Positive Affirmations: 4 Ways To Programming Through Water

One of the best techniques I have learned is about how to program ourselves for positive changes with water. Having just written an article on 7 jazzy ideas to making affirmations fun, I thought it will be nice to add to this list with the Glass of Water technique.

The use of water for healing is nothing new. For instance, in churches, for centuries, blessings of water have often done for the purpose of baptism or for the blessing of persons, places or things. Hence, programming through water can be used for just about anything that you wish for. As such, I am going to propose, with the writing of my article today, the use of water to carry messages of affirmations on success, health, relationships, love, happiness and abundance, to every single cell of our body.

Why Water?

You can program any object that you want to. By programming, you send thoughts of focused positive energy into the object on hand, so that it will emit the same energy vibration back to its environment or in essence, the Universe. For instance, you can program a crystal to emit love energy every time someone passes it in your living room.

However, it cannot be denied that that water is one of the best mediums, if not the best, for transmitting information and energy inside us. After all, we drink water every day and our human body is comprised of 70 percent water. The properties of water allow it to reach every cell and subatomic particle to deliver the information. Hence, by changing the molecular structure of water through the use of energy or vibrations, it is possible to transmit any message that you want at the miniscule subatomic particle level.


These findings were revealed by the very famous Dr Masaru Emoto in his best selling books “The Hidden Messages in Water” and and “The True Power of Water”. My husband first sat for a lecture presentation by Dr Emoto himself some years ago and even got our book copies autographed.

In The Silva Class during last weekend, I also found out that the late Jose Silva had also conducted experiments using water. What would be useful for us, therefore, is to combine both Jose Silva’s mind power techniques and Dr Emoto’s findings to programming affirmations with the use of water.

Basic Programming of Water The Silva Way

1. Get a glass of water. In the original experiments, Jose Silva used glass, But later experiments have shown that just about any container such as plastic bottles, Styrofoam cups work. However, I would still recommend that you use glass since most of the tests involved glass, with good results.
2. Sit in a comfortable position.
3. Clasp the glass with both hands and try to spread your fingers while grasping it. However, do not allow your fingertips from touching the fingertips of the other hand. Hence the thumb of your left hand will be close to the thumb of your right hand but they are not touching each other.
4. Look into the water, using it as a mental screen.
5. State your affirmation and visualize the end result. Do this for 15 minutes. Here, you are using focused thought to communicate the pure intention that you wish the water to carry.
6. Once you have finished, drink it. As you are drinking it, say this “this is all I need to achieve ________ (your affirmation)”.

4 Ways To Programming Positive Affirmations With Water

1. Use the Power of Words

In his books, Dr Emoto had been visually documenting molecular changes in water in a variety of situations using photographic techniques. It was clear that water easily took on the vibrations and energy of its environment, whether toxic and polluted or naturally pristine. What was perhaps most revealing was the effect of water when positive and negative words were typed on pieces of paper and stuck to its container overnight.

It was shown that water absorbed the hado, the subtle energy of the word or thought. Where water was exposed to positive words, the photographs showed beautiful crystalline structures (see picture on left). Where it was shown negative words, the crystalline structures were ugly and distorted. Emoto’s photographs provided proof that water was highly alive and highly responsive to every one of our thoughts and emotions.

Based on the findings, it would not be unreasonable for us to consider using water to carry the affirmations that we want to make down to our cellular level. Since you are water, your body will surely respond to the information carried by it. Hence, to program yourself for positive changes, absorb words of positive affirmations by sending messages in the water that you consume.

Hence, after step 5 above, instead of drinking the water right away, how about programming it with a stronger energy vibration or hado? Dr Emoto’s recommendation: write the words on paper and paste it onto the container with the words facing in so that water inside can read it. Keep this water at least overnight.

Talk to the water from time to time and occasionally shake the bottle, which helps to activate the water and contributes to its vibrations. Drink 5 glasses of this water every day.

What words should you use? Whatever you want to affirm. But state it positively. If you do not have any specific affirmations, “love and gratitude” is a good phrase to show to the water.

Quoted from Emoto….

They were all beautiful, but the most beautiful one to me was the crystal that formed after the water was exposed to the words “love and gratitude”.

“Love” is absolute and “gratitude” is relative. Absoluteness is an active energy and relativeness is a passive energy. Only when we have a receiver can we be involved in the act of giving. No matter how hard you try to give your love, without a receiver, you won’t be able to do so. It is Nature’s providence. Splendidly, the water crystals present us Nature providence and the concept of life’s phenomena. Not just love. Not just gratitude. Only when the two are together can they manifest the workings of Nature.

