How to Raise Client Attraction For The Business that You Love

If you are struggling with client attraction despite implementing all the marketing strategies,
If you tend to attract client relationships that are toxic,
If you are already feeling jaded in your existing client relationships,
If there is just too much struggle in your client relationships or attracting ideal clients, you may wish to tap into my tips on the Heart of Client Attraction.

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Here’s a synopsis of what I had to share in my video on client attraction…

Client attraction can be more challenging when you are not passionate, do not enjoy what you are doing or do not feel inspired to give your best.

Have you ever bought a product or service from someone not because you really need it but because you are buoyed over by his or her energy and enthusiasm? I know I have.

I can still recall this person’s passion; which shone through when he was sharing about why he decided to set up an art school. He had left his stable job to pursue his highest vision. The conversation happened 5 years ago but I can still remember it to this day.

For client attraction, it is best to set the  the vibration of your business to love at every level. Love attracts more love, by virtue of the Law of Attraction. When you embody love, you attract love from your clients. Love multiplies in abundance, when your clients continually support you or refer their friends to you.

how to raise client attraction

Love in What You Do

Even if you are starting a business that you love, there will be parts of it that you do not enjoy. For client attraction, it is important to embrace these parts instead of whining about them. To love is to make a choice. You accept that there are parts that are not perfect or ideal.

Should you be a solopreneur or a coach/healer like myself, you will be busy with activities from scheduling appointments, product creation, blogging, customer service, website upgrades, installing new systems, social media marketing and so on. Not everything may be your cup of tea. It is possible to feel drained of energy when you are doing the activities that you do not enjoy.

Yet, an awareness to maintain a high frequency is important. When awareness drops, it affects client attraction. Instead of having loving thoughts about your business, you are thinking and feeling negative about the parts that you resent or don’t feel good about.

It’s exactly what happened to me. I was feeling drained from following one internet marketing strategy to another, and making one website upgrade to another at one stage last year that I began to feel as if I was robbed of joy. While these activities were necessary parts to running my business, I was clearly not enjoying the journey.

Eventually, I had to recalibrate my energy by realigning with what is core – love.


Doing What You Love

Client attraction is at its highest when there is passion. Passion is love on steroids. You are connected with the Why (Read my article on Why You Need to Start with Why).

You are passionate on everything about your work, what you are doing and the difference that you make to the lives of those whom you serve. You become clear about the value that you bring.

Client attraction is easiest when you are in a business doing what you love. Doing what you love will pull you through the hard times. You are less likely to give up because your passion and why will sustain you. You increase your chances of success so long as you do not quit but keep trying.

If you are doing a business solely to make money, you may not experience the satisfaction that you seek. On the other hand, soulful work brings meaning and fulfillment. Through your business, you are able to express yourself authentically. It can lead you to finding purpose.


Love Those Whom You Serve

When you love what you do, you cannot help but feel love or feel inspired to share goodness with those that you serve. It may even be the entire world that you are hoping to assist. Or a small segment of the market. Whatever this may be, you hope to deliver the best in yourself to others. The best in yourself flows from the highest essence that you are – love.

To love others is to give your 100% presence. We learnt about this in my last article on How to Love. Deep listening is involved. People appreciate how much you care.

When you create the space of safety and warmth for those whom you serve, they enjoy doing business with you. They are likely to come back for more! Your client attraction ability becomes high!

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” ? Theodore Roosevelt


Client Attraction for The Business that You Love

As a conscious entrepreneur, you are deeply connected with your business. You attract the vibrational frequency that matches the state of your being. So, if you would like more love in your business (thus improving client attraction), be One with the Love that you are.

Fear or anything negative brings down your vibration. To lift your vibration involves recalibration. You let go of the thoughts and feelings that no longer serve you. It starts with making the decision to be conscious.

You lift your client attraction ability when you are aligned with the highest intention. Ask yourself, am I aligned with the purpose of serving others with my best or am I doing this for the sake of making a profit solely? When you purify your intention with love, abundance follows!


Love and abundance always,



P.S. Let me know your thoughts about client attraction with love. Share your thoughts and comments in the section below.

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Sandra Pawula - February 21, 2017 Reply

I love this article and this idea, Evelyn. I confess, I can get grumpy about some of the practical things that I need to do to keep my blog and courses going. I’m thrilled that you’ve offered this inspiration and feel ready to realign with love.


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Sandra,

Getting grumpy is understandable. I guess its not letting our negative emotions take charge when it would really help to align with love, creativity and flow while running our business.

It’s certainly a practice of mindfulness and continually keeping our vibrations high 🙂



Elle Sommer - February 21, 2017 Reply

Hi Evelyn…I so resonate with what you’ve written here. Long ago I started to ask myself “Am I coming from love or fear?” Fear of course being anything other than love, ie grumpy, frustrated, angre etc. Clarifying where we are and choosing love, as you say so well draws more love and things to be happy about towards us. Thanks for this reminder.


Evelyn Reply:


Great question to ask: Am I coming from Love or Fear?

The intention drives the our behaviour and response to our triggers.

It’s great to remind each other 🙂

Love and abundance always,


Debbie L Hampton - February 22, 2017 Reply


I never really thought of my readers as “clients”, but I guess they are, huh? I started my blog, website, and other online appearances out a desire to serve and share. It has turned into more of a job and chore…although one I do enjoy overall and feel a sense of value added.

Thanks for the reminder that I need to look at my intentions and get back to creating and giving from a place of mindfulness and love and light — maybe not all the time, but most of it! 🙂


Evelyn Reply:


I totally understand what you mean by your blog becoming more of a job and chore.

I started my blog, thinking that it will help someone out there who could be going through the same challenges as me. Back then, I didn’t realise that it will involve that much energy. However, it has become my one big Love, even though there are parts that I will have to embrace myself.

It’s great that we remind each other of why we are doing what we are doing 🙂

Love always,


Paige Burkes - February 23, 2017 Reply

We’re all here on earth to share our unique gifts to help and serve. As you said, it’s easy to see and feel what people are passionate about. It comes from every fiber of their being.

To keep writing from becoming a chore, I keep my persona/reader in mind: a very specific person who can benefit from what I’m writing about. I imagine that I’m having coffee with them, listening to their issues and trying to help them from what I’ve learned from a lifetime of experiences. And that comes from a place of love.

Everything boils down to love or fear. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to choose love when the monkey mind is screeching about the fears.


Evelyn Reply:

Hi Paige,

Thank you for your great suggestion about keeping a persona in mind. I like the idea of drinking coffee with this person and writing for him or her.

Totally agree with what you said about the monkey mind!

Love always,


Suzie Cheel - October 4, 2017 Reply

I love this Evelyn- affter so many years online of trying to do it this way or that- I now understand that if i am not in alignment with what i love I don’t allow what i want clients too to come in 🙂 xxx


Zeenat Merchant Syal - October 8, 2017 Reply

I resonate with so much in this article Evelyn. I do get a bit down with all the stuff we need to do to keep the blog afloat today. As compared to way back when we began…it was simpler then.
But I keep revisiting the “why”….the intention of starting it all..and then I come back to center and am back with renewed energy.
Thank you for sharing this. Needed to read it.
xoxo, Z~


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