How to Release Emotional Pain with EFT Tapping

release emotional pain with eft

Are you in any emotional pain?

Was it due to some past traumatic event or situation that you can’t let go of?

Is there a long-standing physical symptom that also goes with your emotional pain such as a dull but throbbing heart ache, stabs on the back, weight on the shoulder or a paralysing sensation that numbs you on your hands and legs?

Or could you also be feeling emotional pain whenever you are tuning into the pain-body that is part of collective whole? Just think about the negative news that you have been reading….on all the senseless terrorist attacks, for instance. It’s been affecting you and everyone else.

Well….whether it is personal or it comes from being part of society, it is possible to clear the emotional pain such that the energetic charge is either gone or reduced. Even if you had been holding on to it for a long time.

Your Emotional Pain-Body

Eckhart Tolle, the author to the best-selling The Power of Now and a New Earth, describes the pain-body as an accumulation of old emotional pain that almost all people carry in their energy field.

It consists of negative emotions that were not faced, not accepted, and not released in the moment that they arose. It eventually becomes this unconscious force that causes you to be in pain over and over again.

Here is what Eckhart Tolles has to say about the emotional pain-body that pervades society….

“There is also a collective human pain-body containing the pain suffered by countless human beings throughout history. The pain-body has a dormant stage and an active stage. Periodically it becomes activated, and when it does, it seeks more suffering to feed on. If you are not absolutely present, it takes over your mind and feeds on negative thinking as well as negative experiences such as drama in relationships. This is how it has been perpetuating itself throughout human history. Another way of describing the pain-body is this: the addiction to unhappiness.”


Releasing Emotional Pain

Your pain could be coming from a physical, a psychological issue or both. A psychological issue arises when there is also an emotional and mental component to the physical symptom.

Say, Natalie has just broken twisted her foot after a bad fall. She yells “ouch” due to the physical pain. That she feels physical pain is to be expected.

Emotional pain arises if she goes on to feel sorry for herself. Over and over again she repeats the story of how miserable she feels about herself and that no one cares that she has fallen. Natalie does not just have one story but several from various incidents in her life that “proves” how lousy and unloved she is.

Well, just imagine how life would be like for her without all the emotional pain that she puts herself through!

Just imagine how free you’d feel without all that emotional pain too! You can release the attachment to your disruptive stories if you had been holding on to them.

Now, if Natalie takes the step to release the emotional pain, she would have helped to reduce the emotional pain body of the collective whole. Everyone stands to gain when all takes responsibility 🙂


Release Your Emotional Pain Away with EFT Tapping

emotional pain relief with EFT tapping

The negative thoughts created are usually compulsive. They feed on the pain-body. It helps to release the emotional link, so that you stop the cycle of creating and recreating painful experiences.

For release, be first present to your emotional pain body. Please don’t fight this process. Because the more you fight, the more you feed the emotional pain body.

EFT tapping is one great way to help you with awareness. The negative emotion goes through a transmutation alchemy process. Awareness arises when you become mindful of your inner dialogue as you release the negative disruptions.

Rather than describe more in written words, why not tap along with me in an EFT exercise? View this video here…

In the exercise, I also ended off with tapping for everyone’s wellness. Let’s do our part to raise the consciousness of the planet 🙂


Is Your Physical Symptom Tied to Your Emotional Pain?

Where there is physical pain, ask yourself if there is an emotional component to it. For instance, last week, I was helping a client who had a lower back pain. ,I suggested that the back or the spine could be about support. And the lower back about survival in the physical world.

During the call, she realised that she had always been telling the story of how she is constantly worried about money and not having the support of money in her life. She also had the belief that she is not supported by the people around.  What needed to be worked on was the release of her stories that kept her feeling the lack.

And so, if you are having physical pain and life challenges, observe if there is any story that you have been repeating that could also be related to the symptom that you are having.

And yes, you can release the emotional charge of your story and start to create a different reality!

Hope this post offers you a way to find great relief!

Need further help? If you’d like to work on clearing your emotional pain or releasing the attachment to past negative events, contact me here. I offer single and multiple-session healing packages.

Love and abundance always,



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Cathy Taughinbaugh - October 10, 2017 Reply

Hi Evelyn,

I have tried EFT tapping and found it to be very relaxing. I can see how tapping can help with physical pain caused by emotional pain as well.


Debbie L Hampton - October 11, 2017 Reply


Thanks for this reminder. I often forget to look for the psychological/emotional possible causes of pain – not so much in me, but others. I also have not tried EFT tapping for it. Great idea.

I will watch your video and look into it more.


Sandra Pawula - October 13, 2017 Reply

I’ve had good experiences with tapping. Thanks for the tutorial.


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