My Vision Board Tops Amazon’s Bestseller List?

My Vision Board made it to the Amazon’s Best Seller List?

Well….yes in a way!!

So here’s the scoop: The above background picture of my Vision Board made it to The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life, currently the #1 Spiritual best seller on Amazon since its launch on Oct 28!! Already, the book has been featured in The Chicago Sun Times, Foxbusiness News and on ABC TV.

More Buzz!! And in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past one week, there has been a buzz surrounding Vision Boards. Oprah Winfrey revealed that she created one, with the intention that Obama not only become president but that she would go to the inaugural ball wearing the dress she pictured on her Board.

My Unclear Intent Came True

Sometime in mid March, a lady known as Joyce Schwarz contacted me about a post I had written. She said that she enjoyed my spin on Cinderella’s Rags to Riches Story and asked if I was interested in submitting a picture for her upcoming Vision Board Book. I had no idea who she was back then.

During that period, I had been toying with the idea of publishing a book myself. I dreamed of having a book that would be on the bestseller list. However, as I had no idea what I wanted to write about, I did not make a clear Intent. Little did I know that just by having some fuzzy idea about a book and being on the bestseller list was able to bring about a manifestation. So, instead of bringing into physical reality my own book, the picture of my dreams in a Vision Board got featured in someone else’s best selling book.

My Vision Board Dreams

My Vision Board featured wordings such as happiness, a home with a heart, peace of mind, nature, great ideas on tap, a million possibilities, good vibrations and living it up. I would say that a lot of my wishes are coming true for me.

It didn’t quite seem possible when I first made this Vision Board. I had no idea that in the months following, I would experience energy shifts, delve into spirituality to the extent that I am doing now, and seldom with a worry over “nothing to write” for my blog. Creative ideas have been flowing in easily. At one stage, I have so many options that I realize that the intent should rightly be about having the opportunity that best aligns to my highest path and purpose, and not about having many but misaligned choices.

Why You Should Buy The Book

Creating mental images build inroads into your subconscious. It is something that you can do to help you in the art of manifestation.

If you want to find out more about Vision Boards, then yeah…you guess it right…learn the secrets from the Vision Board Book! Joyce Schwarz is an author, a producer, and a Hollywood and VIP coach and dealmaker. The book contains more than 100 color pictures of vision boards, affirmations and endorsements from celebrities, coaches, artists and gurus featured in The Secret Movie such as Marie Diamond, Bob Doyle, Jack Canfield and Bob Proctor.

A Floodgate of Testimonials

Here are some….

At last a book with a vision! The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz is so compelling in both message and imagery it deserves NOT a spot on your bookshelf or coffee table, heck… bring the hook and wire, I’m hanging this book on my wall! — Dan Hollings, Internet & Mobile Marketing Strategist, Internet Strategist behind the Movie Version of “The Secret”

I know Joyce Schwarz is a visionary because she empowers the superstars, reaches down to the teens and helps everyone in between to grab it, bag it and tag it. The difference between a super achiever and a daydreamer is the transmission to manifest. The real “secret” is in the pages of The Vision Board book and the shooting star behind all the stars is Joyce. A must read. — BJ Dohrmann, Best Selling Author of Super Achiever Mind Sets and Adviser to Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker, Lisa Nichols and Mark Hansen

If living the good life is an art–and I believe that it is–Joyce Schwarz has painted a map of how we all can transform our lives into masterpieces. — Pablo Solomon, Artist and Sculptor

Joyce Schwarz, in her book The Vision Board: Unlock the Secret to An Extraordinary Life, is to be praised for her tremendous contribution to the unfolding of cosmic awareness that beckons us all. Her concept of the vision board allows us to focus our energies on what we desire from the universe, and to maintain the necessary passionate and vigorous attention it so deserves. Our thoughts and feelings can return time and again to the physical representation of our spiritual desires and aspirations. It can and will become the source of tremendous support and focus during our personal metaphysical journey. — Steven E. Hodes, M.D, Author of Meta-Physician on Call for Better Health

Set Clear Future Intents

Getting a lot of my wishes in my vision board manifested is a huge turn-on for me! Why the few that have not physically come true was probably because I was not sure about what I wanted.