If you are working on canceling some negative emotion through your affirmations, use its antonym. For instance, if you are feeling stress, then use the word “relax”. For irritability, use “calmness”. For anger, use “happy”. In short, use various healing words to override what you are currently feeling.

In Emoto’s experiments, I’m not sure if he used anything longer than 2 words for the pieces of paper to be stuck onto the container. Still, I do not see it a problem if you want to use a longer phrase or sentence.


2. Heal With The Power of Prayer

Instead of just stating an affirmation for Step 5 above, consider making a prayer. In Emoto’s findings, you can send a stronger hado by offering prayers in the past tense than in the future tense. “I hope my mother’s cancer will be cured”has been found to be less effective than “My mother’s cancer was cured”.

Ideally, you may want to recite your prayers continuously for the 15 minutes. To make the process easier, search in advance for verses that you can recite for various affirmations or check up religious text for appropriate spiritual verses. Of course, it is best if you can write prayer affirmations yourself to make them more relevant to your needs. Recite your prayers emphatically, while imaging your success, and in the past tense.

3. Use The Power of Imaging

Imaging is also very important. It represents your hope, dreams and wishes. As you repeat your affirmations, visualize the end result that you desire. Visualization is a way of giving stronger energy. You add movement and emotion when you visualize. Make it as vivid as you can.

3. Heal With The Power of Music

You may also choose to play music to the water, since Emoto’s photographs have shown that water responds to music. Of course, the music that you select will have to be appropriate to the message that you want the water to transmit.

When all vibrations go well at your cellular and subatomic particle level, your body as a composite, works beautifully like a grand orchestra. If a disturbance occurs in a vibration, a discord is created. Translated to physical terms, sickness can happen as a result of disharmony in your energy vibrations within. If you know music therapy, you can incorporate healing by playing beautiful classical pieces to water. For health affirmations that you need to make, also visualize water coming from an undiscovered mountain spring cleansing and pure.

Affirmations In A Glass

The lessons above have profound implications on possibilities:

(Photo Credit: Chris Gin on Flickr)

1. Affirmations of Self Love. You can transmit positive words or thoughts to every part of your body by simply drinking water that has been programmed with an affirmation. Emoto’s work provides undisputed evidence that it is possible to heal and transform yourself by the positive thoughts you choose and send. Affirmations of self love can be wonderfully made through water.

2. Affirmations of Success. You can drink to affirmations of success at work, improving your golf score (see picture), fulfilling your dreams or becoming a top expert in your field. Here’s to Empowerment Through Water!

3. Affirmations of Health. Other than for self healing purposes, you can also help others with any existing health issues. I witnessed two monks using this technique sometime early this year, for my friend who was struck with cancer. For cancer or other tumor issues, simply meditate and visualize a body that has normal and healthy growing cells. What is important is the pure intention and well wishes that you sent through the water.

4. Affirmations of Love and Gratitude. Here is additional idea for a Random Act of Kindness:

    Consider also giving bottles of “Love and Gratitude” water to your friends, loved ones and strangers. Give as Christmas presents, birthday wishes, as a token of appreciation or even for no specific reasons whatsoever.

Need an idea for a positive affirmation to say to the water? This beautiful verse from Louis Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life, will be a great one for anyone to drink to

In the infinity of life where I am,
all is perfect, whole and complete.
I support myself and life supports me.
I see evidence of the Law working all around me
And in every area of my life.
I reinforce that which I learn in joyous ways.
My day begins with gratitude and joy.
I look forward with enthusiasm to the adventures of the day,
Knowing that in my life, “All is good.”
I love who I am and all that I do.
I am the living, loving, joyous expression of life.
All is well in my world.

Let’s toast to Your Affirmations on Good Health, Love and Joy Always!

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Kenneth King - May 1, 2008

Very interesting and worth trying. I had heard of Silva’s water experiments from watching “What the Bleep”; now I’m going to have to experiment with it myself.

Mary Madeline - May 1, 2008

Hi Evelyn,

Great Blog! On my water purifier and pitchers I have the words written; “Holy Spirit, Bless this water for its purity, Love and nourishment to our bodies. Thank You.” And it works! I have friends who use their Reiki symbols on their water bottles, which also works great.
Keep up the wonderful work you do! =)

Peace & Joy,

mary Madeline

Vinay Raj - May 1, 2008

Thanks Evelyn for putting these wonderful thoughts!

