it takes to make lots of money.”
“I will have to pay more tax.”
“My friends are going to ask to borrow money from me.”

Your Money Gremlin does not stop talking. It loves spinning the same old money story. The same old money story comes from some past personal experiences that you had or myths that were unconsciously bought into.

Your Money Gremlin goes on and on with its critical voice, judging you because you “do not have enough”. You feel small because your Money Gremlin tells you that you simply do not measure up to your neighbours or peers! It limits your capacity to make more money because it lets you know that being rich is dangerous! You could be in the danger of losing your friends, pay more taxes or attract miserly friends who only want to borrow money from you.

The actions that you take regarding anything are driven from gremlin inside. The environment that it thrives in is one of fear. Your money gremlin limits your power. To keep you safe, it stops you from venturing out, taking a risk, putting yourself out there.

The Number One Money Gremlin Secret

What truly drives your external financial situation is the money story as told by your Money Gremlin.

You may have some financial targets to meet or you may hope to have a certain income breakthrough…..but your Money Gremlin can easily sabotage your hopes and dreams if you are not aware enough!

Learn More about Overcoming Your Money Gremlin

Listen in to the interview that I did with host Victor Schueller of Positively Empowered Radio Online on “Overcoming Your Money Gremlin”…


Love and Abundance always,

Evelyn Lim

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Daniel - March 11, 2014 Reply

It keeps me strugling financially, i feel i can’t get out of debts. There is always the fear of not acheving my money dreams and this keeps me awake most nights. Its a terrible experience.


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Daniel,

I recommend that you do something to work on your fear. If you are losing sleep, then do seek a solution. We can do a lot to reduce the fear and start to live the life to the fullest!

If you need further assistance, please email me abundancetapestry [at] gmail [dot] com. I will be happy to help you!

Love and abundance always,


Victor - March 11, 2014 Reply


It was such a pleasure having you on my show today! Thanks so much for joining me, and please come back any time! I’d love to have you on again. Take care and many wishes of happiness, health, and prosperity to you!



Evelyn Reply:

Hi Victor,

It was fun connecting with you. Thank you for your gracious offer! I would love to have a chat with you once again!

Love and abundance always,


Glori Surban - March 11, 2014 Reply

So that voice has a name?!

Funny thing is that, while I was reading this post, I remembered how I was tossing and turning in bed last night while making mental lists of all the bills that I had to pay this week and the next. I keep thinking, “Yes, I can do this!” but then a doubt pops out of nowhere and I end up worrying.

I look forward to your future posts on this topic, Evelyn! 🙂


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Glori,

Yes, it does LOL! If you would like to create transformation around your money story, then having a name can help. Your Money Gremlin wants to keep you safe and hence will introduce doubt. However, don’t give energy to the doubt and place more attention on your faith and positive belief!

I look forward to providing more insights!

Love and abundance always,


Lydia - March 12, 2014 Reply

Hi Evelyn, Thanks so much for the information on the money gremlin. I also attempted to sign up for the special offer you offered on the interview with Victor, but I was unable to pull it up on . Can you provide me the link? I really would like to take advantage of this opportunity. Thanks so much for all you do.


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Lydia,

You are welcome! The url is

I look forward to connecting with you,


Joseph Townend - March 13, 2014 Reply

Stop seeing money as your controller. You can make your life as money free as is possible. We do not need to shop and buy things we do not need.


Evelyn Reply:

Hello Joseph,

We have to recognise money for what it is: a convenient means of exchange. It is our attachment to money that causes suffering. It always helps to practice prudent financial management – we can live with less for more.

Abundance always,


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