Also, I believe that some intents take a longer time to bear fruit than others. It is not that they are not going to happen but that a few more pieces of the puzzle need to be in place. Hey…it’s like you ordered pizza with unclear instructions and got a late delivery because the cook needed time to figure out what you really wanted!!

Well, I am definitely going to work on setting my intentions clear from now on!!

Your Thoughts Please

What are your thoughts about Vision Boards? Have you had good success with using them? If not, my suggestion is to get the Vision Board Book to unravel the Secrets to Successful Manifestation!!

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Lance - November 13, 2008

That is just loads of awesomeness Evelyn – your vision board in this book!!

I’ve been tossing the idea around in my head for the last couple of months about doing a vision board. You’re really giving me compelling reasons why I should take this out of my head and put it onto a board. (and I love the pizza example – and how that relates to some things taking longer to manifest…)

PeaceLoveJoyBliss - November 13, 2008

The use of clear, vivid images is a powerful way for me to turn desires into intentions and to bring intentions into focus for sustained action.

In my electronic journal, I add captivating images to my narratives when I describe my ideals. I find that when I do this, the images energize my ideals.

Vincent - November 13, 2008

That is great Evelyn! You got your vision board featured in the book. Maybe next will be you writing your own book.

Personal Development Blogger

Avani-Mehta - November 13, 2008

Wow, this is awesome Evelyn. The next I want to hear about your being a best seller ๐Ÿ™‚

I still haven’t experimented with vision boards. But have been toying with the idea for quite sometime. Sounds like a fun thing to do.

We would be relocating between next Jan-March. So waiting for the move to happen before starting with vision board.

Joyce Schwarz - November 13, 2008

Wow, so great to see you with the book. Fabulous background of your vision board! My only regret is that your Cinderella board did not make the book because it was in chapter 8 and Chapter 8 got combined with Ch 7 because the book was running too long! We’ll talk more about the upcoming THE VISION BOARD handbook. Please feel free to share the vision in your area. You’re authorized to do booksignings etc! You’re a featured artist in a bestselling book! YEA Joyce Schwarz, author, THE VISION BOARD PS If you’re readers want to browse inside book tell them to surf on over to

Writer Dad - November 13, 2008

Congratulations! That’s really awesome. I’ve honestly never even heard of a vision board until about four minutes ago. That isn’t the first time I learned something mew at the attraction mind map. Thanks, Evelyn.

Lance - November 13, 2008

Joyce – Thank you for the link to see “inside the book” – very nice! And, of course, knowing that Evelyn is featured in there – I KNOW it is a winner!!

Dot - November 13, 2008

Congratulations! Your vision board is so artistically designed that it makes a great visual for any book. Hmm, maybe this is an idea I ought to consider.

Evelyn - November 13, 2008

@Lance, yes please do go ahead and do a vision board. Putting the images of what you desire together helps in visualization as you can see. Thanks too for the vote of confidence in the book ๐Ÿ™‚

@Christopher, the effect of cutting and pasting pictures into a vision board or putting images together in an electronic journal is the same undoubtedly. The clearness of the intent and the sustained focus is important!

@Vincent, the idea of publishing my own book eventually has not left my mind…LOL!!

Evelyn - November 13, 2008

Avani, it will definitely be awesome to have a best seller myself!!

You can start collecting magazines or pictures for a start. It sure helps to have a nice spread before making a vision board. I put mine together in half a day but have to really scramble around for pictures.

May your visions and dreams come true,

Evelyn - November 13, 2008


What a surprise!! Thanks for visiting my blog!! I was about to write to you that I finally got hold of the book!! Oh yes…it would have been awesome if my Cinderella’s vision board got featured. Still, I’m very happy that my other image got through the final cut!!

I’ll be in touch!!

Love & light,

Evelyn - November 14, 2008

@WriterDad, I know that you have a dream about publishing your own books. Consider doing a vision board for easier manifestation!! You’d enjoy the process for sure!

@Dot, you say some of the nicest things! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

Vered - MomGrind - November 14, 2008

Congrats Evelyn. ๐Ÿ™‚

I like what PeaceLoveJoyBlis said “The use of clear, vivid images is a powerful way for me to turn desires into intentions and to bring intentions into focus for sustained action.”

So to me, this seem like a useful tool that can help us turn desires into actions.

