I Don’t Have the Money to Pay for a Money Mindset Program

If you are tired of working very hard in your work or business and not making much of a breakthrough….

If you are tired of being afraid of stepping up….

If you are tired of being afraid of putting yourself in a leadership role….

If you are tired of yourself not asking for the sale…

and your desire to have a breakthrough is a level 10/10 score,

But, your immediate reactions to making a purchase for a money mindset program range from:

I can’t afford it!
I don’t have the money to pay for a money mindset program.
Are you kidding me? I am not having enough money and you are asking me to spend more?!?
What if I don’t get the money 
results that I want? 

money breakthrough 1

Your body is letting you know how unsafe you are feeling too.

You are breaking out in sweat, your heart is skipping a beat, and your stomach lurches with a somersault…at any initiation of a money discussion.

Well, I am not surprised if this has been the case for you.

Money talk can invoke all kinds of negative emotions. You are feeling small, vulnerable and deflated for needing assistance in your mindset. Come on, no one likes to admit that they have limiting beliefs or an issue with mindset! You are certainly not alone!

Don’t Have the Money versus an Unwillingness to Invest 

First of all, let’s make an important distinction here.

Which is more true in your situation: “I don’t have the money to pay for a money mindset program” or “I am not willing to pay for a money mindset program”?

You see….I was in the same boat previously. I had many reasons on why I didn’t have the money to pay for a money mindset program when it would have been possible to pay for one. Sure, it would mean cutting back of other expenditures but neither would it have been impossible for me to make an investment.

Admittedly, I viewed the spending as an expense. I procrastinated……..and procrastinated. It took a breakthrough in thinking before I finally said “yes” to investing in myself. And now, my ONLY regret is NOT Starting Earlier!

Over to you.

Ask yourself if what is stopping you is the block of investing in yourself.

It’s the reason why you keep procrastinating year after year,

going round and round in cycles,

making small improvements but only to fall back to repeated old patterns of negative self-talk,

spending on items that do not help you move forward which you could have otherwise used for personal growth.

And so, how do you even get to a BREAKTHROUGH in overcoming the fear of investing in yourself?

Well, hear me out…

Should you make any decision that is meant to help you move forward from the position of where you are currently, guess what?

You will continue to be where you are – Knowing that You are Capable of So Much More But Feeling Stuck!

It is how you get to realising that you are having this fear of investing in yourself. Subconsciously, you are saying: “I am not worth investing in”.

However, by making a decision from WHERE YOU WANT TO BE, you are thinking about your growth.

You Move From Thinking about the “Mud” That You Are In…

money breakthrough 1

To Thinking about Committing to Your Growth…

money breakthrough 2In other words, instead of saying that “I can’t afford it”, you are asking yourself, “how can I afford it?”

Thus, you do what it takes for you to make a commitment into making your vision a reality.

It happens when you agree that reaching your highest potential is important. You also would like to claim your worth. You want your brilliance to SHINE!

marianne wiliamson quote

Well, take action immediately before you fall back into the same old grind!! Success rewards quick action takers! Click Over for More Information on the Money Magnet Success Program  >>>


What Cheryl’s Personal Experiences Were Like

Cheryl Gregory, an entrepreneur from U.K., shared the following…

“I try not to get stressed by things but I always do. Even though I read the NLP, EFT and CBT books and understood and agreed with the ideas, I had at first thought that I had already taken grasp them. But it took Evelyn’s course to actually take them on board. It wasn’t until I took her course that I actually acquired a much deeper understanding.

It was quite hard for me to go on the course initially because I was not used to investing in myself. I was probably more used to investing in my business or family but not myself.

However, the course far exceeded anything that I had expected. I thought the homework was well structured. I got more than what I thought I was going to get. I like how we were prompted to think about our life and business as we work through our issues.

Even though I run a good business for 16 years, I wanted to do something else but I struggled with focus. I struggled with confidence to move out of the area because it had actually looked after me but I really wanted to do something else.

And during the course, Evelyn gave me the tools and confidence to not only change my occupation but by the end of the course, I actually settled on the business and it is ready to go internationally.

And it was something that I did not even have as a goal in my mind when I started the course with Evelyn. But when you are shown the blocks to what to focus on, it is amazing what you can achieve in a short period of time (10 weeks). So now I am very confident that my new business is going to take off. And I am just happy that I did the course. “


Invest in Yourself Like The Majority of the Successful People Do

There is nothing shameful about doing a mindset program either.

All Olympic athletes, sportsmen training for competitions and many successful entrepreneurs have mindset or peak performance coaches. It is not an option but a MUST for them. They are unleveling their game constantly!

Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset is essential if you are starting or running a business. Should you want your business to take off, don’t let your limiting beliefs and negative emotions around money or low self-worth issues hold you back. Otherwise you are just going to manifest your inner issues and bringing them into reality through your business.

As Napoleon Hill once said, our only limitations are those we set up in our minds.


By working on your inner game, you are increasing your chances of success!


Limited slots are now available if you want to work on your money mindset! Check out the program here! 

Do make the decision that will move you from stuck to success, limitation to freedom, lack to abundance!

To your brilliance and success,



P.S. Don’t like all the motivational rah-rah mindset stuff? Well, you are in luck. And I have got you covered. My money mindset program is an integrated program that encompasses coaching-healing-mentoring. We are doing deep dives to find out where your real blocks are. Participants also go away with ways and ideas on how they can shift their mindset and integrate a more powerful paradigm for themselves. Get started immediately. The next group program starts this week and limited slots are left! Check out the program here! 

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