Shilpan | successsoul.com - May 1, 2008


I’m firm believer in the power of thoughts and with this article, I’ve more reasons to brag about it. It’s such a pleasure to know you as a friend. I’ve submitted this to Digg.


Evelyn - May 1, 2008

Hey Kenneth,

Yes, do try because it is so easy to do and you can help program water for so many affirmations. The best part is that you can give it away to your family, friends or anyone in need of help.

Love and light,

Evelyn - May 1, 2008

Hello Mary,

Thanks for sharing more tips. Any tip that can be used to create a purer intention will be helpful!

Love and light,

Evelyn - May 1, 2008


Thank you for your lovely feedback!!

Love and light,

Evelyn - May 1, 2008

Hello Shilpan,

It’s my pleasure too, to be friends!


Dr James D Swann - May 2, 2008

Evelyn, my dear,
That was such a fantastic article! I have used water to transmit healing for years, but didn’t even think of the uses you have suggested, amazing! I will definitely try using it in my affirmations, etc.
Much Love & Light,

Evelyn - May 2, 2008

Hello Dr James,

Thanks for recognising the value in this article.

It took a dose of insight and creativity to come up with some of the suggestions here. But the inspiration sure came from the Silva class workshop that I attended. Although I did not detail the exact instructions as I was taught because I realise that not every reader to this blog practises Silva, I believe that this article contains enough secrets for anyone to make their own healing water and better!!

I’ve been programming water for the last few days, for my family. I’m hoping to make this into a regular practice because it is in daily use that we horne our skills. It also makes an excellent gift for friends and strangers, and that is what I hope to be doing more of soon.

Have an Abundant Weekend,

Lorraine Cohen - May 2, 2008

Great post Evelyn

I was reminded on the experiment in the movie What The Bleep that showed how positive thoughts affected water. Our words and thoughts are very powerful.

I only drink water from my Nikken water system which produces the most delicious water. I/m going to write myself a notes to bless it with love each time I drink. I keep forgetting! So many practices!!!! LOL

Have a great weekend


Evelyn - May 3, 2008

Hello Lorraine,

It is true that there are so many practices that it is impossible to remember all of them. I guess we need to pick and choose which ones. I’m hoping to pick this one as one of my top choices since it is so simple to do, I can program any affirmation I want into it and it is easy to give away.

Have a lovely weekend too,

Best gas mileage - May 3, 2008


You got me thinking. Wine is probably 99 percent water. Now, when we make say toasts and then drink wine, aren’t we trying to program ourselves?

Thanks, Misha

Evelyn - May 3, 2008


Cheers to a Good Life?…LOL….

Have a Great Weekend,

Mark McCullagh - May 3, 2008

What an interesting concept!

And it’s true that in many traditional spiritual practices, water is blessed and made holy. In India, water and foods are offered to the deities and when they are consumed afterwards, it is believed that the recipient receives spiritual benefits from this practice.

I think it really goes part and parcel with truly internalizing and believing in your dreams in order to manifest them.

Ephrem - May 4, 2008

Hi Evelyn. Thanks a mil for sharing these powerful tips. It had never occured to me that I can program water for positive change. But come to think about it, it makes perfect sense.

Evelyn - May 4, 2008

Mark and Ephrem,

We may have witnessed the blessing of water a hundred times but it probably may have never occured to us that we, ordinary folks, can do the same too.

Water is energy too. So if we can program it with positive affirmations and messages, we can energize and consume it thereafer as a means to programming ourselves.

There is much that Jose Silva has taught. Looking deeper and combining it with modern day discoveries can help us to come up with creative ideas to further use and apply them.

Have a great weekend,

Brennan Kingsland - May 4, 2008

Beautifully and clearly explained and illustrated. Thank you, Evelyn. Your posts are always so uplifting.

Love and Best Wishes!

AnneMarie Callan - May 5, 2008

Thank you Evelyn for yet another beautiful article.

What a great way to concentrate and focus – I did it and drinking the water afterwards, felt really good.

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Nikki - July 24, 2008

Wow, the power of water. I was given a practice to do, a sort of singing practice for women, from a Canadian Native tradition. I was told by an elder that the quality of the water in certain areas has increased due to the songs. Dr. Emoto’s research really resonates with me, and, having forgotten it from the movie (What the bleep), I now intend to make this one of my main practices. Thank you for reminding me.



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