Doug - November 14, 2008

Vision boards are a great benefit in helping people identify their dreams and goals. I feel this is especially true of people who may not feel so comfortable expressing their dreams in words.

Wendi Kelly-Life's Little Inspirations - November 14, 2008

I’m SO excited for you. It does go to show how we need to be really specific in what we want for best results! What a great story and a great lesson and your vision board is really beautiful too!

Maya - November 14, 2008

Congrats!! This is awesome.
Vision boards make complete sense. What better than to keep your eye on your dreams every single day. I should make one too –
My husband and I have done it a few times – more as a brainstorm rather than to actually create a vision board. We call it collaging. Time for me to make one again ๐Ÿ™‚
You are cool ๐Ÿ™‚

Kelly@SHE-POWER - November 14, 2008

Evelyn, this is so inspiring and amazing. Congratulations. I love hearing stories of how opportunities pop out of nowhere for people. It keeps my belief in magic alive. I hope the same thing happens for me with the piece I wrote about how Louise Hay changed my life. Jenny Mannion steered me to a request for stories for a new book by Louise and submitted mine, so fingers crossed.

I don’t have a vision board. I’ve never been sure if they were for me, but you’re making me rethink now. I am so glad your life is aligning as you would like. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

Kelly x

Hunter Nuttall - November 14, 2008

Evelyn, this is fantastic! I checked the preview that Joyce posted, and it lists your name and URL. Will you be wearing sunglasses in order to avoid being recognized in public? I just hope that you continue to blog as you travel the world on your booksigning tour!

Davina - November 14, 2008

Congratulations Evelyn! Yippee for you ๐Ÿ™‚ I have done a vision board. I tried to take a picture of it ages ago to use on my blog but I keep getting a glare right in the middle of it.

Some phrases I used were: “change your perceptions, change your world”, “in the mood”, and “off the wall.” I have pictures of fireplaces, cozy chalets, beaches, good food, people meditating, people celebrating, hundred $ bills on a clothesline, Eckhart Tolle, and a big, beautiful, bright kitchen.

What I noticed when creating my vision board was that what I put on it wasn’t necessarily EXACTLY what I wanted. I was attracted to images and perceptions that made me feel whole.

I love your vision board and again CONGRATS!

Mary Madeline - November 14, 2008

Hi Evelyn,

What an inspiration! Thank you for sharing and Congratulation. Know that you been wanting more exposure so now it is here. ~ You’re on your WAY. Yippi! I am soooo happy and excited for you. Awesome – keep it up.

In Love & Light,

Rev. Mary Madeline

Evelyn - November 14, 2008

@Vered, thanks! Oh yes…PeaceLoveJoyBliss or Christopher sure put it so well about the use of mental images for successful visualization and manifestation!

@Doug, true…and sometimes images may work even better than just words!

@Wendi-Kelly, I’m so glad that you’ve found that there is something to learn from this post – about unclear intentions and vision boards!! The learning is very important to me because it tells me what works and how to do better the next time!

Irene | Light Beckons - November 14, 2008

Hi Evelyn,

This is awesome, congratulations! Now that you’re taken that first step into Amazon world, perhaps it’s time to complete that dream of having a bestseller book of your own? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Conrad Hees - November 14, 2008

I love your blog Evelyn, I’ve been reading alot of your posts today. congratulations on your successful manifesting!

Keep up the great work and continued success.

BTW, have you ever heard of Dr. Robert Anthony? He is by far my favorite LOA teaher, and has put out some truly amazing books and audio programs. He describes the pronciples of the LOA better than anyone I’ve heard before. Are you familiar with him?

Evelyn - November 14, 2008

@Maya, I “visualize” in all sorts of ways, through discussions with friends and family, vision boards, talking to my kids, driving around the estate I hope to have my dream home in, getting a feel of what I want through signing up for activities…etc. My thoughts are that everything has to come together to help in the creation of clearer mental pictures for intention and manifestation. Yes…please go and make a vision board!!

@Kelly, read what I say to Maya. Making a vision board is fun and you can involve your son like an art & craft activity. I involved mine in the making of my vision board. We had a great time cutting and pasting!

@Hunter, your comment made me laugh!! And yes to the dark shades!!

Daniel Richard - November 14, 2008

Woots! Your works are going around the world now. Pure awesomeness!

Evelyn - November 14, 2008

@Irene, well…we’ll have to see what my Higher Self or spirit guides say…LOL!!

@Conrad, thanks for visiting my blog!! Yes, I’ve heard about Dr Robert Anthony but have not studied his materials. He’s good? Okay, I’ll check his stuff out! Thanks for the recommendation!

Wenny Yap - November 14, 2008

Fantastic! I know you are definitely very happy, but so do I! This is one of the testaments how the Law of Attraction can really work for you and me and so many others who are willing to open their minds and believe.

greatmanagement - November 14, 2008


I discovered vision boards from a great friend of mine – a TV Confidence Coach, a couple of years ago and have been using them ever since. They really do help.

I’m going to get the book!



Evelyn - November 14, 2008

@Rev Mary Madeline, thanks for your warm wishes!! Oh yes…I am certainly looking forward to bringing more of my dreams into reality!

@Daniel, thanks for your warmest wishes!

@Wendy, I’m really very happy with a lot of things going on in my life right now!! Yes…applying the law of attraction can most certainly open doors to empowered living!

@greatmanagement, thanks for putting in a testimonial on the usefulness of vision boards. You’d like the book if you want to know how to apply visualization more powerfully!!

Stacey / Create a Balance - November 14, 2008

Thanks for sharing this exciting (and inspiring) news! I decided to use my creative time this fall to build my Vision Board — but so far, I have been blocked. Thanks for the warm and friendly push.

Sara at On Simplicity - November 15, 2008

Congratulations! I think one of the coolest parts of a vision board is the ability to track your goals and dreams as they change and evolve. Creating new boards and documenting them might also be a cool, nonjudgemental way to track your progress and growth. I’ve enjoyed the idea, but haven’t put it to use yet. Your testimonial has me convinced–this will be my project for the weekend. Thanks!

Robin - November 15, 2008

Evelyn this is FANTASTIC news!

I love the way you describe how it happened – your unclear intention. I’ve had many examples like that in my life, too – and I can’t think of any at the moment, of course. I think I wrote once before on your blog about how I once wanted a car and I visualised a green car parked outside my flat and then a neighbour got one just like I was ‘seeing”, and parked it there.

I think I actually use feelings to attract things rather than visual things like vision boards – I’ve never made one, though I have read about them for a long time. I dunno – whatever I am doing it is working, because things are going remarkably well.

Evelyn - November 15, 2008

@Stacey, doing vision boards is definitely a great and fun activity!! I’m wondering why you said that you’ve been blocked. But most certainly, go ahead and finish it this fall!!

@Sara, I’m glad that you’ve decided to put this idea into action this weekend!! Hope to read about it in a post on your site!

@Robin, oh yes…I remember about the story about your car. What I wanted to share with this post obviously is about my inability to get all my dreams right due to unclear intentions. I hope that it can be turned into a lesson that we can all learn from.

Images help me to connect with feelings of joy as I cut and paste the picture for my vision board and also with repeated viewing of the complete piece. I do of course realize that not everyone is visual. Rather, it is more important to do what works to help you generate the emotions necessary to put you in the same frequency of your intents and desires.

Jannie - November 17, 2008

Wow! Cool. You just never know do you, how you create your own luck by putting yourself out there.

Jannie - November 17, 2008

Whoops, corrected URL this time!

Caroline - November 17, 2008

That is just great! Congrats! I love how the universe works. I believe in the power of vision boards…I have made them and they work!

Barbara Swafford - Blogging Without A Blog - November 18, 2008

Congratulations Evelyn! You’re a STAR!

I’ve heard of vision boards and saw a show on Oprah. One of the guests always wanted to be on Oprah and had that on her vision board. That sold me, however, I’ve yet to complete mine. I’m inspired!

Evelyn - November 19, 2008

@Jannie, most certainly!! I’d encourage all to create their own luck too ๐Ÿ™‚

@Caroline, thanks for providing another testimony that vision boards work and are not a waste of time!!

@Barbara, thanks for your warm wishes! Read what Caroline has to say!! Yes…go create a vision board!

Jewel/Pink Ink - November 21, 2008

That’s great, Evelyn! Congratulations!!

What a wonderful idea. I’d like to do a vision board, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

If I may say so - November 21, 2008

I have been thinking of creating a vision board lately- I currently sellotape pictures of my dream home inside my diary ! The vision board book sounds great!

Carla - November 22, 2008

Great idea! I started a vision board, but didnรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt complete it. This makes me want to get started (and order the book)

jenn - November 25, 2008

Congrats friend!!!! I so love the idea of vision board! I’m thinking its a good project to work on this week!

Douglas Masters - November 26, 2008

Well done Evelyn!

I remember reading about Vision Boards a few years ago, I have been racking my brains for the author name but can’t remember, but I recall the story he told was that they had just moved into a new house and his young son opened an old box in the loft and pulled out the author’s home made Vision Board from years before. The incredible thing was that the dream house that he had a picture of on his Vision Board from all those years back was the EXACT one he had just moved into!

I’m going to put this book on my Amazon Christmas wishlist and hopefully use it to manifest a fantastic year 2009.

Evelyn - November 27, 2008

Jewel/Pink Ink, if I may say so, Carla and jenn,

Most certainly I would encourage all of you to create one for yourself!!

Love, light and truth,

Evelyn - November 27, 2008

Douglas Masters, I think the scene you are referring to came out from The Secret movie or its book. The speaker for this particular scene is John Assaraf.

Oh yes…do consider buying The Vision Board Book for christmas!!

Love, light and truth,

Gill - November 30, 2008

I am now in the process of reading ‘The Vision Board’ book and want to congratulate you on your beautiful vision board appearing on page 142-it is quite creative.

Also, I wish to point out, if I may, that the website address given for you in the book is incorrect, as it is shown as, instead of, and I only found your website through a google search using your name.

I was in Singapore for three days at the end of September, and very much enjoyed my visit to your country. Next time, I hope more time will be available-the airport alone deserves about a few hours to visit, as it is the best airport in the world.

Evelyn - November 30, 2008

Hello Gill, thanks so much for liking the picture and highlighting about my website address. Thanks too for checking out The Vision Board Book.

Glad to know that you had a great time here in Singapore. You didn’t say where you are from.

Yes…do come back. Singapore will be more exciting in the next few years with more tourist attractions coming onstream. More reaons to visit us once again ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you so much once again for taking the time to provide a feedback on this post,

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choni of the woods - December 4, 2008

Yay!! I have been making vision boards since 1997. I remember the first one I made and was amazed how I was able to manifest what I desired. Of course, within reason…i have not won a million dollars but Ihave however, have been able to be supported by the universe. I have encouraged the youth that I work with to create vision boards. Sometimes, youth don’t want others to see their desires or needs and won’t put up their boards so I have also have them created vision scenes in their journals. This way they can take their dreams and desires on the move with them. This works great if the youth are in foster homes and are on the move a lot.

Happy Positive living…choni of the woods.

lartOffeste - January 22, 2009

Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
God will appreciate it.

eneniolewly - February 15, 2009

I’m new there
Nice forum!

Katie Pfeiffer - February 18, 2009

I call my vision board a secret scrapbook. I found an over sized unused vintage scrapbook at a flea market several years ago for $1 ( still covered in plastic). When I found it that day at the flea market I was overjoyed as I had asked the Universe a few weeks before for a scrapbook. It is a continual work in progress as I see my life as a journey ( not a destination). Many things I have wanted have come to
fruition due to my scrapbook. I always have so much fun and am laughing out as I work on it so it is a win-win situation. This tool for LOA definitely works!

Katie Pfeiffer - February 18, 2009

I call my vision board a secret scrapbook. I found an over sized unused vintage scrapbook at a flea market several years ago for $1 ( still covered in plastic). When I found it that day at the flea market I was overjoyed as I had asked the Universe a few weeks before for a scrapbook. It is a continual work in progress as I see my life as a journey ( not a destination). Many things I have wanted have come to
fruition due to my scrapbook. I always have so much fun and am laughing & feeling blissed out and energized as I work on it so it is a win-win situation. This tool for LOA definitely works! Thank you for this blog!

rhiciorexerty - March 6, 2009

Great post dude,
Thanks alot……for sharing.
You are so helpful……

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